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Nissan releases new Serena teaser

New Serena teaser image

On November 11, 2022, Nissan announced a new teaser for its popular minivan “Serena”. A part of the front grill was also released.

Also, from the same day as the announcement, the opening teaser image has been posted on the current Serena official website.

The official announcement and release date of the new Serena will be announced at a later date.

Is the teaser the highest grade “Luxion”?

A design registration filed with the Japan Patent Office that appears to be the new Serena

The teaser image released this time seems to be the image above of the two types of design registrations that have been applied to the Japan Patent Office.

According to the information previously reported, this design registration is expected to be the appearance of the highest grade Luxion, so it is thought that the grade of the teaser image this time is also Luxion.

Information on the equipment of the new Serena is also ant

The new Serena has an e-POWER car and a gasoline car, and the former uses the second generation “e-POWER”. The upper grade will be equipped with the advanced driving support system “ProPILOT 2.0”, and will enhance the functions and usability that are pleasing to the family.

According to the information we have obtained before, the e-POWER model will have an 8-seater grade, which was only available in gasoline vehicles, in addition to the conventional 7-seater model. In the interior, it was said that the button type shift seen in the hybrid model of Honda’s new step wagon was adopted.

The Luxion will also have the only ProPILOT 2.0, which allows hands-off driving under certain conditions, and a 12.7-inch display that is just slightly larger than the Nissan Ariya’s 12.3-inch.

Finally, middle minivans are available!

Development vehicle of the new Serena, which is on par with the current model
Image courtesy:Twitter

Since the beginning of 2022, rival models such as Toyota’s “Noah” and “Voxy” and Honda’s “Step Wagon” have undergone full model changes one after another. Serena was also in a situation where a full-scale renovation was urgently needed to regain competitiveness.

In the midst of this, sightings of development vehicles thought to be the new Serena began to be seen overseas around this summer, and eyewitness reports are gradually being received in Japan as well. MOBY has already reported it several times, and it has been confirmed that it uses an inverted trapezoidal “new generation V motion grill” like Aria and Sakura.

The current model is a super-selling model that once ranked number one in minivan sales. It will be interesting to see if the introduction of the new model restores the sovereignty.

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