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Even if you want to go on a car trip, those who have pets may find it a bit of a hurdle.

I often see people sleeping in the car with dogs, but is it really possible to sleep in the car with a cat?

Due to various circumstances, my family has recently started living in the car with cats in earnest.

And what a cat gave birth in the car! I am staying in the car with 5 babies and a mother cat, a total of 6 cats.

Sleeping in the car with a cat is an unknown experience, so at first I was worried about what would happen, but so far there have been no problems and the cat seems to be living without stress.

So, in this article, what is it like to sleep in a car with a cat?

I would like to introduce you to living with a cat in a van life, such as things to take care of, cats, cat goods in the car and where to find them.

What to prepare when staying in the car with a cat and where to put it in the car

A van life where you live in a small car.

If cat goods are also added, the luggage will increase further ….

How bulky is the luggage for sleeping in the car with a cat?

First of all, I would like to introduce what I prepared and where to put it in the car when I started sleeping in the car with my cat.

Where do you put the cat litter box?

The cat toilet takes up the most space among cat goods.

At first, I tried putting it in the living area, but it took up so much space that I didn’t even have a place to step on it.

Also, it was close to the cat’s food area, and it seemed that they didn’t like it so much that it was impossible to use the cat toilet here.

I finally calmed downFootwell on the passenger side of the front seat!

The size fits just right, and you don’t have to move it when you make the car overnight, so it’s perfect. I settled down here.

Once I tell the cat where it is, it remembers it and uses it without any problems.

Since there is no place to put my feet when I’m sitting while driving, I put a lid (a plastic one I found randomly) on the cat litter box so I can put my feet on it.

toilet with lidThat’s perfect.

Even if it is at the foot of the passenger seat, it doesn’t feel like a hindrance.

It’s also far from the living area, so it’s a recommended place to put a cat litter box.

If you can clean up as soon as the cat has a toilet, you won’t be too worried about the smell. (It still smells when it’s freshly made, but…)

The cat litter is placed on the footstool on the passenger side.

What do you do with your cat’s bed?

Our family had to move just before the cat was born, so we prepared a cardboard box for the birth of the cat.

The place to put it is the space under the sofa bed. In terms of location, it feels like a cave that cats like, so it seems like a safe place to raise children.

I think it depends on the cat, but if there is no baby, cats are good at finding their favorite space such as sofas, floors, beds and tables.A space where cats can relax in the car by laying carpets and placing cushionsIf you do, you may not need to prepare a bed in the car.

If you have enough space in the car, you can also make a bed for your cat.

Where is the best place to eat and drink in the car?

There may not be many options in the car, but the cat’s food and water fountains are on the edge of the floor.

Place a luncheon mat on the floor to keep it clean, and put rice and water on it.

It is recommended that the luncheon mat be made of plastic or other waterproof material, as it can be wiped clean immediately when it gets dirty.

While driving, I store containers and other items in the box on the platform so that they can be taken out immediately after arriving at the campsite.

Storage space for food stocks and other cat goods

For food stocks and other necessary cat goods, I use baskets that were previously used as human food stocks.

The contents include food stock, pet sheets for babies, and towels for changing beds. Frequently used food is placed in the space next to the birth box.

At home, I don’t have to worry about the size of the food stock, even large ones are fine, but when it comes to sleeping in the car, I want to reduce the amount of luggage as much as possible.Stock small size hoodI keep it, and when I run out, I go to buy it each time.

Anyway, I have to go there regularly to buy ingredients, so I don’t think there is any problem with a small stock.

Which type of carry case is best for sleeping in the car?

A carry case necessary for sleeping in the car with a cat.

The carrying case is large and takes up a lot of space, making it ideal for sleeping in the car.Compact folding carry caseIt is recommended that you prepare

When you go out together,backpack type carry caseI think it would be even more convenient if there was, so I’m considering purchasing it in the future.

The cage type takes up a lot of space, so people tend to think that it would be difficult to find a place to put it in a small car. but,When not in use, it can be used as a storage box or as a cat’s bed.If you do it, it won’t get in the way that much.

What I wondered about sleeping in the car with a cat

Our cat was originally an outside cat (farm cat), and before coming to our house, it was a cat that lived outside.

At home, I used to go out whenever I wanted and come back when I felt like it, so the cat is used to going out, but…

Even though cats go out, they are said to stay within the territory around their homes.

Also, when you move, it is said that it is better not to leave your house outside for two weeks after moving in order for it to remember the new house.

What will happen to living in a car while moving? ! Before I started sleeping in the car with my cat, I had a lot of questions and concerns, so I would like to dig deeper into that part.

Do cats remember that your car is your home?

A free-spirited cat who lives when and how he likes.

It doesn’t move as you want like a doggy, so there are many difficult parts when sleeping in the car together.

I can’t keep them locked up in a small car all the time, so I think I’ll inevitably put them outside if I’m sleeping in the car with my cat…

First and foremost,Help your cat remember that your car is homecase!

In the case of domestic cats, I think it would be a good idea to start by going out in a car where you can sleep in the car.

Also, before you start sleeping in the car, spending a few times with your cat in the parking lot of your house or sleeping in it will help you understand that your car is your home, so I think it’s an effective way.

By the way, in the case of our family, when we just moved into our house, we stayed in the car and didn’t go out, and spent two weeks inside the house or in the car.

After two weeks, he remembered that the new house and the car were his own.

Cats are smarter than you think, so I’m sure they will remember your car as your home.

Are leads required? ! What do you do with a cat you don’t like?

I prepared a leash that I thought was necessary for sleeping in the car with my cat.

I tried many times to attach the leash, but I refused with all my might and was unable to attach the leash.

I think a leash is essential for taking cats outside, so I have no choice but to get them used to it…

My cat is actuallyYou can go in and out freely even if you stay in the car without a leash.doing.

How are you doing without leads? I would like to introduce

~ When I just started staying in the car ~

As soon as I started staying in the car with the cat, I wanted to go out after eating breakfast, just like when I was staying at home.

It’s impossible to keep it in the narrow car all the time, and I refuse to lead it with all my might.

I can’t do anything, and I’m going to follow the cat all the time. I was always nervous that I might run away somewhere.

However, because cats are cautious, they seemed to be always watching their surroundings and walking carefully one step at a time.

Then he wandered around the car for a while, and when he was satisfied, he returned to the car on his own. After that, if the cat wanted to come out for a while, I would watch over it until it arrived and returned.

~ Cats are intelligent animals with high learning ability? ! ~

Many dogs are walking during the day.

In Denmark, many dogs are not on leashes, and cats often encounter dogs while walking.

Every time, my cat became extremely cautious and worried about me, but…

After a few days, he learned that he was not comfortable walking around during the day, so he didn’t want to go out much during the day and spent more time around his car.

And when it’s time to stop walking the dog, I want to go for a walk with him, so recently I’ve been going out for a walk.

Even when he wants to go out by himself, I know that he will definitely come back now, so I let him go in and out freely.

Cats may be smart creatures with better memory than humans think, crisis management ability and self-management ability.

What should I do if I want to bring my cat back?

If you call it and it will come back, or if you can catch it and hold it and bring it back, there is no problem.

~Guide to the car with a cat toy~

If you have a cat’s favorite cat toy, use it to guide it to the car.

In the case of our cat, if you pick up a long tree branch that has fallen outside and buzz it in front of you, it will eat it, so I often use this hand to bring it back to the car.

I’ve been successful with this method many times, so I think it’s an effective method for cats.

However, there are many things in nature that attract cats. Sometimes they don’t even look at me, so when that happens, go to the last resort.

~Flickering your favorite food~

No matter how much you love to play outside, you can’t beat your favorite food. If you can’t bring it back, flicker the cat’s favorite food and guide it to the car before giving it.

The success rate is 100%, so I think it’s a pretty effective way to bring him back.

If it comes close, you can hug it and take it home.

If you prepare something that the cat will eat, it will be useful when you bring it back, so please try it.

Doing a rehearsal will give you confidence, so you can rest assured.

Items that you can rest assured if you are staying in the car with your cat

When my cat went out for a walk alone while sleeping in the car, I was worried at first whether it would come back safely.

When I take him outside or when he escapes, I would like to introduce an item that will be safe in such a case.

safety buckle collar

I think that many cats wear collars, but in case they run away, the collar should beA safety buckle designed to release when a certain amount of force is appliedI’m relieved.

If the collar does not come off, there are cases where it gets caught on something and ends up in a state of hanging and dies, so be sure to use a safety buckle when you go outside!

Plus,Write the cat’s name and owner’s phone number on the collar.Even if you get lost or someone protects you, the possibility of being contacted sooner increases, so it is recommended for increased peace of mind.

When putting it on, it is better to choose the size that fits your cat, put it on with the recommended length, and check and understand how much force it takes to come off. think.

Our cat climbs trees, enters bushes, and gets into gaps between rocks and other narrow spaces, so I had been checking to see if it was safe even with a collar on, but now It can be used without getting caught.

gps cat tracker

How much peace of mind can you have with this!

There seems to be an item that has a GPS attached to the collar (the one with the safety buckle) and an app that lets you know where the cat is at all times.

I’m still debating which brand to buy, but I don’t have one yet, but I think I’ll be quite relieved if I have one!

Even if it escapes, it can be brought back to where it is, so it is a safe item for cats who are likely to go outside, not just for sleeping in the car. .

Make the inside of the car a safe environment for cats and have a fun car stay together!

By making the inside of the car a safe environment for cats, there is no problem with giving birth and raising children! It is possible to enjoy sleeping in the car with your cat.

Sleeping in the car with a cat may be more difficult than with a dog, but I’m sure you can find a style that suits each cat, the style of staying in the car of the owner, and the style of traveling in the car that you can both enjoy. .

Let your cat remember that your car is your home, create an environment where you can spend a stress-free and comfortable time, and enjoy spending time in the car with your cat.

Sleeping in the car with your pet, especially with a cat, has many restrictions, and it will be completely different if you are not there, but I think you can spend more fun and happy time than the restrictions!

Writer: Betty

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