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Questionnaire about the new Prius

Toyota Prius (5th generation)

On November 16, 2022, Toyota held the world premiere of the new Prius. In conjunction with this, MOBY published an article on the questionnaire site CarQ that set up six questionnaires about the new Prius.

Readers evaluated the new Prius in terms of its design, what they expected, and what kind of users it would be popular with.

Of these, the results of a questionnaire on what kind of “driving” users expect from the “driving that captivates” that Toyota has set as the appeal of the new Prius, and what kind of users the new Prius will be popular with. pick up. You can see Toyota’s aim and user’s needs.

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How much do you expect from a “captivating ride”?

Questionnaire results of “What do you expect about the” running “of the new Toyota Prius?”

In the questionnaire, “What do you expect about the ‘driving’ of the new Toyota Prius?”

From the pleasant “running” that can be felt in everyday use, such as in the city, to the aggressive “running” on the circuit that cuts down on time. Prepare up to 5 answers.

Of these, more than half of the answers were given by about 60% of the respondents to “comfortable ‘running’ that can be felt in everyday life.” 2nd place was “Light ‘driving’ on winding roads”, and these top two items accounted for about 80%, indicating that many people expect good ‘driving’ that can be felt in normal driving. understand.

On the other hand, in 3rd place was “It’s a mistake to expect the Prius to be ‘driving’.” The percentage is 11.15%, and it was also found that more than 1 out of 10 people thought so.

There are many people who want to actually check the “driving” of the new Prius to see if these answers are “as I expected” or not.

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