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We will never forget the days when our hearts were filled with the four letters of “VTEC”.

In April 1989, the first Honda VTEC, B16A (1.6 liter direct 4 DOHC VTEC 160 horsepower) installed for the first time in the 3rd generation Integra

Honda’s original variable valve timing lift mechanism “VTEC”.

“You, tell me what VTEC stands for!”

I was pricking up my ears thinking that my juniors were yelling at each other in a fight, and suddenly VTEC became a hot topic.30 years ago, Honda’s variable valve timing and lift mechanism VTEC was a car-loving boy who didn’t understand the details. It was also a mecha that I admired for its tremendous performance.

Like Mitsubishi’s “MIVEC” and Toyota’s “VVT” variable valve mechanism, it is now commonly used in mini vehicles, and it can be said that it is synonymous with Honda engines, but it is still in its early stages. was synonymous with high-performance naturally aspirated engines.

At the time, it was simply a synonym for a high-performance engine that easily produced over 100 horsepower per liter. It also has excellent performance as an efficiency engine.

For that reason, the number of vehicles equipped with it has increased year by year, and now even light vehicles use VTEC as a matter of course. The memory of that still warms my heart.

With that passion in mind, I would like to introduce five VTEC-equipped vehicles that I would especially recommend. A car that isn’t too difficult.”

Since it is a great deal, I would like to introduce a VTEC-equipped vehicle for sports that is fun to operate with MT, rather than an environment-friendly, high-efficiency VTEC. I also tried to mix cars that I would like to recommend even if they are off the point.

Solitary VTEC-equipped FR sports S2000 (AP1/F20C/AP2/F22C)

Honda AP2 S2000 (late model)

The first and last VTEC “S” that Honda himself loves

Probably the last FR sports that Honda will send out with an internal combustion engine, and the first and last DOHC VTEC equipped FR sports.

As a project to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the founding of Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Honda revived the “S” series from the first S500 in 1963 when it entered the automobile business to the S800, which ended production in 1970, with a modern interpretation. , It is a famous car that boasts the strongest class ability as a domestic open sports.

Even though the conventional high-rpm, high-power naturally aspirated engine was no longer viable due to strict exhaust gas regulations, the 2-liter in-line 4-DOHC VTEC engine F20C, which reached 250 horsepower (125 horsepower per liter) at 8,300 rpm, was still alive and well, but the maximum torque (22.2kgf・ m) It took 7,500 rpm to demonstrate, which is a bit maniac.

Therefore, in 2005, the displacement was expanded to 2.2L and the maximum output was suppressed to 242 horsepower / 7,800 rpm, but the maximum torque (22.5 kgf m) was exhibited from 6,500 rpm, from sports driving to city driving. It has been updated to F22C for comfortable driving.

Even with a premium, it’s worth it

With only a 6-speed MT and no AT, it was a pure sport that required a certain amount of tension at all times, rather than being cheerful and windy. It was a one-generation model with no successor, but that added to its stoic appeal.

In the used car market (November 2022, surveyed by a major used car information site), there are 177 AP1 units with a price range of 1.76 million to 8.8 million yen, and 106 AP2 units with a price range of 2.87 million to 11 million yen. However, considering that “Honda will never produce a car like this again,” I don’t think it’s too expensive.

Continued supply of genuine parts to create a famous car that can last a lifetime

Above all, Honda himself has shown an extraordinary desire to continue supplying genuine parts for the S2000, and on the official website “S2000 PARTS CATALOG” page (https://www.honda.co.jp/S2000parts/), parts catalogs and Not only do we publish available parts, we keep updating them fairly often.

As long as Honda has a strong will to develop it as a famous car for the future, it cannot be said that it is a car that is difficult to maintain due to the lack of genuine parts, no matter how high performance it is.

As a partner who will leave Honda’s naturally aspirated twin cam and VTEC sound to future generations and continue to run until they both decay, there is no VTEC sports better than the S2000! I can assure you.

Have fun with a 6-speed MT! 3rd generation Fit RS (GK5/L15B)

Honda GK5 Fit RS

“Tengo” Sports Masterpiece

As a basic model that supports Honda at the beginning of the 21st century, the Fit itself has produced many derivative models, but with the addition of the 1.5-liter SOHC VTEC car to the first model, “Honda-ness that users want” can be said to have fulfilled

Not limited to sports cars, it has been active since the first generation in a short-distance time-attack type speed competition called “Gymkhana”, which is ideal for checking the three important elements of “running, stopping, and turning” as a car that you can enjoy driving. The third generation GK5 Fit RS can be said to be the period.

Brave figure to boldly challenge Swiss Po in the Tenroku NA era

In the PN1 class of the gymkhana competition (depending on the time of year, but when the GK5 was active, it was a class of 1.6 liters or less), and it was the only machine that could compete head-on during the heyday of Suzuki’s 1.6 liter hot hatch ZC31S/ZC32S Swift Sports.

The 1.5-liter DOHC i-VTEC L15B has a maximum output of 132 horsepower / 6,600 rpm, and is operated with a 6-speed MT. It reminds me of the S600, which fascinated me to fight evenly with rivals in the ~1,000cc class.

Let’s hurry before the premium is attached with the down spec of the 4th generation (current)!

The current 4th generation Fit also added “RS” in 2022, but due to CAFE (manufacturer’s average fuel efficiency standard), is it inconvenient for high-power & MT mass-market sports that are cheap but have poor fuel efficiency? Pure gasoline cars are the best Only the combination of CVT and L15Z, whose output remains at 118 horsepower.

Then, if you look for a GK3 Fit RS 6MT car on the used car market, the vehicle body price is 780,000 yen to 2,449,000 yen. It’s not overpriced.

The problem is that the number of 6MT cars is limited to only 71 in Japan, but it is definitely worth running around to find one that you are satisfied with.

Burn Honda Spirits! First Integra Type R (DC2/DB8・B18C spec.R)

Honda DC2 Integra Type R Coupe

Vivid memories that revive even after more than 20 years

Although the used car market has only 65 units, and the price range of the car body is 1.32 million yen to 11.55 million yen, cheap cars cannot be forgiven for excessive driving and originality, but even if it is not, there is anxiety. The larger one is customized, and it does not match the recommended conditions this time at all.

However, at the time when new cars were still being sold, the DC2 (3-door), which was used for commuting and already had a mileage of over 150,000 km, accelerated violently with a rev that was not typical of a commercial car even in full normal, and the helical I know that the LSD worked and demonstrated unbelievable turning performance.

If you maintain it properly, you can still use it on the front line

Now, more than 20 years later, the meaning of the same overdriving may be completely different, but the DC2/DB8, which has undergone thorough maintenance centering on preventive maintenance, is still outstanding in motor sports due to its outstanding performance. It is true that he has the ability to perform well on the front lines.

It is good to buy a premier model, which is more likely to be sharper than a cheap one, but if you are spending a lot of money, it is better to entrust the cheap model to a professional overhaul or restorer to bring out its original performance. is strongly recommended by the author.

The impact is priceless, just imagining it is a waste!

For the environment, an engine with low fuel consumption and clean exhaust gas would also be good.

However, even with the same high efficiency, the ultimate DOHC VTEC “B18C spec.R” with the prayers of the developers and the soul of the engineers, and the full normal engine has switched to a high cam and the feeling that it can pierce as far as it can go. When will you taste it without tasting it?

No matter how hard you try, it’s definitely worth the effort to get a taste of the real thing, rather than just imagining it in the Honda Collection Hall and sighing.

Although it has already moved away from the dimensions of ease of maintenance and cost performance, even after 20 years, the dreamlike impression cannot be replaced by money.

To put it in an old-fashioned way, this is what “a car you should drive even if you have to pawn your wife”.

The Last Naturally Aspirated VTEC Sport! 3rd generation Civic Type R (FD2/K20A R-Spec)

Honda FD2 Civic Type R (3rd generation)

Relatively new and highly competitive DOHC i-VTEC equipped vehicle

If it’s a pre-premium Tenroku Civic, I would recommend the EG6 (“Sports Civic” SiR) or EK4 (“Miracle Civic” SiR) with B16A, but it’s a hot model for practical use, so if you don’t have a lot of feelings about it, you’ll be reluctant. step on.

And like the DC2/DB8 Integra Type R, the EK9, the first-generation Civic Type R, was a “machine that is not inferior to a tuned one in the sense that you can enjoy driving even in full normal.” It does not reach the Integra.

If so, it is relatively easy to maintain and purchase a used car in successive Civics, and even now it has the ability to be active in the front line of motor sports, and the 2-liter naturally aspirated DOHC i-VTEC and K20A R-Spec reach a maximum output of 225 horsepower. FD2 is recommended to fully enjoy the deliciousness of Nono.

Disqualification as a family sedan is good, but that’s good!

Since it was a 4-door sedan, it felt like a successor to the 4-door hardtop version of the DB8 Integra Type R. Like the previous EP3, the British-made FN2 (Civic Type R Euro) was also imported, but it played an active role in motor sports and other frontal stages. It was the FD2 who did it.

At first glance, it looks sluggish, and it is quite impossible to use it as a family car with the suspension that is unnaturally stiff for normal cars for Japan. However, it is interesting that it is allowed because it is a type R.

Still, since it is a 4-door, there is a great advantage that people can sit in the rear seats in case of emergency, and compared to other K20A R-SPEC equipped vehicles, which are all 3-door hatchback/fastback coupes, practicality is outstanding.

Moreover, in the second-hand car market, there are 135 units, and the price of the vehicle itself is 1.88 million yen to 4.78 million yen. If you want to enjoy sports, it is one that can be recommended without complaint.

To the final battle of VTEC sports! 6th generation Civic Type R (current FL5/K20C turbo)

Honda FL5 Civic Type R (6th generation)

The road to VTEC where car lovers can truly enjoy is steep

The only vehicle that Honda sells that has a reason to be recommended because it is a VTEC-equipped vehicle is the latest FL5 Civic Type R, which was just released in September 2022.

Even with the base grade, the price of the vehicle itself is 4,997,300 yen, and if a limited model like the previous limited edition comes out, it will easily exceed 5,500,000. However, if you don’t go to the circuit, you can’t show your true value.

The VTEC turbo K20C, which has been matured since the FK2 two generations ago, has finally reached 330 horsepower, but while sticking to that, the switch-type electronically controlled parking brake is the same as a normal Civic. I’m excited that I can’t do it.

If it’s a current car, this is the best…or rather, it’s the best because it’s the only one!

Still, for Honda, which has managed to maintain its appearance as an automobile manufacturer with minivans and SUVs, mainly minicars, it is the only current car that leaves “a remnant of the DOHC VTEC that dominated the world in the past” and “This is the only car. Since there is nothing, this is the most recommended!”

That’s why I don’t want Honda to compromise by saying, “There are things we can’t do, even though it’s the best FF sports car in the world.” Fortunately, the FL5 has just been released, so there’s still time.

In the future, Honda, which will be busy making cars that are different from the past, such as small cars for GM, collaboration models with Sony, and new-generation mobility, should not have the leeway to create a Type R other than the FL5, much less the first-generation EK9. , At least I want you to show me the last remaining dream as long as possible.

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