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There is a considerable possibility that you may have scratched or bumped into a narrow alley or parking lot mirror while driving.

The repair method will change depending on the state of the collision, and the cost will vary depending on the content.

Even if you have it repaired at a repair shop such as a car shop or dealer, the amount is often diagnosed by looking at the condition, and in most cases the exact amount is not known until an estimate is given.

This time, we will introduce how to repair the side mirror, the replacement cost, the number of days, etc., including the case of a total loss.

Where can I fix my broken side mirror?

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There are three places where you can repair side mirrors: dealers, car supply stores, and town repair shops.

The characteristics and precautions for each, and the flow of repairs are as follows.

Dealer if you want to replace parts with genuine products

Dealers who are authorized car dealers only use genuine manufacturer parts to carry out repairs. If your car is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, you may be able to get it repaired for free.

However, if it is out of the warranty period or is not covered, you need to be careful because the cost may be higher depending on the repair content.

Procedure for repair at a dealer

  • Contact your dealer and request a side mirror repair quote
  • The dealer’s representative visits or brings the car to the dealer himself to check the repair parts and get an estimate.
  • If it takes time to order parts, have the car picked up and repaired

Car parts store that can repair on the same day in some cases

Car parts stores that specialize in selling car parts may repair cars depending on the store.

Depending on the part to be repaired, same-day repair is possible, but please note that depending on the content of the repair, it may not be possible.

Flow when repairing at an auto parts store

  • Contact an auto parts store and request a side mirror repair quote
  • Bring your car to an auto parts store and have it checked and quoted for repairs.
  • If it takes time to order parts, visit the store again on another day for repair.

A repair shop in a town that is not bound by manufacturers

Since the repair shop in the town is not tied to the manufacturer, it is possible to order cheap parts that fit the car from various manufacturers.

However, it is necessary to be careful because parts may not be in stock and may be ordered, which may take time or the parts may be of low quality.

Flow when repairing at a repair shop in town

  • Contact a repair shop and book a side mirror repair quote
  • The person in charge of the repair shop visits or brings the car to the repair shop himself and asks for an estimate
  • If it takes time to order parts, you can leave the car at a repair shop and have it repaired.
    *Depending on the scope of repair, it may be possible to have it repaired on the same day.

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Side mirror repair method and cost


Depending on the content of the repair, if the mirror is hit or scratched, it often takes less time and costs less than other maintenance.

Scratches or damage to the cover

The mirror consists of three main parts: cover, mirror surface, and motor.

If only the cover is scratched or damaged, and there is no problem with the mirror surface or the motor, there is no problem with just repairing or replacing the cover itself.

Scratches can be polished with a compound

If it is a small scratch, it can be cleaned by polishing with a compound, and the cost can be reduced to only the cost of the compound.

In addition, there are “coarse”, “fine”, “ultrafine”, and “ultrafine” compounds.

Compounds such as coarse grains have a strong polishing power, but they can cause scratches and discoloration, so be careful when using them.

How to use car compound!

If the damage is severe, repair or replace the cover.

The replacement cost of the cover body can be purchased for about 5,000 yen to 7,000 yen for parts only, and even if you replace it at a repair shop such as a dealer or car supply store, you can replace it for a total of about 10,000 yen. is.

The removal method differs depending on the manufacturer, but the repair method of the mirror cover is to remove the mirror surface and peel off the nails that fix the cover from the inside, to remove only the cover easily, and to remove the mirror body and disassemble it. There are various ways to remove the cover above.

Work hours and wages vary depending on the manufacturer, so if you want to know the price, it is recommended to get an estimate in advance.

The number of days is very short, and most repairs are completed in as little as 30 to 60 minutes if the parts are ordered in advance.

DIY cover replacement is possible

Polishing using the compound introduced above is of course one way to repair it yourself, but if the cover has a large scratch, it is possible to do the work yourself even if you replace the cover.

The tools and tools required for repair can be replaced depending on the manufacturer if there are curing tape that protects the surface other than scratches, peeling off the plastic lining, Phillips screwdriver, etc.

However, different manufacturers may require different tools, so it is necessary to do some preliminary research before starting work.

Working hours 30 to 60 minutes (repair period may vary depending on parts delivery and inventory status)
Repair cost 10,000 yen – 15,000 yen
Can you DIY Polishing with compound and replacement of parts are also possible
(In addition to the above tools, additional tools are required depending on the manufacturer)

Scratches or damage to the mirror part

In the case of scratches or damage to the mirror part, there are many cases where parts are sold only for that part, and it is possible to replace it for 1,000 yen to 3,000 yen.

In addition, since the mirror body is basically designed to be easily removable, there are quite a few shops that do not charge a labor fee.

DIY is possible

Manufacturer genuine parts that match the chassis number, model and year of your car are also available online, so buy them at a cheaper price compared to the price of parts only at a dealer or car supply store.

As a precaution during work, when replacing the mirror surface, there is a possibility of cracks depending on how the force is applied during installation, so please warm the mirror body and mounting part sufficiently with a hair dryer before installing. You can avoid the risk of cracks.

Working hours 10 to 30 minutes (repair period may vary depending on parts delivery and inventory status)
Repair cost 1,000 yen to 3,000 yen for dealers and car accessory stores
Can you DIY Can be replaced without the necessary tools depending on the manufacturer

When the mirror does not move

One of the most common symptoms of mirror failure is a stuck mirror.

It is a phenomenon such as the mirror body not working, the mirror surface not moving, or the motor continuing to work but not moving.

Need to replace the mirror body or replace the motor

The repair method will be replacement of the mirror body or replacement of the motor built inside the mirror, so diagnosis, parts and labor will be expensive.

Even if you replace the internal motor, you have to remove the mirror once and disassemble it, so it takes time as well as cost.

Also, the manufacturer is closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, and the delivery time for parts will be extended, so it would be safer to bring the car on weekdays.

DIY is possible, but not recommended.

You can replace it by DIY, but replacing the motor requires many steps such as tools and wiring processing, so it is not a recommended method.

As a reference, we will introduce the procedure of the repair method.

  1. Remove the door liner on the failing side
  2. Remove the mirror motor wiring connector
  3. Remove the screws that secure the mirror body from the inside
  4. remove the free mirror
  5. Detachment of the mirror surface ・Remove the bolt of the mount part fixing the mirror
  6. Removing and installing the mirror cover (if there is a mirror turn signal, remove it at the same time)
  7. Remove motor wiring and motor body
  8. Port a new motor and put it back in the reverse order

It’s a rough procedure, but there are many cases like this as a flow, and the tools required for attachment and detachment, and in some cases the need to process the wiring.

The safest way is to have it replaced by a professional mechanic.

Working hours 2 hours to half a day
Work cost Motor only 20,000 yen – 30,000 yen
Can you DIY It is possible if you know the necessary tools and procedures, but depending on the manufacturer and parts, wiring processing etc. may be required.

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Cost of replacing side mirrors


We introduced the mirror cover, mirror, and motor, but we will also introduce the cost of replacing the side mirror body and whether it can be replaced by DIY.

The price of the side mirror body tends to be high, and the amount varies depending on the manufacturer.

The price of the side mirror body is about 50,000 yen to 100,000 yen, and the side mirrors of light cars tend to be cheaper than those of light cars and passenger cars.

In recent years, many cars are equipped with an around view monitor camera, mirror heaters, and door mirror turn signals as one of the genuine equipment. Aiming work is required, and adjustment and setting fees will be incurred in addition to replacement costs.

DIY work does not require disassembly if the mirror body is to be replaced, and can be easily replaced if no special tools are used.

However, if you have to adjust the camera, you can’t do it yourself, so be careful that you will need to adjust it at a dealer after replacing it separately.

When can you not repair mirrors?

The cost of replacement is expensive, and it is best to reduce the price by repairing, but depending on the condition of the mirror, repair may not be possible.

  • Internal motor failure
  • wiring short
  • Large external damage
  • The parts for the faulty part are not sold

In the above example, it is one of the symptoms when repair is not possible depending on the manufacturer, and depending on the model etc., it may be possible to replace the broken part separately. Whether or not it can be repaired requires a diagnosis and parts search.

How to replace the side mirror cheaply?


There are several inexpensive repair methods for replacing mirrors, which tend to be expensive in repairing side mirrors, and we will introduce them.

use a rebuilt product

When replacing parts at a repair shop such as a dealer or an auto supply store, normally, the manufacturer’s genuine parts are purchased new and the replacement work is performed.

However, the parts of the car are expensive depending on the parts, and the repair cost is high.

Among them, the repair method using rebuilt products is one of the very effective means as a cheap and safe method.

Remanufactured products, which are assembled by disassembling and cleaning the parts that have been used once and replacing only the parts that cannot be used. There is no problem with the quality, and even if there is a problem after the replacement, you can have it covered by the warranty, so you can rest assured.

In addition to side mirrors, rebuilt products include various parts such as engines, alternators, and drive shafts.

In addition, many dealers also sell rebuilt parts, and Nissan has a product called “Nissan Green Parts”, which sells rebuilt parts with high standard quality.

buy second hand parts

You can buy new parts online, but you can also buy second-hand parts at online auctions or auto parts stores.

One of the appeals of used parts is that they can be purchased at a much lower price than conventional ones.

If the mirror itself doesn’t work due to motor failure, etc., rather than cracks or scratches on the mirror cover or mirror, if the working surface is more important than the appearance, it may be better to buy second hand.

replace under warranty

If there is a defect or malfunction at the time of purchase of the new car, it is possible to replace or repair it free of charge by the repair method using the manufacturer’s warranty.

We cannot cover malfunctions or failures caused by external factors such as hitting the mirror, but we can cover malfunctions of the internal motor, short circuits in wiring, etc., so the mirror will suddenly operate. If not, we recommend that you have it checked by a dealer.

Possibility of handling by recall

Depending on the vehicle model, it may be possible to replace or repair due to recall defects.

As an example, in Nissan Days and Days Lukes, there are cases where the warranty is extended due to a mirror storage defect due to wear and damage of internal parts, and depending on the mileage and the number of years since the new car was registered, you may be able to get it free of charge. .

Apart from the warranty, you can check with your dealer to see if your car is covered by the recall.

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Should I use vehicle insurance to repair or replace side mirrors?


When it comes to replacing the mirror body, the cost may be about 50,000 to 100,000 yen, so it is not a cheap amount.

If there is an internal defect or the manufacturer’s recall service campaign, it is possible to have it replaced or repaired free of charge, but in many cases it will be a paid repair.

Repairs and replacements using insurance that you subscribe to while driving a car are applicable.

However, repairs using insurance are very few and most users replace them at actual cost. The reason is below.

  • grade goes down
  • Depending on the type of insurance, the deductible amount (copayment amount) is set
  • Insurance coverage changes depending on self-inflicted accident or accident

Do not use car insurance in a car accident

Auto insurance has a system called “non-fleet grade”, and depending on the history of accidents, there are grades from 1 to 20, and by raising or lowering, the amount will be discounted or increased.

If you apply insurance for one repair or replacement, the grade will be lowered and the amount will be raised, and the period until the grade will return is very long, so many people do not use vehicle insurance.

Depending on the type of insurance, you may have to pay the deductible amount yourself, so if the cost of repair or replacement is cheap, it may be cheaper not to use insurance.

However, if the mirror is damaged due to an accident, etc., it is possible to repair it using the other party’s objective guarantee. In this case, repair or replacement using insurance is one of the effective means.

You can fix the side mirror yourself

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Repairing side mirrors can sometimes be done by yourself, but sometimes it can be difficult.

Here are some examples of when you can repair it yourself and when you can’t.

If you can do the repair yourself

  • side mirror damage
  • Side mirror covers and mirror parts are cracked

If it is difficult to repair by yourself

  • side mirror motor replacement
  • Luxury car, side mirror of luxury foreign car
  • Side mirror with many functions

Repairing or replacing the side mirrors of luxury cars with a highly airtight structure or luxury foreign cars requires specialized knowledge and experience, so doing repairs yourself is risky. Also, even if it is a domestic car, it is necessary to be careful not to repair or replace the side mirrors, which have many functions, by yourself.

If you have a problem, we recommend that you ask a professional to repair it.

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