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What is the fastest car wash EK-ZERO?

A car wash is essential to keep your car clean and tidy. However, it can be troublesome because it is necessary to secure a place to wash the car and prepare water and detergent.

Therefore, I would like to recommendEK-ZERO, the fastest car wash sold by EK-TOP’S Co., Ltd.

EK-ZERO, the fastest car wash,A car wash detergent that allows you to quickly wash your car by simply spraying it on your car without using water and wiping it off.is.

Features of the fastest car wash EK-ZERO

Product Features

  • Quickly clean body, glass, wheels, etc. without using water
  • Cleans not only dirt and dust, but also oil films that are difficult to remove.
  • Add luster and luster to the body
  • Water repellent effect that lasts for about 2 months
  • Acquired a patent as a solvent that can wash and coat (wax) a car without water at the same time.

Product Summary

  • Contents: Coating agent 300ml
  • Accessories: 1 microfiber cloth
  • Suggested retail price 3,300 yen (tax included)

The fastest car wash EK-ZERO is recommended for these people!

People who are troublesome to wash in advance

When applying wax, it is often necessary to wash with water beforehand.

However, with the fastest car wash EK-ZERO,Even if the body is dirty with dust, etc., you can wash and wax the car at the same time by spraying and wiping it off.

Anyway, it is recommended for those who want to quickly complete car washing and waxing.

People who are troubled with hard-to-remove limescale

If you leave it for about 2 months and it has become quite black and sticky, you can quickly remove it by spraying this product and wiping it off with a special microfiber cloth.Even stubborn dirt can be removed cleanly by wiping it back and forth once or twice.

People who cannot secure a large car wash space

If you want to wash your car, you have to secure a place to wash your car. Especially if your car is parked in a shared parking lot of an apartment complex, you may not be able to wash your car.

With EK-ZERO, the fastest car wash, you can wash and wax your car no matter where you park it, just by spraying and wiping it off.

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Work in 2 steps

The construction method is completed in just 2 steps.

1.spray detergent on car

The standard is 1 push in 30 cm square. It is effective to spray a little more (2 to 3 pushes) on dirty areas.

2.Wipe with a special microfiber cloth

Even with sticky dirt, if you repeat wiping up 2 or 3 times, it will become a beautiful glossy and glossy body.

What is your impression after actually using it?

Since it is a white solvent, you can clearly see the sprayed part

If the color of the vehicle is not white (white type), the sprayed part will be white and you can clearly see it. It has good visibility and can be sprayed evenly on the vehicle body.

When the body color is sprayed on a white car.Since the solvent is white, visibility will be good if the body color is dark.
Even blackened water stains can be wiped away quickly.

The included microfiber cloth is easy to use

The microfiber cloth that comes with the fastest car wash EK-ZERO is 40cm long and 40cm wide. Not only can it be used as a single sheet, but even when folded in half, it is easy to wipe off and has an easy-to-use impression.

It is very absorbent and has good adsorption power for dust and fine debris.I think that you can cleanly remove the dirt at once without wiping it over and over again.

Actual verification of word-of-mouth evaluation

I actually verified whether the reviews written on the mail order site are true or not.

Water scale does not come off

In this reviewThe water scale left on the body for about two months was easily removed. However, the water scale attached to the resin parts could not be removed so much.

Whether or not it can be removed depends on how long the water scale is left and where the dirt is attached. If the stain persists, consider using several similar products, including those from other companies.

Doesn’t last as long as solid wax

That’s right. Normally, solid wax sticks to the body better and is harder to remove.

If you want to maintain the effect for a long time, we recommend using a solid type wax.

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Frequently asked questions about the fastest car wash EK-ZERO

What other parts can it be used for?

Can be used on body, glass and wheel parts. however,The use of resin parts is not prohibited, but the dirt could not be removed very much.

Is there any problem if I use it for a car that has been coated?

You can use it without any problem. however,Repainted bodies or bodies with deteriorated paintIt is recommended that you spray it on an inconspicuous place beforehand and check thoroughly before using it.

Is this a product for metal bodies?

principle,Products for glass-metal bodiesbecomes. It is not a product that removes dirt from resin parts.

Photo: Yamato Muroi

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