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Speaking of general car washing, the image of washing detergent with a bucket and washing it with a sponge. It takes some time and effort, and there is a risk of car wash scratches. Therefore, we recommend the convenient item “Car wash foam gun” that can dramatically improve work efficiency. In this article, we will introduce how to choose a car wash foam gun, points to consider, and 13 popular and recommended products.

Why is foam car wash recommended over water wash?

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There are two types of car washing methods: water wash car wash, which uses only water to clean the car, and shampoo car wash, which uses foam on a sponge to wash the car.

With a foam car wash, the dirt is lifted up by the foam, making it easier to remove the dirt than when washing with water only. It also acts as a cushion for the sponge and paint surface. “Foam” is important not only for detergency but also for body and sponge lubrication.

Even if you rub it gently by hand, you can’t get rid of the car wash scratches due to the friction between the sponge and the painted surface. However, with the cushioning material called “foam”, the risk of car wash scratches is reduced.

Cars with glass coatings can be cleaned with just water, but the foam cushions do not damage the coating film, and the protective effect can be maintained for a long time.

Advantages and disadvantages of foam car wash

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Foaming car wash makes it easier to remove dirt by lifting dirt with bubbles. In addition, since dirt is wrapped in foam, it prevents dirt from adhering again.

In the case of washing with water, the number of tools is small, but close attention is required to prevent dirt and scratches.


Be aware that by covering the body with foam, dirt on the body cannot be seen and may be left unwashed.

Foam car wash method/How to make foam

car wash bucket

how to make bubbles

How to make bubbles with a bucket

  • put car shampoo in bucket
  • Increase the water pressure and pour the water with the hose as close as possible to the bucket

When the foam becomes less, stir it by hand to create foam, or add water at maximum water pressure to create foam again.

How to make bubbles with a car wash sponge

Some car shampoos do not use a bucket to lather, but instead take the car wash sponge directly and rub it to create a lather.

In that case, soak the car wash sponge in water well in advance, apply plenty of car shampoo, and rub it to create foam. Check the contents of the car shampoo to see if you should lather it in a bucket or take it directly into the car wash sponge.

how to foam car wash

When whipping manually with a bucket

  1. Remove dust with water
  2. Make car wash foam with a bucket
  3. Wash the car with foam on a sponge, etc.
  4. Rinse the entire car after washing
  5. do the wiping

The car wash foam gun is a convenient item that can be washed with shampoo.

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A car wash foam gun is a convenient car wash item that can spray water and detergent at the same time by equipping a hose. In general, the image of a shampoo car wash is to lather the detergent in a bucket and wash it with a sponge. On the other hand, car washing using a car wash foam gun is attractive because it can be easily washed at home by spraying dense foam that is as good as a car wash machine.

Benefits of using a car wash foam gun

The advantage of using a car wash foam gun is that it can significantly reduce the time required for car washing. It also minimizes the need to use sponges.

As a result, you can prevent scratches caused by scrubbing, and you can easily remove dirt from places that are difficult to remove with a sponge, such as under the body and roof, with the power of water pressure.

In addition, unlike a car wash at a gas station, you only need to purchase a foam gun and detergent, so you can maintain your car economically.

How to choose a car wash foam gun and points

A type that can be sprayed with only water is recommended.

If you want to keep your car clean with a car wash foam gun on a regular basis, we recommend a product that can be sprayed with water only. The foam gun is added to the combination of tap water, detergent, and hose that are usually used for car washing, and no complicated preparation is required, so even beginners can introduce it with a low hurdle.

However, be aware that the water pressure may not be enough, and the water will dilute the detergent, so you may end up using more detergent.

Type to connect air compressor if you want to remove dirt firmly

If you want to thoroughly remove dirt, we recommend the type that connects an air compressor to the foam gun. The same type sprays a mixture of water and detergent in a tank with high pressure from a compressor.

Not only does the high water pressure work hard on dirt, but it also allows the mousse-like dense foam to spread evenly over the vehicle.

Unlike the tap water direct connection type, it takes time to prepare the mixed liquid, and it is necessary to purchase an air compressor and high pressure washer separately, so please understand that the hurdles for introduction are higher.

It is convenient if the concentration of foam can be adjusted at hand

For the tap water direct connection type, which tends to increase the amount of detergent consumed, we especially recommend the type that allows you to adjust the concentration of the foam with a dial at hand. Depending on the adjustment level, you can freely change the mixing ratio between the pumped detergent solution and the water coming in via the hose. It is economical and convenient because you can flexibly decide the minimum amount of detergent required for car washing.

Car wash procedure when using a car wash foam gun

1. Rinse away dust and debris with water only

In preparation for the car wash, lightly rinse the car body with water only. Even if you wash your car with a car wash foam gun that does not require wiping, if dust and debris remain on the car wash, it will cause scratches. At this stage, you don’t need to wipe off the water after flushing.

In addition, it is better to avoid places and times when the sun is strong because the foam sprayed on the car dries quickly.

2. Remove dirt with detergent + water

Next, the dirt on the car body is removed by simultaneously spraying detergent and water with a foam gun. If you can adjust the spraying force, first loosen the dirt with a weaker spray, and then increase the momentum to remove the dirt. As for the order of spraying, starting with the roof at the highest position and gradually lowering it will make it easier for the dirt to drip down together with the water, making it more efficient.

3. Rinse off foam with water only

Once the foam has spread all over the vehicle and all the dirt has been removed, wash off the foam again with just water. As in step 2, pouring from a high position on the car body will increase work efficiency.

For finishing, use a highly absorbent towel or microfiber cloth to blow up the moisture so that no water stains or unevenness remain. Be careful as water is also entering the edge of the hood and trunk.

[Electric]5 popular recommended car wash foam guns with a compressor connection

Sutekus Foam Car Wash Foam Gun

A foam gun capable of spraying high-concentration, non-dripping foam. A separate air compressor is required, and the recommended air pressure is 0.5 to 0.8 MPa. The foam nozzle is removable and can be washed with water to keep it clean. The grip part is designed so that you won’t get tired even if you use it for a long time.

Water-only injection: No
Foam concentration adjustment: Not possible

WILTEEXS Foam Gun for Karcher

Foam gun for Karcher high pressure washer K series adapter. The bottle capacity is as large as 1L, so half of it is enough to cover a small car. The spray method can be switched between linear type and diffusion type by adjusting the nozzle.

Injection of water only: Yes
Foam density adjustment: Yes

SNOWINSPRING High Pressure Foam Gun Cannon

Foam gun for Karcher pressure washer adapters featuring a lightweight and durable design. The bottle has a capacity of 750ml and has measurement guidelines on the surface, making it easy to adjust the mixing ratio. The manufacturer’s recommended ratio is detergent:water = 2:8.

Injection of water only: Yes
Foam concentration adjustment: Not possible

MJJC Snow Foam Lance

Foam gun compatible with high pressure washers made by Iris Ohyama, HOMDOX, and HIKOKI. It has excellent foam volume and foam fineness, and the front dial can be used to adjust the foam distance, and the upper dial can be used to adjust the foam volume.

Injection of water only: Yes
Foam density adjustment: Yes

Karcher foam nozzle for high pressure washer

Karcher genuine foam gun for high pressure washers. Remove dirt with strong foaming, remove the foam gun and spray only water for easy post-treatment. Since the bottle capacity is 350ml, it is necessary to divide the mixture into two times for medium-sized vehicles and larger.

Injection of water only: Yes
Foam concentration adjustment: Not possible

[Manual]5 popular recommended car wash foam guns with hose connection

PGMARO car wash foam gun

A foam gun with powerful cleaning ability without a pressure booster. With a 0-5 stage dial, you can adjust the amount of detergent to be sprayed. It is convenient because it can handle everything from foam washing to rinsing with water only. It can be used not only for cars, but also for motorcycles and bicycles.

Injection of water only: Yes
Foam density adjustment: Yes

Quelsa car wash foam gun

A foam gun that powerfully washes away yellow sand and mud while reducing damage to paint. It is lightweight and less burdensome during work, and the simplicity of completing a car wash with one unit is attractive. With a bottle capacity of 900ml, even large vehicles will not run out of liquid on the way.

Injection of water only: Yes
Foam concentration adjustment: Not possible

Keenso for car wash

A foam gun that can switch various injection nozzle types. Although the bottle has a capacity of 100ml and is small, it comes with a nozzle that allows you to adjust the dilution ratio of the detergent, preventing waste. The hose is easy to install, and one that lowers the hurdles of car washing.

Injection of water only: Yes
Foam density adjustment: Yes

Allcaca car wash foam gun

A large 900ml capacity foam gun that is portable and convenient to carry and store. With the appropriate water pressure that does not damage the car paint, the dilution rate of the car wash solvent can be adjusted with a dial to create 5 levels of foaming.

Injection of water only: Yes
Foam density adjustment: Yes

Safety 3 Water nozzle for car wash

A foam gun with 7 nozzle patterns such as fog, clear stream, wide angle, and shower. The degree of foam cleaning and water cleaning can be adjusted with the dial at hand. It doesn’t improve the water pressure, but it makes the usual hose car wash much easier.

Injection of water only: Yes
Foam density adjustment: Yes

Karcher foam gun for car wash

High-pressure washing machine

Karcher is a cleaning product manufacturer based in southwestern Germany. Since our founding in 1935, we have expanded our operations around the world. In addition to high-pressure washers, the company manufactures and sells many household cleaning products such as steam cleaners, as well as commercial products.

In Japan, Karcher Japan, headquartered in Miyagi Prefecture, manufactures and sells products in Japan.

The market share for household cleaning products is a whopping 65%. More than half of the cleaning machines in Japan are Karcher.

DERASL Karcher High Pressure Washer Peripherals Foam Gun

You can change the spray method by rotating the nozzle. With excellent foaming and adhesion, it lifts and removes dirt from cars and motorcycles. The foam jet can be replaced with a plug-in type detergent bottle. Using a foam gun makes washing your car at home even more fun.

3 Recommended Detergents and Car Shampoos for Karcher’s Foam Car Wash

WILLSON [ ウイルソン ] foaming shampoo

A bucket full of fine bubbles like silk overflows. Once foamed, the foam lasts forever, so even large vehicles can be “foam washed” as a whole. In addition, due to the rinsing ingredient polyol formulation, the foam flows quickly and cleanly when water is applied. Dense and highly elastic foam is formed, and the foam acts as a cushion, making it difficult for sponges to scratch the car wash.

RINREI Car Shampoo Speedy

Just spray it on and you’ll have an easy body. When washing the car, rubbing the car with sand left behind may cause scratches. To prevent such scratches, it is important to wash off the dirt well and wash with a foaming shampoo. With Bubble Rich, you can make bubbles just by spraying, and the bubbles are easy to wash, so you can wash your car easily. It rinses off cleanly, and the fluffy, fine foam that does not leave a white residue wraps around the body.

SurLuster car wash shampoo

Compatible with all paint colors and coated vehicles. With no compound, you can use it with confidence on any car. It foams well and the fine bubbles prevent car wash scratches. Neutral and gentle on hands.

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