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My name is Yuma and I am currently traveling around Japan with my husband and I staying overnight in the car.

In recent years, the words “staying in the car” and “van life” have become more common in various media, and the number of women who enjoy staying in the car is increasing.

・I’m worried about staying in the car if I’m a woman alone
・ I want to know the troubles of sleeping in the car unique to women
・What should I be careful about?

Isn’t there a lot of women who can’t take a step with various anxiety?

So this time, I interviewed my wife, who is traveling around Japan while staying in the car!

As a woman who is currently traveling while staying in the car, I think I can hear a lot of helpful stories. And while her husband is expecting!

What made you start traveling in a car?

The reason why I started sleeping in the car and traveling was because of my husband’s invitation.

My husband has a lot of curiosity, so he is interested in many things.

Then one day, he said, “I want to quit my company and start a business.”

After working hard on my side business in addition to my main business for a year, my husband quit his job.

After that, I decided to go on a trip around Japan, which had been my husband’s dream for a long time, but I spent a lot of money. Since I couldn’t do it, I decided to travel in the style of staying in the car.

What is the charm of sleeping in the car?

Traveling while sleeping in the car with my husband is a lot of fun! I’ve never been told that, so don’t worry (laughs).

No matter what the benefits of staying in the car are,

・You can sleep anywhere
・A place with a good view becomes a home

Shouldn’t it be these two?

On a car trip, you move from one base to another,A free trip that is not bound by place or timeI can.

Of course, if you take safety and manners into consideration, if you can take a nap or if there is an izakaya near the car overnight spot, you can go out drinking together.

With almost no accommodation costs, you can continue your journey while saving money.

Also, while travelingNice viewsIt’s a happy moment when you come across one, and you really feel that it’s nice to stay in the car.

Surprisingly, there aren’t many places where you can spend the night in a car with a nice view, but if you can stay in such a place, you’ll wake up and get excited from the morning with the view that spreads out before you!

Where is the most difficult part of sleeping in the car?

When I feel the hardest“Wet day”is.

Our car doesn’t have the full facilities of a camper, so it’s quite difficult to ventilate while cooking, and we have to get wet every time we go to the bathroom.

again,It takes a long time to do anything in a small car.

Cooking in the car every day is even more difficult because there is no water supply in my car, in addition to the narrowness.

There is no end to the troublesome things, but it is very difficult to change clothes in a small car.

Have you ever been worried about staying in the car?

The first thing I was worried about before staying in the car was“Can you sleep properly? 』That’s what it means.

Until then, I had slept in a comfortable double-sized bed. When. But now she sleeps better than her husband (laughs).

It may be unique to women, but I’m afraid“I don’t like dark places to sleep in cars or toilets…”I thought.

Now that I’ve become accustomed to traveling in the car, I check the information of sleeping spots in advance and try to avoid dirty toilets and empty spots as much as possible.

When I have to sleep in the car in a quiet place, I try to go to the bathroom with my husband.

Have you ever had a scary experience while sleeping in a car?

I had a really scary experience once!

When I was staying in the car and cooking, I was suddenly knocked on the car.

At that point, I was pretty scared, but after a few seconds of knocking, my husband said yes, but there was no response.

I’m so scared! I was relieved when I heard a voice saying, “It’s the police!” after a few seconds.

After all, it was a police question, so it was good, but I’m still scared of having my car knocked unexpectedly.

Please tell us about the bath situation during your overnight trip in the car!

Of course, our car doesn’t have a shower, so every dayHot springs and public bathsgoing to.

After all, men and women have quite different things they need and the time it takes to take a bath, so there are times when traveling as a couple can be difficult.

For some reason, when I have to take a bath in a hurry, I always make my husband wait (laughs).

Even though I go to the hot springs every day, I don’t want to neglect my skin care and hair care, so I use my own shampoo and conditioner.

Since the storage space is limited, I searched for my favorite products while trying to make it as compact as possible.

It costs a lot of money to go to the hot springs every day, so I try to find the cheapest place I can, but sometimes it’s the worst when I come across an “unclean hot spring” (laughs).

How are you doing with your period while staying in the car?

Menstruation is inevitable for women.

What is the most troublesome during menstruation?can’t go to the bathroomIsn’t that what it is?

So I predict the time when my period will come to some extent, and at that timeUse places with showers such as internet cafesdoing.

We recommend[Kaikatsu Club]!

It depends on the shop, but some shops don’t charge extra for using showers and towels, so it’s quite useful.

You can drink ice cream and juice after taking a bath, and you can eat breakfast for free during the morning hours, so it is really recommended.

Also, for severe menstrual pain,always have medicinedoing.

In some places (campsites, rural areas, etc.), drugstores may not be available in many places, so I’m careful to leave a margin.

Are there any special precautions for women when sleeping in the car?

As I said above, “I check the information in advance before deciding where to stay in the car”, but depending on the spot, there are not many street lights, so it’s dark at night and it’s quite scary.

Also, at night, there are places where young people gather to sleep in their cars, so when I go to the toilet, I sometimes worry that I won’t get entangled in them.

Sleeping in the car with men is still safe, but when it comes to sleeping in the car with a woman alone,Research thoroughly before goingI think you should.

Recently, there are many people who have gathered information about places to stay in the car on SNS and blogs, so we recommend that you check such information before staying in the car!

later,Prepare a solid blindfoldto do orlock the door properlyWith that in mind, is it relatively safe to travel by car in Japan? I think.

Finally, please give a message to women who want to stay in the car!

When it comes to staying in the car or traveling in Japan, there are many difficult things.

But of course there are many wonderful things, and nowIt was really good to go on a trip in the carI think.

Sleeping in a place where you can see a beautiful scenery, and when you wake up, it feels great. It’s fun to grind and drink coffee beans in such a place.

After all, it’s not at home for sleeping in the carFeeling extraordinary and excited every dayTo do!

It’s delicious to cook and eat the ingredients you bought locally in the car, and you can drink delicious local food and drink while watching your favorite movie or YouTube and go to bed right away.

If “I’m a woman but I want to sleep in the car…!” If you are thinking, I recommend it with confidence!

Writer: Yuuma

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