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Recently, although there are signs of a revival in the Corolla Touring and compact minivans with 2-row seats, in the history of automobiles in Japan, in the 1990s, it was a blur! There was probably no other festival that fell into disrepair in such a short period of time as the “station wagon boom”.

All the rivals could not beat Subaru’s legacy touring wagon, and the market itself shrank because the third row of the three-seat minivan could be folded down, and so many new station wagons were released. Manufacturers have become less enthusiastic.

However, there was certainly a time when it was booming, and this time, let’s introduce three cars that played an important role in that era.

Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon (first generation, 1989)

A famous car that overturned “station wagon = passenger version of light van”

Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon (first generation)

In the 1960s, when Japan entered the private car era, station wagons were already sold as “convenient cars that can carry luggage in the same way as sedans. I can’t get rid of the poor image that I have.

However, Subaru, which was in danger of survival as an automaker due to the slump in the North American market in the 1980s, turned a new leaf and launched a new model Legacy, the successor to the upper grade of Leone. A big hit with the same high performance version “GT” setting!

Overturning the image of a “light van with a hair”, Japanese users who had a good impression of “cool but convenient!” There was a big boom in wagons.

Moreover, the Legacy completely beat all its rivals, and the successor model, Levorg, still reigns as Subaru’s flagship model and representative of domestic wagons.

Toyota Corolla Touring Wagon (7th generation, 1991)

A successful product that is the same as Caroban, but whose image has been improved with the “Karogons” commercial

Toyota Corolla Touring Wagon (7th generation E100 series)

One of the characteristics of the wagon boom is that light vans with the same body do not sell well. Cars that cannot afford to make their own bodies are devised so that they do not look like vans. I switched to .

However, the 7th generation E100 series Corolla touring wagon was one of the few examples of a body that had almost the same design as the light van Corolla Van, with only the tail lamps changed.

The E100 series itself is luxurious, stylish and high quality due to the influence of the bubble economy, and in addition to the introduction of a 4A-GE + 6-speed MT sports model, and above all, the CM by Yusuke Santamaria and Tomoe Shinohara’s unit “Karogonzu” nicknamed “Karogon” ” Great success in leveraging such as fixation.

Despite that, the successor car was renamed Corolla Fielder, but it was the success of Karogon that Toyota was able to continue selling wagons up to the current Corolla Touring.

Nissan Stagea (first generation, 1996)

Even in the wagon boom, a real moment! Leader of the L-class wagon boom

NISSAN STAGEA 260RS (first generation/early model)

The overwhelming winner of the wagon boom, the most competitive to the Legacy was Nissan with its Avenir (after all, it even released the Avenir Blaster to compete with the Grand Wagon/Lancaster), but it was the first generation that focused on a different playing field than the Legacy. It’s Stagea.

It was the first large wagon since the R31 Skyline Wagon sold until 1990, but there was no new wagon based on a luxury sedan. Hit the users you want.

Toyota, who saw this, competed with the Crown Estate (11th generation S170 series, released in 1999), and Stagea responded with the 2nd generation (2001), but in the 2000s, the wagon boom was replaced by minivans. The fire quickly died down, and the short and hot dispute between the two ended with the price.

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