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The 1990s was a major turning point for sports cars, and the classic “lightweight open sports” starting with the Eunos Roadster, which appeared just before, was re-evaluated, and many cars of the same genre were released around the world.

In Japan, there were a number of open sports cars, including light sports cars that were created during the economic boom of the bubble era.

Mazda (Eunos) Roadster (first generation, 1989)

I miss those days when I called it “Eunos” and longed for it

Eunos Roadster V Special (first generation)

The engine was a mediocre 1.6L DOHC naturally aspirated engine (later converted to 1.8L), which was diverted from the Familia, but the 4-wheel double wishbone independent suspension was full-fledged. FR lightweight open sports that makes you feel cool.

At that time, it was called the “Eunos” after the car name because it was the image leader of the new brand “Eunos” in the era of Mazda’s five-channel sales system, and it was the first car.

Before its release, there were voices saying, “Isn’t it time to make a car like the Lotus Elan of the 1960s?” The 4th generation ND Roadster is still on sale.

While most automakers have given up on cars of the same genre, Mazda’s efforts to continuously improve for more than 30 years are a big deal.

Honda Beat (1991)

As the origin of Honda Sports, it is loved and loved along with the S series.

honda beat

Although the dedicated monocoque body, which has sufficient body rigidity even when fully opened, was a little heavy, the combination of the MTREC engine, which is the only kei car with a voluntary regulation value of 64 horsepower at 8,000 rpm or more, is reminiscent of the old S600. Honda-like light sports.

To be honest, the 2nd generation MTREC version of Today (1993), which was detuned to 58 horsepower with an emphasis on practicality, felt lighter and faster, but the open sports is full of extraordinary feelings that cannot be experienced with a practical car, and a single model volleyball. It is a car that is still loved today, such as making a Guinness record (2010) with Dolan.

While there are many cars that are eagerly awaited to return, the S660 (2015) is one of the few examples that was realized, and when the S660 was released, many beat users ran to dealers to “add more cars” (rather than replace). I was also told.

Suzuki Cappuccino (1991)

When I see “Light Taham”, I don’t want to believe that this is the first and the last

Suzuki Cappuccino

It was announced at the Tokyo Motor Show 1989 as the culmination of the sports car prototyped by the Suzuki development team. ”, and there was no plan to sell it on the market, so it became a fuss.

Although it took two years to go on sale, the only light FR open sports car made in Japan, the F6A turbo (updated to K6A in the latter term) that reaches 180 horsepower if tuned, is still active on the street, on the circuit, and in drifting.

The detachable hardtop can be split, and it was an interesting open sports car that could enjoy four types of roofs: closed, full open, targa top, and T-bar roof, but there is no new standard version.

It was said that it was difficult to meet modern safety standards, but seeing that the light version of the Caterham Seven 170S is still on sale, there may still be users who think, “I want to revive cappuccino rather than Alto Works.” not.

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