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New Impreza to be announced soon

Subaru’s North American division announced on November 3, 2022 that the 2024 Impreza model will be unveiled to the world for the first time at the Los Angeles Auto Show 2022.

The Los Angeles Auto Show 2022 is the world’s largest motor show to be held in Los Angeles, USA from November 18th to 27th local time. It was announced on the 27th of last month that Subaru would announce some kind of new model at this event, but this time it is clear that it is an Impreza.

High possibility of full model change

Since the original press release says “ALL-NEW 2024 IMPREZA”, it is highly likely that it will be a full model change.

A similar teaser image has also been posted on the official Twitter account of Subaru North America.

The current Impreza is the 5th generation that was released in October 2016. Currently, the so-called “applied F type”, which appeared due to some improvements on December 16, 2021, is on sale.

Basically, Subaru cars are not limited to the Impreza, and it is customary to have a full model change in the year following the announcement of the Applied F type. Therefore, it has been expected that the Impreza will undergo a full model change to a new model in the winter of 2022.

Orders for the current model will end in December

Current Impreza (Japan spec)

Subaru’s official website has already announced the end of production of the current model, and it has been confirmed that “we will stop accepting new orders on December 11, 2022”.

In addition, the development of 1.6-liter engine vehicles equipped with the horizontally opposed 4-cylinder engine “FB16 type”, which was continued from the 4th generation Impreza, is said to be “finished with the current model”.

Against this background, it is highly likely that the Impreza will undergo a full model change.

Is the new Impreza a coupe look?

The bright part is the line of the teaser image

When the teaser image at the beginning is superimposed on the current model Impreza currently on sale based on the roof top and front end, the new Impreza has the A pillar pushed back slightly compared to the current model, and the rear window is angled. It seems that he is put to bed.

From the roof top to the roof end, you can see that the new model is slightly steeper than the current model.

From this, it can be said that the new Impreza will have a form that is conscious of the Coupe look, and will have a sportier appearance than the current model.

There are concerns that this will affect the load capacity and comfort of the rear seats, but Subaru may have an aim to clearly separate the character from the new Crosstrek (old car name: XV) that was released in advance. I can’t.

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