What car did people in their 20s choose as the number one dream car? More than double the difference between 2nd place Benz and 3rd place Ferrari | MOBY [モビー]

What kind of car is your dream car?


Some people have owned cars since they were teenagers. Even if you don’t own a car, people in your twenties will start to own cars, and you will become more interested in and touch cars. There may be.

So what kind of aspirations do people in their twenties have for cars in 2022? In June 2022, the web magazine “CarMe” for new car and automobile news and the video media “CARPRIME” conducted a “questionnaire about the car you admire” and announced the survey results in October 2022. This survey was targeted at 300 men and women in their 20s living all over Japan.

Survey in progress! Let’s all predict “one car of the year”!

Interesting survey results list

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There were three questions in the questionnaire: “the manufacturer of the car you admire” and “the body type of the car you admire” with multiple answers, and “the price range of the car you admire” with a single answer. The results of each questionnaire are as follows.

■ Question 1: Which car manufacturer do you admire (multiple answers)?
Toyota: 123
Mercedes-Benz: 58
Ferrari: 46
Nissan: 46
BMW: 44
Honda: 37
Others: 130 people

■Question 2: What body type do you admire? (multiple answers)
SUV/Cross Country: 72 people
Light car: 66 people
Sedan: 56 people
Compact hatchback: 36 people
Minivan One Box: 32 people
Camper: 28 people
Others: 132 people

■ Question 3: What is the price range of the car you admire? (single answer)
1 million yen or more: 55 people
3 million yen or more: 36 people
10 million yen or more: 31 people
30 million yen or more: 29 people
5 million yen or more: 28 people
2 million yen or more: 21 people
Others: 100 people

Which is your favorite domestic SUV? How to choose?

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