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A special feature that introduces “car lovers” who enjoy car life and love cars. MOBY asked car lovers all over the country about their favorite cars, hobbies, date spots they want to go by car, and more! Please check it out♪

Today’s CarLOVER!! LEXUS (24 years old)

Q.Please tell us about your favorite car.


Q. What was the decisive factor in choosing that car?

It was my dream to ride in the LEXUS RX. I liked the exterior and interior.

Q. When did you get your driver’s license? Since when have you been driving?

Obtained at the age of 21 (4th year university student). I’ve been driving since I was 21.

Q. Do you have a favorite car manufacturer?


Q. Please tell us about your favorite car history.

Toyota (Vanguard) → Lexus (Lexus RX)

Q.Do you have a dream car that you want to drive someday?

Porsche (Cayenne)

Q.When do you usually drive?

Traveling for work, driving on holidays

Q. Please tell us about your usual hobbies and hobbies using cars.

・Looking at scenery (nature, night view, etc.)

Q.Is there any maintenance or care that you usually do?

car wash

Q. Please tell me the date spot you want to go by car.

・ Beautiful cityscapes with night views (Tokyo, Yokohama)
・A place rich in nature

Q. What kind of topics do you want to talk about on a drive date?

・each other’s hobbies
·thing of interest

Q.Which song do you want to listen to while driving?

Western music

Q. What is the gesture of the opposite sex that makes you unintentionally excited while driving?

The way you brush your hair, when you smell good

Q.What kind of car do you want your favorite person to drive?

Cars that people want to drive

CarLOVER’s Profile

  • Name: Kouki Sato
  • Age: 24
  • Occupation: Adult baseball
  • Birthplace: Chiba Prefecture
  • Favorite car: LEXUS RX FSPORTS 300
  • Favorite driving spot: Streets with night views (Tokyo, Yokohama)

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