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Should it be said that it was a revolutionary high performance that greatly pleased car enthusiasts, or was it a negative legacy that lowered the value of the model as a whole due to its over-spec? It is difficult to evaluate the excessively radical maker-tuned that played an active part.

All of them are based on a 4-door sedan (hardtop) or a coupe model that includes a sedan as a derivative model, and although they are practical mass-market cars that should be mass-marketed, they will be replaced by SUVs and minivans that survived the RV boom anyway. It was destined to be.

This time, we would like to introduce three typical maker-tuned cars from the 1990s, which could be said to be the war criminals who shortened the lifespan of the entire model, or perhaps the last of its kind.

Nissan Skyline GT-R (2nd generation first generation BNR32, 1989)

A legendary car with a destiny that will never end in the glory of a Group A race

Nissan BRN32 Skyline GT-R

The 5th generation C210 series turbo, the 6th generation R30 series RS, the 7th generation R31 GTS-R, and the Skyline, which was a long-cherished wish for Nissan fans, “When will the GT-R be revived?!” It was a big fuss when the Skyline “GT-R” was revived.

With the 2.6L twin-turbo RB26DETT and the epoch-making 4WD system, the Atesa E-TS, we can finally win the Group A race (JTC All Japan Touring Car Championship), which was completely unmatched by overseas competitors!

The BNR32 lived up to that expectation by boasting unbeatable strength in Group A, and played an active role in the following JGTC (currently JGTC). The car model was no longer possible without the GT-R.

In the end, the GT-R, which continued until the end of production of the 2nd and 3rd generation BNR34 (2002), was too stimulating, and the Skyline’s popularity has not yet recovered.

Honda Integra Type R (first generation, 1995)

The tragedy of “Type R”, which was treated as a savior when it came next

Honda Integra Type R (first generation, upper left 3-door coupe DC2, lower right 4-door hardtop DB8)

How many Honda cars have there been, such as Logo, Prelude, Accord, and even S-MX, that the automotive media made a fuss about, “Maybe this Type R will come out next?!”

When the Type R was first set to the 3rd generation Integra, the 2nd model following the NSX, I was surprised to see the engine port polished by hand by a craftsman. Turning performance is completely overspec for a commercial vehicle.

Moreover, not only the 3-door coupe (DC2), but also the family car-like 4-door hardtop (DB8) had a Type R, so it was thought that it could be set to anything, and the automotive media was full of excitement. It’s a thing.

In the end, in Japan, the Type R was only available on Civics, other than the Integra and the first generation NSX, but Honda also decided not to set it on a cheap car like the Fit, wondering if it would affect the sales of the base car, and now it’s completely overpriced. became the flower of

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V (1998)

A wide body version born from the commitment to Group A rally cars

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V GSR

From the Evo I (1992) to the Evo IX MR (2006), the Lancer Evo boasted popularity due to limited commercial sales, but until the early second generation Evo IV (1996), it retained the atmosphere of the base car5. number narrow body.

However, in 1997, the WRC, which is the greatest reason for existence, entered the era of WR cars that were completely different from production cars. Become.

The EVO V has a wide body, and with its wide tread and tire and brake capacity, it will be very active not only in the WRC but also in domestic pavement competitions such as Gymkhana, but in this case the base car will only look like the front and rear lights. .

Rather than winning the WRC and selling the Lancer, the goal is to sell the Lancer Evo itself? In 2004, even after switching to a WR car, the Lan Evo continued until the Evo X (sales ended in 2016), and it has become a car that is still waiting for a revival.

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