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Where is the assessed value significantly lower if there are scratches or dents?


When you sell your car, you will need to bring it to a used car purchase shop for an appraisal, or ask for an on-site appraisal to find out the estimated price (assessed price).

At that time, the appraisal value may decrease depending on the number and degree of scratches and dents on the body.Depending on the position, there is a big difference in how the appraisal value drops even if there is a similar degree of damage or dent.It’s called.

Where on the body is the appraisal amount going down significantly?

Places where the assessed value drops significantly ① Roof (roof)


dent in roofis an element that will significantly lower the assessed value than the dents made in other places.

Why is it that just a dent in the roof causes a significant drop in appraisal price? I heard.

“When deciding on used car appraisal guidelines, we focus on three levels of criteria, starting from the highest level: the car’s frame, being welded to the car body, and being bolted to the car body. .

The roof is equivalent to the skeleton of the car, and it is an important part that can hinder driving if damaged.

Therefore, when distributing a used car in the market, we have clarified the deduction criteria by making a difference in the guidelines so that the price will not be the same as a car that has no damage to the roof. “

As the person in charge says, the panels and pillars attached to the roof area are important parts that support the entire vehicle. If there is a problem, not only will it not be possible to drive stably, but in the unlikely event of a traffic accident, there is a possibility that the occupants will be in danger.

From those elementsThe roof has stricter standards than parts that are prone to scratches and dents such as front bumpers and doors, and we are working to provide guidelines to used car purchasers nationwide.It seems to.

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