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Interview with a drift girl at “Lumirise”!

On October 1, 2022, the women’s only drift competition “Lumirise” was held at the multi-purpose course of Fuji Speedway.

In addition to the drift contest where a total of 29 drivers in each class, beginner, intermediate, and advanced, competed fiercely, there were gorgeous events such as a pageant and an award party at a hotel.

“Soratin” who responded to the interview

“Lumirise” has been a great success not only in terms of competition, but also in terms of interaction among women who love cars. I was.

Longing for a certain D1 driver ……

“Soratin” who has been riding a Silvia since he was 18 years old. It seems that his interest in the world of drifting was triggered by a local friend.

Soratin’s beloved S15 Silvia

“When I went to see the D1 Grand Prix with a friend who had a hobby of drifting, I was drawn in by Naoki Nakamura, the driver.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always liked vehicles, but buying a Silvia was completely influenced by Mr. Nakamura. So from the beginning, I chose the S15 for drifting.”

The interior has a spartan impression.

Naoki Nakamura, who was mentioned in the story, is a brilliant driver who won the series in the 2021 D1 Grand Prix. He also participated in this Lumilize as a judge, and on the practice day the day before the competition, he showed a spectacular performance in the framework of the “attendant class”.

“Soratin”‘s S15 is also equipped with the same aero parts as the S15 that Mr. Nakamura was riding at the time.

“I bought this car completely normal, and within a month, I built the aero.

I changed the body color to pink right after I bought it, and changed to the current color this year.”

The rear area is also massive with aero parts

This chic and stylish color is MINI’s new color “Emerald Gray”. The color, which is not often seen in domestic cars, matches perfectly with the drift car style.

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