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Mazda announces some product improvements and special editions of the “Roadster”

mazda roadster

On November 17, 2022, Mazda announced that it will implement some product improvements and special specification car settings for the small open sports car Roadster.

The soft-top model “Roadster” and the retractable hard-top model “Roadster RF” will be available for pre-order from November 17, 2022 through Mazda dealers nationwide. It is scheduled to be released in mid-December 2022.

Mazda North America announces world premiere of “CX-90”

Added special model “Brown Top” and new color “Zircon Sand”

mazda roadster

In the partial product improvement of the Roadster announced by Mazda on November 17, 2022, the new color “Zircon Sand Metallic” added to the CX-5 etc. was added to the soft top model and retractable hard top model.

It expresses a new sportiness that has never existed before, with a unique atmosphere different from the body color that Mazda has set for roadsters.

In addition, the “Brown Top”, a special edition soft-top model based on the Roadster’s soft-top model “S Leather Package”, has adopted an elegant brown color for the hood.

In addition to body-color door mirrors and 16-inch aluminum wheels with high-brightness paint, the interior is equipped with terracotta Nappa leather seats, door trims with terracotta stitching, and instrument panel decoration panels.

It is said that it is a special specification car that can feel a rich atmosphere with elegant coordination.

Announced the 4th Takumi-nuri “Artisan Red Premium Metallic”

Manufacturer’s suggested retail price of Roadster released in mid-December

mazda roadster

The special edition “Brown Top” set for the roadster after some product improvements and the soft top model of the roadster will be released in mid-2022. Reservations will be accepted from November 17, 2022.

Manufacturer’s suggested retail prices after some product improvements are as follows.

■ Roadster
S: (6MT) 2,689,500 yen
S Special Package: (6MT) 2,906,200 yen / (6AT) 3,021,700 yen
S Leather Package: (6MT) 3,257,100 yen / (6AT) 3,372,600 yen
S Leather Package White Selection: (6MT) 3,297,800 yen / (6AT) 3,413,300 yen
Special specification car 990S: (6MT) 2,959,000 yen
Special edition ・Brown Top: (6MT) 3,257,100 yen / (6AT) 3,372,600 yen

■ Roadster RF
S: (6MT) 3,527,700 yen / (6AT) 3,555,200 yen
VS: (6MT) 3,823,600 yen / (6AT) 3,851,100 yen
VS White Selection: (6MT) 3,864,300 yen / (6AT) 3,891,800 yen
VS Terracotta Selection: (6MT) 3,864,300 yen / (6AT) 3,891,800 yen
RS: (6MT) 3,988,600 yen

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