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What are the advantages of a light car with a large interior?

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It is a minicar with a compact body size, but it has a high ceiling and a low floor,Models that sell the size of the car such as super height wagon and super tall wagon are popularis.

What are the advantages of a light car with a spacious interior?

If it has a sliding door, it is as easy to use as a minivan

Super height wagons and super tall wagons use sliding doors. sliding door isConvenient for getting in and out of small children and opening doors in tight spacesis.

If you have a family of four and don’t want to carry a lot of luggage, a minicar is attractive because it is cheaper than a minivan and has lower maintenance costs.

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Plenty of storage in a compact size

Minicars, which are devised to have a large interior space, can carry more luggage than other models.

camping, outdoors, surfingThose who go out for hobbies such asload a bikeFor those who have a problem, a light car with a large interior is recommended.

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One to two people can enjoy a spacious stay in the car

The Super Height Wagon and Super Tall Wagon become fully flat when the seats are reclined, so you can enjoy sleeping in the car.It is spacious even for adults if it is 1 to 2 people.

The vehicle price and maintenance costs are cheaper than minivans, so it can be said to be an advantage.

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Ranking of kei cars by room size!

A light car with a spacious interior that is beneficial for families and outdoor enthusiasts. From the new model to the old model, I tried to make a ranking TOP10 focusing on the interior space of minicars.

The calculation of the room size isInterior length x interior width x interior heightfrom the simple room volume multiplied by . The volume of protrusions such as seats and tire housings is not included.

The first place “Daihatsu Wake” “Toyota Pixis Mega”
2nd place “Suzuki Every Wagon” “Nissan NV100 Clipper Rio”
3rd place 2017 model / 2020 model “Honda N-BOX”
4th place “Suzuki Wagon R” “Mazda Flare”
5th place “Nissan Days Rooks” “Mitsubishi eK Space”
6th place 2011 Honda N-BOX
7th place “Nissan Lukes” “Mitsubishi eK Cross Space”
8th place “Suzuki Spacia” “Mazda Flare Wagon”
9th place 2013 model “Daihatsu Tanto” “Subaru Chiffon”
10th place 2019 model “Daihatsu Tanto” “Subaru Chiffon”

No. 1: Daihatsu Wake

daihatsu wake

daihatsu wake

Toyota Pixis Mega

Toyota Pixis Mega

“Daihatsu Wake” and “Toyota Pixis Mega” won the first place in the light car ranking with a spacious interior. The Toyota Pixis Mega is a light tall wagon based on the Daihatsu Wake, which maintains the same interior space.

“Daihatsu Wake” and “Toyota Pixis Mega” are popular models that combine square styling that makes you think it’s really spacious, ease of use and stylish styling.

Inside the Wake, the seats can be “slid” or “reclined” separately on the left and right sides, and it seems that the secret to its popularity is that the seats can be customized according to your needs. It has a wide variety of seat arrangements and is suitable for staying in the car, which is popular now.

Room length 2,215mm
room width 1,345 mm
indoor height 1,455mm
Room volume 4,334.7L

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No. 2: Suzuki Every Wagon

Suzuki Every Wagon

Suzuki Every Wagon

Nissan NV100 Clipper Rio

Nissan NV100 Clipper Rio

Suzuki Every Wagon and Nissan NV100 Clipper Rio came second in the minicar ranking with spacious interiors, and the NV100 Clipper Rio is an Every Wagon OEM car.

These two cars may be popular as commercial vehicles rather than passenger types.

However, the interior space of this car is also very large, and it is no exaggeration to say that this car is loved by people in the construction industry, gardeners, and many other craftsmen.

It is also a popular car for campers due to factors such as the size of the interior space and ease of use.

Room length 2,240mm
room width 1,355 mm
indoor height 1,420mm
Room volume 4,310.0L

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3rd place: Honda N-BOX (2017 model, 2020 model)

Honda N-BOX (2017 model)

Honda’s proud mini car N-BOX ranked 3rd in the mini car ranking with a wide interior.

The N-BOX is a light vehicle that has succeeded in securing a large interior space by storing the fuel tank under the rear seat.

As a result, the interior space is more than that of ordinary passenger cars, and the rear seats boast enough space to stretch your legs.

In addition, this car also has a wide variety of seat arrangements and has gained tremendous support from many families. Currently, it is a convincing car that has gained the highest popularity among kei cars.

Room length 2,240mm
room width 1,350mm
indoor height 1,400mm
Room volume 4,233.6L

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No. 4: Suzuki Wagon R

Suzuki Wagon R

Suzuki Wagon R

mazda flare

mazda flare

“Suzuki Wagon R” and “Mazda Flair” have come in 4th place in the mini car ranking with spacious interior.

“Suzuki Wagon R” and “Mazda Flair” are cars that have excellent interior space even though they are so-called passenger types. Both are very popular kei cars due to their comfortable ride, ease of use and good fuel efficiency.

Room length 2,450mm
room width 1,355mm
indoor height 1,265mm
Room volume 4,199.5L

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