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In the past, “commercial vehicles”, especially light vans, light 1-box vehicles, and light trucks, were fields that each manufacturer focused on, but demand has decreased since the 1990s, and more and more OEMs supply from other companies. The trend accelerated in the 2000s.

And in the 2020s, with the exception of Suzuki and Daihatsu, who are still competing for light 1-box commercial vehicles and light trucks, in other fields, there is only one company that boasts an overwhelming market share, and another company that has a small share.

Let’s take a look at three successful commercial vehicles that emerged in the 2000s and are dominating the market in the 2020s.

Toyota Probox (2002)

Super long best-selling light van that is active from work to racing

Toyota Probox GX (hybrid vehicle added in 2018 after big minor change in 2014)

Around 2000, Toyota, which promoted the integration of light van models into the Corolla/Sprinter van and Caldina van, developed a light van/station wagon-only vehicle as a successor to them (passenger-registered wagons were discontinued in 2013). .

In 2020, as all sales lines of the “Toyota” brand shifted to handling all models, the sister car Succeed was abolished and integrated into the Probox.

Not only is it easy to use as a full-fledged business van, but its power performance is mediocre, but its engine characteristics and gear ratio have been optimized, giving it excellent acceleration performance. It is said that there was also an acceleration comparison of

With a big minor change in 2014, it changed its appearance greatly, and in 2018, it continued to improve, such as adding a hybrid car, and has a large difference in sales volume from its rivals. It is a popular model among the general public.

Toyota Hiace (5th generation, 2004)

Yokozuna of domestic 1BOX car does not need a model change? !

Toyota Hiace van (5th generation H200 series)

At the Tokyo Auto Salon, it is a standard custom base and a very popular model known for a lot of theft damage, and it can be said that Hiace is now synonymous with 1BOX cars except for light cars, but the current 5th generation H200 series will debut in 2022. Year.

Unlike the Probox, even a major design change has not been made, and despite the fact that the overseas specification evolved into the 6th generation H300 series with a semi-bonnet in 2019, the Japanese specification is being sold while improving the 5th generation. , It boasts a high degree of perfection that even the rumored model change seems unnecessary.

Among the various body variations, the wide-body specification is a magnificent figure that was misreported at the time of its debut that “the interior width is 1,880mm, and the camper specification can sleep sideways” (actually the full width, the interior width is 1,705mm). So, he is exactly the yokozuna of 1BOX.

It has a big difference in sales volume to rival Nissan Caravan, and is currently supplied to Mazda as OEM as Bongo Brownie.

Daihatsu Grand Max (2020, Toyota OEM version is 2008)

Reliable small 1BOX cargo/truck made in Indonesia

Daihatsu Grand Max Cargo

Have you ever had a car like that? You might think that, but Daihatsu in Japan will release it in 2020, so it’s not unreasonable.

Although it is smaller than the predecessor Light Ace / Town Ace and is basically an enlarged Hijet, it was initially pointed out that it was inconvenient to use, such as the fact that the passenger seat could not be pushed forward like the Hijet Cargo and long objects could not be loaded, but in the end it was. Widespread as an affordable small cargo vehicle.

Currently, the Toyota version has been integrated into Town Ace by rearranging the car models, and unlike the Nissan NV200 Vanette Van, a rival with similar sales volume between vans, it features a truck lineup.

Currently, another rival, Mazda Bongo, has shifted from in-house production to Grand Max OEM (2020) and is sold by three companies, Toyota and Daihatsu. one of the models.

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