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I’ve been thinking about traveling around Japan in the car since this spring, and I bought a second-handRemodeling Light Ace to stay in the car with DIYI’m trying

At first, I was determined to do everything by myself, but as a result of what I’ve seen and heard, I think it’s better not to do anything DIY.

I got advice from the dealer’s mechanic and the staff in charge of the electrical system at the home center that it would be safer to leave the parts that should be left to me.

Also, since I have a 4-number registration, I have to think about annual vehicle inspections.

With safety first and car inspection measures in mind,How far do you go with DIYI want to think about it.

[Around Japan in a car]DIY luggage room “Ceiling and floor”

When sleeping in the car, the luggage compartment of the Light Ace becomes the center of life.

If you want some comfortInsulation and soundproofing for the ceiling and floor,Curtains by the windows for blindfold and heat insulationI want to install

When the gray lining attached to the ceiling is peeled off, the iron plate is exposed.

There is a space of about 2 to 3 cm between the roof and the lining, so it seems that it will be possible to put a damping sheet on it and insert a heat insulating material as a soundproofing measure.

I longed for the wood grain interior, but if I don’t use a flame-retardant material that doesn’t burn easily,Hazardous in case of fireOf course, I heard that there are times when it doesn’t pass the vehicle inspection, so I just use the gray lining.

The black vinyl cover on the floor was detachable with a button, so it was easy to remove.

A damping sheet was already attached, so I added insulation and made it fully flat with off-the-shelf plywood.

Due to tool issues and the fact that I will be giving up the car at some point, I plan to purchase the floor off-the-shelf.

If you decide to sell it, a ready-made floor that is the perfect size and shape will look better than a handmade floor.

[Around Japan in a car]DIY luggage room “Bed and kitchen”

Food and sleep are important aspects of life.

The size of the luggage compartment of the Lite Ace, excluding the rear seats, is204.5cmat the widest point149.5 cm,and room height118.5cmis.

The size of the bed used at home is 195.0cm long and 140.0cm wide, so it seems that a certain size can be secured even considering the protrusion of the right rear heater.

The problem is height.

I would like to clear the conditions that “the cushion of the mat is 10 cm or more while securing the storage under the bed, and I do not feel a sense of blockage even when sitting on the bed”. It’s quite difficult to achieve within 118.5cm, and I’m still worried.

The height of the portable power supply I have already purchased is 30 cm, so I would like to think about it while creating the base of the bed.

I also wanted to install a kitchen, but it seems that the scope of what can be done with DIY is quite limited, so this time it will be postponed.

Even if you don’t have a kitchen, you have multiple burners for camping, and if you bring a portable power supply and use electrical appliances, you can cook a decent amount of food.

However, ventilation is necessary when using gas with a burner, so I would like to make a removable ventilation fan on the window frame by DIY.

Speaking of kitchen, we are concerned about the plumbing, but for the time being, we think that a tank with a faucet is enough, so we do not install a sink or the like.

[Around Japan in a car]Roof carrier and solar panel

Townace is a box-shaped car, so it has a large roof area.

If you want to take all the luggage you want to bring with you while sleeping in the car, why not use the space on the roof?

[Roof carrier]
I’m thinking of putting a larger roof carrier on the roof.

After all, the storage space in the car is narrow to carry camping equipment and fishing gear,Roof carrier for placing a larger box (roof box) on the roofis required.

There is a problem with the smell of fishing gear, so I want to store it outside the car as much as possible.

I also consult with my wallet, but I think that the total amount of luggage is determined by how much can be loaded on the roof.

This is a very important point, so let’s take a closer look.

【solar panel】
If you look at the SNS of people who enjoy staying in the car or van life, there are many people who put solar panels on the roof and draw power into the car.

If there is a solar panel, I can always charge electricity, so I was worried about installing it.

However, if the electrical system is DIY by an amateur, there is a safety problem, and if it is outsourced, it will cost money.

This time I bought a portable power supply with a large capacity, so at firstCharging from a cigar socket and charging by unfolding a foldable portable solar panel on a sunny dayBy doing so, we plan to secure electricity somehow.

I’ve spent a lot of time in tents, so from a camper’s point of view, I feel like I don’t have to rely on electricity that much.

[Around Japan in a car]Body painting and undercarriage

You think that you want to paint the car body or make the suspension cool.

I bought a commercial vehicle, Town Ace, so if it’s normal, it looks like a “trader”.

[Car body painting]
It’s a selfish admiration of mine, but it’s cool to paint the car body and show your originality and commitment.

However, in order to obtain a “cool” appearance,need a decent amount of moneyis.

As a result of thinking about what is important and what I want to do for this overnight trip, I decided to save the painting of the car body for last.

After seeing the overall image and total cost of the overnight stay in the car, I will reconsider whether to paint it if I have enough money in my wallet.

However, I have a strong desire to do it, and if I want to paint it, I choose olive or khaki.

This is also related to the coolness of the exterior, but there are some things I would like to do, such as making the tires off-road specifications and lifting the car a few inches, but I am going to give up for now.

There are various custom options, and when I try to do it, my heart breaks because no matter how much money I have, it’s not enough.

I still want a little sex appeal, so I will paint the wheels black.

Looking at the SNS of people who paint and modify cars, it seems that wheel painting can be done cheaply.


In Toyama, where I live, the temperature has suddenly risen in the last two weeks, and the pleasant season has arrived.

Currently, we are collecting information and materials exclusively on EC sites and home centers.

I have a lot to discuss with my wallet, so the work doesn’t go as planned, but the materials will start arriving next week, so I’ll start the remodeling work, starting with the floor and undercarriage.

FinallyStart DIY for sleeping in the caris.

Writer: Kazzz

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