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Exquisite wagon “Shuttle” that can reach itchy places

“Shuttle” is a compact station wagon of 5 number size released by Honda in May 2015.

Like the predecessor “Fit Shuttle”, it is based on Honda’s compact car “Fit”, and the cabin space has been expanded to improve the loading capacity of the rear seats.

Although it has a 5-number frame and a body size comparable to a low-roof car, it has a certain amount of support as a car that is highly rated by owners, although it is not flashy, with a roomy interior that allows you to sleep in the car, excellent fuel efficiency, and a reasonable price. I was.

It is also planned to be introduced to Japan as a global model!

Disappeared from the list of models on the Honda official website!End of sale announcement

Honda official website car lineup

In December 2021 last year, we are telling you that the Honda Shuttle will end production, along with information on the end of production of CR-V and Insight.

After that, production of the shuttle ended at the end of August 2022, and only the distribution inventory was sold, but it was newly confirmed that it disappeared from the model list on Honda’s official website.

Although there is still a page for the shuttle alone, this page also states ‘model ending November 2022’, indicating that the shuttle has finished production and sales and has disappeared from Honda’s lineup.

More authentic off-road performance! “Trail sports” set

Although the owner’s evaluation is high, it struggles in comparison with other models

honda shuttle

As mentioned above, the Shuttle is a compact station wagon with a 5-number frame, which has become rare nowadays.

In addition to being able to use a wider interior space than the base Fit, the overall height is lower than the Freed as a low-roof vehicle, and it is cheaper than the Vezel with a similar body size. There was a shuttle to

However, for a station wagon, the overall height is high and lacks sportiness, and the Freed with 3 rows of seats is more convenient, so it struggled.

It can be said that the level of satisfaction is high, as the owner who purchased it said, “I wanted this kind of car.”

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The new N series will be released in the second half of 2023 at the earliest!

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