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It’s been 4 years since we bought the camper.

Because it is a special vehicle, I feel that there are more events that I have never experienced before.

So this time, I felt that if you are a camper owner, you may have experienced it once.“A certain episode with a camper”I would like to introduce you!

From now on, not to mention those who have a camperbuy a camperIf you want to try it, please read it♪

When I stop by a gas station, I am often asked, “Are you going camping or traveling now?”

Our family uses a camper van on a daily basis, so the whole family often stops at a gas station before doing some shopping or after picking up the child from nursery school.

However, the form of the cabcon stands out in both good and bad ways, so I asked the gas station clerk“Are you going camping or going out now?”At the self-stand, people who are older than me often talk to me.

When I was riding a normal car, I had never been told once,“Oh, it’s unique to a camper.”I realize.

However, if it’s before the actual camping or car trip, the conversation will be lively, but there are many cases where it’s not so, so when someone asks me a question with sparkling eyes, I’m a little confused about how to

Not only acquaintances and friends, but also strangers say, “This was expensive, wasn’t it?!”

“Camping car = expensive! 』Perhaps the image of this is strong, not only acquaintances and friends, but also strangers who travel“Camper? Wasn’t it expensive? How much?”I often get asked out of curiosity.

Should I tell the true price, give a vague answer, or give a low-price answer?

I want to park in a parking space that is easy to park, easy to get on and off, and easy to shoot.

In a narrow parking lot with both sides buried, I’m always worried about scraping a large camper.

In addition, on windy days or when there are children, the entrance door of the cabin may open more than expected.Choosing a place to parkis an important point.

In our house, we try to aim for a corner where it is easy to park and where other cars can’t park next to each other, so that even small children can easily get in and out of the car.

Also, if there are no cars parked nearby, I often take pictures of the camper against the background of roadside stations and tourist facilities as a memento of my trip.

“Easy to park” “Easy to get on and off”but also“Easy to shoot”I think that finding a parking lot with that in mind is especially useful for owners who use SNS…? !

Despite the empty parking lot, for some reason you can park next to it

The all-you-can-park parking lot is a pleasure for camper owners.

However, even if you can park in the best position space, for some reasonExperience of another car parked next to youIsn’t there?

The reason for parking next to“I use the camper as a sunshade” “I try to pack and park” “I’m curious about the camper…”etc., but still“Why did you choose the next door even though there are so many parking lots…”I’m

Exciting greetings when cabcon members pass each other on the road

Cabin type campers have a nice habit of raising their hands to greet each other when they pass each other on the road.

When I first drove a camper, I didn’t know anything about this custom, and when I waved“Huh?! You just raised your hand?! Me?! Another person?!”I raised my hand for the time being while causing a petit panic.

However, now that I am used to such greetings, I feel my heart pounding every time I pass a camper, and I find myself looking for a camper to see if it passes by.

Recently, more and more people are renting campervans, and there are many people who do not know about this custom, and even if they raise their hand, they often do not return a greeting.

At times like that, I act calmly as if nothing happened, but in reality, embarrassment and regret are mixed up, and complicated emotions are welling

Therefore, when I pass a camper, I raise my hand with excitement, but when the greeting comes back, I can’t help but relax my cheeks.

Cabcon is less likely to be stopped by a police car than other types of vehicles

A camper with a large and heavy body such as a cabcon is difficult to handle such as sudden braking, sharp curves, and sudden acceleration.“Sudden”It is strictly prohibited to drive with a rash.

The fact that there are many owners who are driving safely means that there are few violating vehicles.

In fact, I never went too fast while driving a camper, and I have never seen another camper caught by a police car.

If there is a number of arrests by vehicle, isn’t the camper the best by far?

There is no end to “comfortable camper”

moving houseKind of like a camper.

There must be a lot of owners who do DIY and change the interior to make the space as comfortable as possible!

Our house is also equipped with a camping car, but it is still moreA more comfortable spaceI tried to change the table, attach the speaker to the rear part of the cabin, and so on.

Also, through SNS, YouTube, web media, etc., I am curious about what kind of interior decoration and DIY is done in other campers, and sometimes I refer to it.

It’s been 4 years since I bought a camper van, so there are still many things I want to do, but when I see many people’s posts,“Surely there will be no end to comfort?”I’m starting to think.

Surprisingly, there are many indoor type owners

Most indoor types“I don’t like the heat, cold, and crowds outside.”or“I want to relax at home on my days off” “I hate insects” “I want to enjoy games, TV and movies”I think there are many such cases.

This is completely about the master of our house, but even if you are an indoor type, if you have a pet dog or children, there are many situations where you have to go out.

However, a comfortable camper can solve the above problems and fulfill your desires, so it is an ideal space for indoor people!

However“Camping car = outdoor enthusiast”My acquaintances think that my husband is a big fan of the outdoors.

However, there are many dog ​​lovers who have decided to purchase for their dogs, so there may be many owners who are surprisingly indoors. !

If you overestimate “You can save money while staying in the car!”, you’ll end up over budget…

This is an episode of the first year since our family bought a camper,“I want to eat various delicious foods at my travel destination as much as I save on accommodation costs!”or“If you can save money, you can travel more often♪”As I was enjoying the night in the car in high spirits, before I knew it, my monthly entertainment and food expenses exceeded my budget.

This is the so-called pitfall of not being able to save money by sleeping in the car.

If you go out, it costs money to go out, and of course food costs!

Right now, I’m trying to do a proper simulation and budget management, so it’s unlikely, but if you want to save money and enjoy sleeping in the car, I recommend paying attention!

Staying in the car is fun! However, after returning home, I want to lie down on my bed as soon as possible.

Staying in a camper that has been devised to make you feel comfortable is an indescribable pleasure.

However, after sleeping in the car, when I got home and lay down on the bed,“Ah, the bed at home is the best.”I realize.

Therefore, even if I’m not sleepy when I get home, I want to collapse into my bed as soon as possible, so my house finishes cleaning up and bathing with great momentum.

Staying in the car in a camper is great fun, but I still feel that it’s no match for the bed at home.


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We hope that the days will come when you can enjoy car trips and overnight stays with peace of mind, and we would like to continue to enjoy special experiences unique to campers!

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