Nissan Serena finally unveiled to the world 2nd generation e-POWER new grade “LUXION” added Propilot 2.0

Nissan held the world premiere event of the new “Serena” from 14:00 on November 28, 2022.Nissan will make a full model change (C28 type) of the new “Serena” and release it on December 15, 2022.

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The new Serena, a new generation equipped with 2nd generation e-POWER

The exterior design and interior design have been renewed with a full model change.

New “Nissan Emblem”adopted.

Renault-Nissan’s new platform “CMF (Common Module Family)” is adopted.

Next-generation “e-POWER”The installed engine is1.4L inline 3 cylinder gasoline engine” is adopted.

“12.3 inch full liquid crystal digital meter” “9 inch or 12.3 inch touch screen displayEquipped with NISSAN CONNECT.

Driving support system “propilot” is adopted. highest gradeLUXION“teethNew setting of driving support system “ProPILOT 2.0”do.

Renault-Nissan’s new platform “CMF (Common Module Family)” is adopted. Exterior design change, front and rear bumper design change. It features a large grille with top-mounted LED daytime running lights.

in the interiorA new steering wheel, “12.3-inch full liquid crystal digital meter” is set, and a large “9-inch or 12.3-inch latest infotainment system” is adopted.A soft pad is used on the upper surface of the instrument panel to enhance the sense of luxury. “NissanConnect Infotainment System” supports “Apple CarPlay” and “Android Auto”. A small shifter knob for terrain settings, a rotary selector, and an “electric parking brake and hold” are installed on the center console.

The “dual back door”, which allows luggage to be taken in and out without opening the entire back door, has also improved usability. By reviewing the size of the opening, it can now be used even in narrower parking spaces.

The hands-free auto-slide door has improved operability, such as by improving sensor sensitivity.

Powerfulness, smoothness and quietness have been evolved by renovating the newly developed motor and inverter for the engine.Equipped with the second generation “e-POWER”.An engine that produces electricityEquipped with a 1.4L in-line 3-cylinder engine.

Equipped with “360° Safety Assist” with enhanced functions compared to the predecessor model, consists of seven types of advanced driver assistance systems. “Intelligent Emergency Brake” “Collision Prevention Assist” “Adaptive High Beam Assist/High Beam Aid” “Reversing Vehicle Detection Warning RCTA” “Intelligent LI/LDW (Lane Departure Warning)” “RCTA Reverse Vehicle Detection Warning” “Sign Detection” function” is adopted.

The exterior design incorporates the latest design while keeping the design

With a full model change, Serena’s exterior design is of course a keep concept, but it has a more modern design and adopts the latest V-motion design language like the electric car “Aria” and the new “Note”. It incorporates a V-shaped grille and aggressive headlights. It adopts a large V-motion grill “V-motion grill” and incorporates many Nissan design features such as boomerang-shaped headlights, a unique floating roof, and a powerful body shape. In addition, the oblong signature LED lamp is installed, and the headlamp has a delicate structure that accentuates the characteristic boomerang shape.

New interior design

The interior design was created to accommodate the new instrument panel, infotainment screen, steering wheel and seats.Digital LCD meter on the meter“Advanced Drive Assist Display”,12.3 inch full LCD digital meteradopted.stylish overallCenter-mounted “9-inch or 12.3-inch full-color display (optional)” with built-in infotainment system “NISSAN CONNECT”dominated. “Electric parking brake & hold” is adopted. Three types of drive modes “SPORT”, “ECO” and “NORMAL”. The interior color and material are available in three variations. Adopts a “communication unit (TCU)” that enables the use of the “docomo in Car Connect” Internet connection service for in-vehicle use. Wi-Fi using LTE high-speed data communication is available in the car.

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Equipped with 2nd generation e-POWER + 1.4L in-line 3-cylinder engine

By renovating the motor and inverterEquipped with the 2nd generation “e-POWER” that has evolved strength, smoothness and quietness. Newly developed 1.4L engine tuned for e-POWER greatly improves outputwhich contributes to fuel efficiency by reducing engine speed.

Car sickness reduction technology that has been thoroughly scientifically studied from every angle

The 2nd generation “e-POWER” and high-rigidity suspension make the movement of the vehicle smooth, and the newly developed seat suppresses the transmission of the vibration of the vehicle, suppressing the sudden shaking of the head that leads to car sickness. The operability of the “e-Pedal Step”, which allows you to freely control the vehicle speed with just the accelerator pedal, has also been improved. In addition, high-rigidity steering improves steering stability, and a body structure that deflects crosswinds, which minivans are not good at, suppresses swaying, achieving stable driving even at high speeds.

Equipped with omnidirectional driving support system “360° Safety Assist” with top-class safety equipment

The 360° Safety Assist, which has more functions than the predecessor model, consists of seven types of advanced driver assistance systems. “Intelligent Emergency Brake” “Collision Prevention Assist” “Adaptive High Beam Assist/High Beam Aid” “Reversing Vehicle Detection Warning RCTA” “Intelligent LI/LDW (Lane Departure Warning)” “RCTA Reverse Vehicle Detection Warning” “Sign Detection” function” is adopted.

About the new Serena full model change driving support system 360 ° safety assist

Nissan’s advanced driver assistance systems “ProPILOT 2.0” and “360° Safety Assist” consist of seven types of advanced driver assistance systems. “Intelligent Emergency Brake” “Collision Prevention Assist” “Adaptive High Beam Assist/High Beam Aid” “Reversing Vehicle Detection Warning RCTA” “Intelligent LI/LDW (Lane Departure Warning)” “RCTA Reverse Vehicle Detection Warning” “Sign Detection” function” is adopted.

Intelligent emergency brakingThe front camera detects vehicles ahead (about 10 to 80 km/h) and pedestrians (about 60 km/h or less). Works even when driving at night. When the possibility of a collision increases, a warning display on the meter display and a buzzer alert the driver, prompting the driver to take evasive action. In the unlikely event that the driver is unable to decelerate safely, the system supports collision avoidance operations using the brakes, or reduces damage and injury in the event of a collision.

Collision Prevention Assist for Pedal MisapplicationWhen parking in a place with a wall in the direction of travel (under approximately 15km/h), if the brake operation is delayed or if the accelerator pedal is mistaken for the brake pedal, a warning is issued and the engine output and brakes are controlled. and help prevent excessive acceleration and collisions. Vehicle and pedestrian detection.

Intelligent LI/LDW (Lane Departure Warning)If the vehicle is about to unintentionally deviate from the driving lane, it alerts the driver with visual and audible warnings.

Adaptive Highbeam Assist/Highbeam AssistThe forward detection camera detects the lights of preceding and oncoming vehicles, as well as the brightness around the road, and automatically switches between high beam and low beam.

Intelligent BSI (Rear Side Collision Prevention Support System) If the system detects a vehicle traveling in the rear or side of an adjacent lane, which is likely to cause a blind spot, the system notifies the driver with a display, and if the vehicle starts to change lanes, the system generates an alarm and a force to return the vehicle to the original lane. and assists to avoid contact with vehicles in adjacent lanes.

Intelligent room mirror The intelligent rearview mirror reflects the image of the camera behind the vehicle on the mirror surface.

Intelligent cruise control When a vehicle ahead is detected, the vehicle follows the vehicle ahead, keeping a distance between the vehicle and the vehicle in front within a range from a stop to approximately 100km/h, with the vehicle speed set by the driver as the upper limit (approximately 30-100km/h).

Intelligent Around View MonitorImages are displayed on the display as if looking down from the sky, supporting smooth parking.

ProPilot 2.0 (Superlative grade “LUXION”) 7 cameras, 5 radars, and 12 sonars installed in the vehicle detect white lines, signs, and surrounding vehicles, and by using the navigation system and 3D high-definition map data, the speed limit can be set. Hands-off driving is possible in the same lane as long as the driver is always aware of the road ahead and can operate the steering wheel immediately according to the road, traffic and own vehicle conditions while grasping the road conditions such as and realize safe and smooth driving. Furthermore, it is possible to receive high-precision positioning information from the Quasi-Zenith Satellite System, etc., and to grasp the position of the vehicle with a higher degree of accuracy. The operating status is displayed in real time on the meter display and head-up display so that the driver can intuitively grasp the state of the driving assistance.

5th generation new Serena and 6th generation Serena safety equipment comparison

system 5th Serena 6th Serena
method monocular camera+
millimeter wave radar
monocular camera+
millimeter wave radar
anti-collision assist
Intelligent LI/
LDW (Lane Departure Warning)
high beam assist/
high beam assist
Vehicle detection alarm when reversing


Intelligent BSI
(rear side collision prevention
support system)
(Rear side vehicle detection alarm)


Sign detection function
No entry sign detection
Speed ​​limit sign detection
Stop sign detection

No entry sign detection
Speed ​​limit sign detection
Stop sign detection
room mirror


cruise control
around view monitor



ProPilot 2.0
parking assist


What is the Nissan 360° Safety Assist omnidirectional driving support system?About the vehicle

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About the new Serena e-POWER specifications

spec New Serena New Serena e-POWER
full length 4,690mm〜4,765mm 4,690mm〜4,765mm
Width 1,690mm〜1,715mm 1,690mm〜1,715mm
Height 1,870mm 1,870mm
Wheelbase 2,870mm 2,870mm
engine In-line 4-cylinder DOHC 2.0 L Inline 3-cylinder DOHC 1.4 L
+ Motor model: EM57
Maximum output 110kW (150ps)/
72kW (98ps)/
5,600 rpm
Maximum torque 200Nm (20.4kgm)/
123Nm (12.5kgm)/
5,600 rpm
Maximum output
120kW (163ps)/
Maximum torque
315Nm (32.1kgm)/
Drive system 2WD/4WD 2WD
Boarding capacity 8 persons 7 to 8 people
WLCT mode fuel consumption 13.0km/L~

New Serena full model change price grade

With this full model change, “G” was abolished.New grade “LUXION” is added to the lineup. “LUXION” has adopted many advanced equipment such as “Propilot 2.0”, “12.3 inch meter display”, “12.3 inch connect navigation & 6 speakers”.Starting prices are rising across the boardThe price will increase by about 200,000 yen.

In-line 4-cylinder DOHC 2.0L engine Installed model Grade Price

grade engine Trance
X inline 4 cylinder
direct injection engine
CVT 2WD 8 persons 2,768,700 yen
XV 3,088,800 yen
Highway Star V 3,269,200 yen
AUTECH 3,733,400 yen
X 4WD 3,034,900 yen
XV 3,355,000 yen
Highway Star V 3,535,400 yen
AUTECH 3,933,600 yen

Model with e-POWER Grade Price

grade engine drive
e-POWER X In-line 3-cylinder DOHC 1.4L
+ Motor (EM57)
2WD 8 persons 3,198,800 yen
e-POWER XV 3,499,100 yen
e-POWER Highway Star V 3,686,100 yen
e-POWER AUTECH 4,150,300 yen
e-POWER LUXION 7 people 4,798,200 yen

Thoughts on the new Serena

For Nissan, the “Serena” is a minivan in the Japanese market and is a model with high sales power.This time, Nissan has made a normal evolution, and by completely renewing the exterior, interior, and even the engine, it will be a model that feels more evolved than it looks. It will be one that you can rely on due to the enhancement of safety equipment and the latest interior equipment.This time, the contents of the full model change are all the changes that make you feel the greatness of Nissan.Of particular note is the change in the engine lineup.Even if you look at the models sold by Nissan cars, there is always a lineup of “e-POWER” models“Note”, “Note Aura”, “Kicks”, “X-Trail”, etc., but this timeEquipped with the new second-generation “e-POWER”By doing so, you will have unprecedented product value. In addition, the information display and full liquid crystal digital meter incorporate all the trends of modern cars, so you can feel that you are riding the latest model. Furthermore, the highest grade “LUXION“teethDriving support system “ProPILOT 2.0”Equipped with the impact is amazing! The rival has already undergone a full model change,There is no doubt that it will be a car model comparable to Honda “Step Wagon” and Toyota “Noah Voxy”!

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