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Japan’s best-selling light “N series”

The Honda N series passenger cars consist of three models: the N-BOX, N-WGN, and N-ONE. Even if they are within the standard of a 660cc, 4-seater kei car, they all have different personalities, so it is recommended to choose while considering what kind of car life you want to lead.

The table below lists the features of all four models in the N series, including the commercial van “N-VAN.”

car name new car price WLTC mode fuel consumption Recommended crew feature
N-BOX 1,448,700~
2,252,800 yen
2-4 people For families with small children
The only passenger car with a sliding door
N-WGN 1,298,000~
1,827,100 yen
2-4 people Recommended for single use
ACC with traffic jam following function
N-ONE 1,599,400~
2,022,900 yen
2 people Recommended as a second car
ACC with traffic jam following function
The only passenger car with MT
N-VAN 1,276,000~
1,872,200 yen
2 people for business
have MT
Recommended for outdoor enthusiasts

The history of Honda kei cars is long!


Honda’s current kei car names start with “N”. This means “Norimono”.

The first car name to use N was the N360, which was born in 1967. It was developed as a car that comfortably accommodates four adults, based on the concept of a compact engine and spacious interior, which was unusual for the time.

The N360, which has become extremely popular due to Honda’s out-of-the-ordinary car making, realizes an affordable price in addition to driving performance that makes driving fun. “N” stands for “Norimono”, which created the opportunity for “everyone to live with a car”.

It was the moment when the car that Honda aspired to drive took shape. N-BOX, which was born in 2011, was born in 2011. It is a light vehicle full of ideas that match modern times, where you can relax in a spacious interior and the sound of running does not interfere with conversation.

Honda’s base is located in Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture, which is famous for the Suzuka Circuit. The current N series is sent out from Suzuka Factory. This factory employs a management system called the “SKI Project”. SKI is an abbreviation for Suzuka Light Innovation (technical innovation). By integrating everything from development to production and sales, we aim to create new and efficient vehicles.

Honda’s desire to create a Japanese standard took shape one after another, and the “N” spread to the “N Series”. About 90% of the parts have been revised to complete a car that focuses on a spacious interior and ease of use. As a result, it has received support from a wide range of people.

N series equipped with Honda sensing function

Honda’s advanced safety equipment “Honda Sensing” currently has 11 functions. Of these, the N series is equipped with 10 functions in all cars, and it can be said that safety is sufficiently high.

It has all the standard functions of other manufacturers, such as collision mitigation braking, false start prevention function, and adaptive cruise control (ACC), so people who are worried about the safety of mini vehicles can rest assured.

By the way, the only function that is not installed in the N series is the “short distance collision mitigation brake”. This is a function that assists the brake operation when driving at low speeds of about 2km/h to about 10km/h or in reverse, and has been adopted one after another from the new Fit and the new Vezel.

Due to future improvements and minor changes, there is a high possibility that it will be adopted for the N series.

N-WGN and N-ONE have traffic congestion following function in ACC

The N series is equipped with “Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)”, but the three models of “N-BOX”, “N-WGN” and “N-ONE” can use advanced traffic congestion tracking functions.

When the vehicle in front stops, your vehicle will automatically stop, and when the vehicle in front starts running, you can press the switch or step on the accelerator to resume follow-up driving. This function is recommended for those who drive on roads with heavy traffic every day.

If you choose an MT car, some functions are not installed

N-ONE and N-VAN can also choose MT vehicles, but in that case, some functions of Honda Sensing will not be installed.

Honda’s point of choosing a light car

The table below summarizes what factors are considered important by users considering each car model. It is based on data analyzed and aggregated by IGNITION, such as trends in user browsing content.

(Data as of 2021 is used)

car model Content ① Content ② Content ③
N-BOX interior
fuel consumption
N-WGN fuel consumption
N-ONE fuel consumption
N-VAN hobby
fuel consumption
S660 fuel consumption

Check the fuel efficiency of light vehicles!

Since it is a mini vehicle, all models have excellent fuel efficiency. If it is a FF car, the WLTC mode fuel efficiency is over 20km/L, which is a nice performance for people who drive every day. It can be said that it is the same number when compared with light cars of other manufacturers.

Not only for everyday feet, but also as a companion for hobbies

Minicars are highly rated for their low price and high practicality, but they are attractive not only for everyday transportation, but also for their ease of use for driving and outdoor activities.

It is recommended to choose a model considering the size and number of luggage such as tents and fishing gear. If you want to stay in the car, we recommend N-BOX or N-VAN, which has a spacious interior.

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“N-BOX” for families with small children

The N-BOX is a super-high-selling wagon that has been the top-selling mini vehicle for the last five years in a row. By becoming the second generation in 2019, we have further improved the product appeal.

After the model change, the major changes that can be visually confirmed, such as high-quality interior equipment, improved driving performance with a newly developed engine, and expanded interior space, have captured the hearts of users. .

In addition, some improvements in December 2021 included the adoption of an electric parking brake and the addition of safety functions.

Overwhelmingly spacious interior + sliding door is recommended for families

The body size has not changed from the previous generation, but the interior space has been expanded by downsizing the engine and reviewing the tailgate. Even if you sit in the back seat and stretch your legs, you won’t be able to reach the front seats.

There are three types of seat specifications: “bench seat”, “super slide seat” and “slope”. In the super slide seat specification, the sliding width of the passenger seat is normally 240mm to 570mm, and you can expand the leg space by sliding it backwards.

The interior height is as high as 1,400 mm, making it easy for small children to change clothes. Folding the rear seats expands the luggage room, and even an adult bicycle can be loaded.

If you choose a grade equipped with power sliding doors on both sides, it will be a strong ally for families who often go out with small children.

Since the resale value is high, consider a residual value setting type loan

If your family consists of three parents and a child who needs a stroller, the N-BOX will be enough.

However, if you foresee the future, such as when your children grow up or your family grows, we recommend purchasing an N-BOX with a 3-5 year residual value setting type loan and switching to a 7-8 seater minivan. .

N-BOX is a popular model among kei cars. Not only the N-BOX, mini cars are very popular in the used car market, and some value remains even if they are 10 years old. With the popular No. 1 model N-BOX, you can expect even higher resale prices.

N-BOX type & price list

“N-WGN” for family and single use

Among the N series, the body size is between N-BOX and N-ONE. The N-BOX incorporates a stylish design, but the N-WGN has a slightly lower overall height, so it has a gentler design.

Recommended for those who run long distances and long hours on their daily commute

N-WGN is recommended for those who run long distances and long hours on their daily commute.

This is because it has a design and interior that you will never get tired of, and functionality that is sufficient for everyday use, as well as an adaptive cruise control (ACC) with traffic congestion tracking function that is appreciated by long drivers.

In addition, it is equipped with the first “telescopic” function for mini vehicles. This is a function that creates an ideal driving position by pushing in or pulling out the steering wheel.

It can be said that it is a feature not found in other N series that the car is equipped with an “auto brake hold” that does not start moving even if you do not keep pressing the brake when stopped.

Convenient for family cars if you don’t need a sliding door

The rear seats have hinged doors instead of sliding doors. It is a neat design because the rail for the sliding door is not installed.

As a feature of the luggage space, it is not wide enough to N-BOX, but it can be divided into two levels, upper and lower, by installing the board provided.

Considering the age and physique of the child and the places where they often get on and off, it is also recommended for families who do not need a sliding door.

N-WGN type & price list

“N-ONE” for single use and second car


The N-ONE, which is characterized by a rounded style that looks like a square but has no corners, is highly popular among individualists. Inheriting the N360 lineage, the front mask adopts a retro design that evokes the remnants of that tradition.

Equipped with LED daytime running lamps for the first time in a mini vehicle. Pedestrians and oncoming vehicles can notice its presence even during the day, and the N-ONE’s cute round headlights make an impression.

Recommended as a second car for the family

Interior of N-ONE Original
Interior of N-ONE Original

N-ONE is a car suitable for personal use rather than one for the family. It may feel a little inconvenient if four adults are always on board, but it is a perfect model for shopping or driving with one or two people.

Compared to the N-BOX and N-WGN, the interior height and width are inferior, but the luggage space with underfloor storage allows you to load a lot of luggage with one action.

It can also be recommended as a second car for families who own a minivan or sedan.

MT specification “RS” is a long-awaited model for light sports car fans! ?

The new grade “RS” that has been added has become a hot topic for a while because it has a lineup of 6-speed MT in addition to AT (CVT).

It was disappointing news that the production of the light passenger car “S660”, which had a lineup of Keiichi MT at Honda, ended, but the N-ONE, which “does not look like a sports car at first glance, but has an MT turbo”, is a core fan. It seems to have stuck in the heart, and it was attracting attention at the beginning of its debut.

Also, the father who said, “I wanted to ride an MT, but the S660 was a two-seater, so my family didn’t like it…” is a four-seater and highly practical N-ONE RS. It seems that there is also a story that it is easy to get out.

N-WGN type & price list

“N-VAN” recommended for outdoor enthusiasts

The N-VAN has an identity unlike a commercial van, with a design that takes advantage of the functionality and load capacity of the N-BOX, just like the concept of the “new standard for light vans.” The attractive appearance and body color that does not look like “THE commercial vehicle” are also attractive.

Commercial van

The N-VAN has a shorter cargo space than light vans sold by other companies. Luggage over 200mm cannot be loaded.

In this way, as a commercial van, it is not good at loading large luggage, which can be said to be fatal, but since the seats other than the driver’s seat can be stored under the floor, it is possible to create a fully flat luggage space.

Furthermore, a pillar-less sliding door is used, and a wide opening appears when the left door is opened. Getting in and out is easy, and using the rear gate makes loading and unloading luggage efficient.

Based on the above, it can be said that it is a convenient van for home use rather than full commercial use.

Camping, sleeping in the car, motorcycles… a van that can be used for anything

The N-VAN is categorized as a light van based on commercial vehicles, but it is equipped with various comfortable equipment, so it is attracting attention for its use beyond the framework of commercial vehicles.

The fact that it has enough space to carry not only outdoor goods such as camping equipment and fishing gear, but also a 125cc motorcycle is an attractive feature not found in other vehicles.

What I want to pay attention to is the ride comfort other than the driver’s seat. Basically, it can be viewed as an auxiliary seat other than the driver’s seat, so it is difficult to demand cushioning and softness.

The N-BOX is the winner for the enhancement of comfortable equipment, but if you think about loading your hobby luggage, the N-VAN is also an option.

N-VAN type & price list

type N-VAN N-VAN+
vehicle price From 1,276,000 yen From 1,629,100 yen

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