Long version Jimny test car sighting! “5 doors, MT, K15B” on the spec table | MOBY [モビー]

Jimny has been super popular since its release!Production still lags behind

Suzuki’s “Jimny” is a popular model of Suzuki that is gaining support not only in Japan but also around the world as a compact cross-country vehicle with full-fledged off-road performance.

In Japan, we have a lineup of the Jimny Sierra, which is a regular car sold globally as the Jimny, and the Jimny, which matches the mini car standard, and has received many orders since its launch in 2018.

Even before the long delivery times of new cars became a big problem, it was popular that delivery times of more than one year were commonplace.

Is there an increase in “pre-orders for the time being”?

“Jimny 5 door” attracts attention

Jimny is a model that has many fans not only in Japan but also in overseas countries, and in India, one of the countries where Jimny is popular, local production of Jimny, which is equivalent to Japan’s Jimny Sierra, began on January 20, 2021. .

Suzuki’s Indian subsidiary Maruti Suzuki India, which produces Jimny locally, has been developing a 5-door long body model of Suzuki Jimny since June 2020, and has been testing it many times. have been witnessed.

This Jimny 5-door long body model is commonly known as “Jimny Long” or “Jimny 5-door”, and it is highly likely that it will be announced at AUTO EXPO 2023, which will be held in India from January 13, 2023. is.

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