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America is the home of large SUVs!

ford bronco
Ford Bronco of yesteryear

SUVs are popular not only in Japan, but all over the world. In Japan, compact models with good fuel efficiency are popular, but there are also strong fans of imported SUVs that are large and have excellent off-road capabilities.

And when it comes to SUVs, it’s America. Compared to Japan, houses and roads are larger, so American cars with large displacement and big size are standard.

SUVs are no exception, with a lineup of large off-roaders and luxury vehicles. More recently, EV SUVs have also appeared.

Are you powerful? Or stylish? Introducing popular models of American car SUV in ranking.

No. 10: Ford Mustang Mach E

Ford Mustang Mach E GT

Ford Mustang Mach E is an electric car that can be said to be the SUV version of the company’s flagship coupe.

American car classic “Mustang” is born in EV SUV!

The Ford Mustang Mach E is an SUV version of the traditional model “Mustang”, and it is also an electric car, so it has been attracting attention since before its debut.

The naming of “Mach E” is reminiscent of the famous car of the past, Mustang Mach 1.

Many of the recent EV vehicles have performance-oriented performance, and you can feel that such a concept is included by the manufacturer.

The performance model has a maximum output of 346ps and a 0-100km acceleration time of 5 seconds, which is not overwhelming power, but it shows sharp acceleration for an SUV.

It also supports quick charging, and can run about 100km on a 10-minute charge.

Can you throw a stone in the American EV market, where Tesla is the strongest?

Ford Mustang Mach E

The American EV market is dominated by Tesla, and other manufacturers are following suit. Under such circumstances, Mustang’s Mach E is attracting attention as an EV released by Ford.

It is expected that EV will become the standard worldwide, so if an EV car is released by a manufacturer that you like, you may be worried about its looks and performance.

By bearing the name of the company’s flagship car, the Mustang Mach E may also have the aim of attracting attention to EV vehicles, which are likely to become mainstream in the future.

It is expected that the performance as an EV will be boiled down from now on, but it will be worth getting for those who want to get on the cutting edge EV released by one of the big three companies in the United States as soon as possible. .

No. 9: Lincoln Navigator

Lincoln is a traditional manufacturer that has continued to release luxury cars among American cars, and the Navigator is a flagship SUV released by the company.

Luxury SUV unique to a traditional luxury car manufacturer

The Lincoln Navigator is a luxury SUV that debuted in 1998. Since its debut, it has climbed to the top of the popular car model, and at one point acquired about 40% of the market share of large SUVs in the United States.

Based on the Ford Expedition, it is also a model with added luxury unique to Lincoln.

The current model has an impression that the luxury feeling has been further enhanced. The length of the long-wheelbase vehicle is approximately 5.6m, and the overall width exceeds 2m.

Highly rated for quietness and good running

Since it is a model that is not officially sold in Japan, there are few reviews in Japan, but it is highly evaluated for its quietness and good running.

European cars such as the Mercedes-Benz G-Class and Range Rover Evoque are rivals, but the luxury SUV in the area is attractive.

You may feel inconvenient on Japanese roads due to its large body size, but if you can import it and drive it, it will be a very high-impact car that will attract attention even in the city.

No. 8: Cadillac Escalade

cadillac escalade

The Cadillac Escalade is a luxury SUV manufactured and sold by Cadillac, a luxury car brand.

Born as a rival of the navigator

The first generation debuted in 1999, following the hit of the Lincoln Navigator that appeared earlier, it debuted as a luxury SUV that surpassed the base vehicle GMC Yukon.

Regarding the first generation, sales were sluggish partly because it was difficult to find the difference from the base vehicle Yukon.

The design has been renewed since the second generation, which debuted to overturn the failure of the first generation. In addition to the luxurious appearance of the exterior, the interior is equipped with a luxury brand Bvlgari watch, and has succeeded in establishing its position as a luxury SUV that continues today.

The current model will debut in 2020. Equipped with the latest equipment, such as a unique LED display that curves toward the driver’s seat and night vision to ensure safety at night, it has evolved further into a world-leading luxury SUV. .

Torqueful driving like an American car is also attractive

cadillac escalade sport

The large body and left-hand drive feel very difficult to handle in Japan, but there are opinions that left-hand drive cars are unexpectedly easier to pull over on narrow roads, etc., and are surprisingly easier to ride.

The environmental performance such as fuel efficiency is not as good as domestic cars, but it is a car that people who want torqueful driving like American cars buy, so it can be said that such aspects are not a negative factor.

A luxury SUV from a traditional brand, if you like American cars, this is one you’ll want to ride at least once.

No. 7: GMC Yukon

GMC Yukon AT4

The GMC Yukon is also known as the big SUV sold under the GMC brand, the Chevrolet Tahoe and the Suburban sibling.

High-end model among brother cars

The GMC Yukon is a large SUV, also known as the sister car of the Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban.

Among them, the luxury grade “Denali” is attractive and differentiated from Chevrolet cars.

In recent years, many American SUVs have a tendency to downsize, reducing engine displacement, and one of the attractions of the Yukon is that it continues to be equipped with a large displacement V8 engine.

It shares the platform with the Cadillac Escalade, a luxury SUV introduced in the previous item, and is a model loved by many wealthy people in the United States.

The high grade “Denali” is highly rated.

GMC Yukon Denali

Since it is a manufacturer that does not have regular sales in Japan, I do not have a sense of closeness, but a certain number of parallel import cars are sold in Japan.

The luxurious feel of the high-end Denali is very appealing, and it is highly rated by enthusiasts for its spacious interior space and impressive body size.

When it comes to American luxury SUVs, the Cadillac Escalade and Lincoln Navigator are the most well-known in Japan, but the GMC Yukon is as good as it gets.

Isn’t it one that fits perfectly for those who want something that is sure while avoiding standard models?

No. 6: Dodge Durango

Dodge Durango Citadel

Although the Dodge Durango is an SUV, it is characterized by its grade setting that is particular about running.

Over 5m and unmatched running performance

Despite being a full-size SUV with a total length of over 5m, it has excellent power performance.

In particular, the limited edition “SRT Hellcat” boasts a maximum output of 710ps and shows acceleration that you wouldn’t expect from an SUV.

In addition to power performance, it is fully equipped with comfort, such as a spacious interior space unique to a full-size SUV and an entertainment system compatible with Apple CarPlay.

High grade “SRT Hellcat” is a super sports specification

Dodge Durango R/T Tow and Go

Durango’s charm is engine performance.

The driving performance of the upper grade “SRT Hellcat” puts sports cars to shame. The interior has a sporty taste, and even those who graduated from sports cars will like it.

It may not be as well known in Japan as Chevrolet or Ford, but Dodge is also a traditional American brand. It will definitely be a presence for those who want to run in an SUV.

No. 5: Jeep Grand Cherokee

jeep grand cherokee summit

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is the brand’s flagship model.

Jeep’s flagship model with a sense of luxury

The Jeep Grand Cherokee has been manufactured and sold since 1993 and is now the flagship model of Jeep.

Initially, it was launched as a competitor to the American SUV, the Ford Explorer.

Currently, it is sold in various countries as a global strategic vehicle, and regular sales are also being carried out in Japan.

From the 4th generation onwards, it shares a part of the platform with the Mercedes-Benz M-Class, giving it a somewhat European feel.

It is a full-fledged SUV that has a luxurious feel and a style that blends in with the scenery of the city, but also has the excellent driving performance that only a Jeep can offer.

“Trackhawk” equipped with V8 supercharger is the strongest model

jeep grand cherokee trackhawk

Since its launch, it has stood as a premium SUV, and that tradition has been passed down to this day.

Of course, the ride is comfortable, but the excellent engine feel and luxurious interior have many deep-rooted fans.

Among them, the performance is highly evaluated, and even the standard grade shows acceleration like a sports car.

As an outstanding grade, there is also a grade with a 6.2L V8 supercharged engine called “Trackhawk”.

With its elegant appearance and ferocious acceleration, it is also recommended for the non-sports car generation.

No. 4: Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X is the world’s first electric SUV.

EV SUV with gull-wing doors

Tesla Model X is an SUV sold by “Tesla”, which is no exaggeration to say that it is now the world’s number one electric vehicle manufacturer.

As an unusual part, we have adopted a gull wing shaped door called Falcon Wing Door.

The way it opens is flashy, but it is possible to open and close it even in a very narrow space because of the ingenuity in the shape.

The excellent acceleration performance unique to an electric vehicle is also attractive, and the 0-100km acceleration time is 2.8 seconds, which is equivalent to that of a supercar.

I would like to keep an eye on EV pioneer Tesla in the future

When Tesla announced its electric car, there were voices saying it was too early and concerns about the lack of charging infrastructure, but in the last few years people’s values ​​have begun to change, and electric cars have gradually become a familiar presence. I was.

SUV-type electric vehicles like the Model X are also attractive, with excellent power performance in a roomy interior space.

Electric vehicles will undoubtedly be the key to the future, and the future evolution of electric vehicles is also a must-see.

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