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What is Lincoln Navigator?

Current 3rd generation Lincoln Navigator

Lincoln Navigator 2015

The Lincoln Navigator (Lincoln Navigator) is an SUV manufactured and sold by the American Ford Motor Company under its own luxury car brand, Lincoln.
It has undergone two full model changes so far, and the current model is the third generation.

In this article, we summarize the information of such Lincoln Navigator for each successive model.

[History of automobile]Let’s know the history of Ford, the roots and the characteristics of the car model!

Original Lincoln Navigator 1997-2002

Lincoln Navigator 1998

The first Lincoln Navigator, which was developed based on Ford’s large SUV “Expedition”, was released as a 1998 model in 1997 and immediately recorded a big hit, and in 2001 it became a big hit in the large SUV market in the United States. Of these, about 40% were navigators, making them a popular model.
The first generation Navigator was such a popular vehicle, but it was not officially imported to Japan, and all used models distributed in Japan are parallel import cars of unknown type.

As for equipment, it is basically a luxury SUV, so it is fully equipped, equipped with ABS, auto drive, and genuine leather seats with seat heaters.
The interior, which uses many curved surfaces, is spacious with three rows of seats, and the third row can be removed.
The wheels are made of 17-inch aluminum with 5 spokes, and the back door can be opened and closed only by the window.

The power unit of the original Lincoln Navigator

The first-generation Lincoln Navigator was equipped with a 5.4-liter V8 engine mounted longitudinally, producing a maximum output of 230ps and a maximum torque of 45kgm.
The drive system is full-time four-wheel drive, and the transmission is a 4-speed AT.

Minor changes made in 1999 increased the maximum output to 304ps and added six spokes to the aluminum wheels.

■ 1998 model
Engine: V8 SOHC 2 valve
Total displacement: 5,400cc
Maximum output: 230ps/4,250rpm
Maximum torque: 45kgm/3,000rpm

■ 1999 model
Engine: V8 DOHC 4 valve
Total displacement: 5,400cc
Maximum output: 304ps/5,000rpm
Maximum torque: 49kgm/2,750rpm

Body dimensions and weight of the original Lincoln Navigator

Overall length: 5,202mm
Width: 2,029mm
Height: 1,911mm
Wheelbase: 3,023mm
Vehicle weight: 2,533kg

Second generation Lincoln Navigator 2003-2006

2nd generation Lincoln Navigator 2003-2005 model

Lincoln Navigator Exterior 1 2006

The second-generation Lincoln Navigator, which was released in 2003, had larger lights, grills, door mirrors, and other features to enhance its power and luxury. is very different from
In addition, the interior design was changed from a curved surface configuration to a design based on straight lines, further enhancing the sense of luxury in the details.

Like the first generation, the 2nd generation Navigator was not officially imported, and all the models on the second-hand market in Japan are parallel import cars.

Second generation Lincoln Navigator 2005-2006 model

Lincoln Navigator 2006

The second-generation Lincoln Navigator underwent a major minor change in 2005, with major changes to the exterior, interior, and other specifications.
In addition to changes in the design of the front bumper and door panels, and the shape of the fog lamps, the power unit, transmission, and AV equipment inside the car have also been upgraded.

2nd generation Lincoln Navigator power unit 2005-2006 model

Engine: V8 SOHC 3 valve
Total displacement: 5,400cc
Maximum output: 304ps/5,000rpm
Maximum torque: 50.5kgm/3,750rpm
Drive system: FR/4WD
Transmission: 6-speed AT

Body dimensions and vehicle weight of the second-generation Lincoln Navigator

■ 2003-2005 model
Overall length: 5,230mm
Width: 1,999mm
Height: 1,980mm
Wheelbase: 3,020mm
Vehicle weight: 2,610kg (FR)/2,700kg (4WD)

■ 2005-2006 model
Overall length: 5,270mm
Width: 2,040mm
Height: 1,980mm
Wheelbase: 3,020mm
Vehicle weight: 2,610kg (FR)/2,700kg (4WD)

3rd generation Lincoln Navigator 2007-

3rd generation Lincoln Navigator base grade
Navigator image.

The third-generation Lincoln Navigator, which was released in 2007, underwent major design changes from the exterior to the interior, and both the first and second generations were reborn into stylish designs with different impressions.

The simple exterior with straight lines is accented by a large lattice-like chrome grille on the front mask.
The interior of the door is fully wood paneled, and the dashboard has a more linear design, giving it a more luxurious feel.

The 3rd generation Lincoln Navigator boasts extremely high safety performance with various safety equipment such as a sturdy body that uses a ladder frame, advanced trucks that prevent slips, and Roll Stability Control (RCS) that prevents rollovers.

In Japan, sales began from Ford Japan Limited on May 21, 2008, and the third generation Lincoln Navigator was the first model to be officially imported into Japan.

3rd generation Lincoln Navigator L

Lincoln Navigator 2013

The third-generation Lincoln Navigator also includes the long wheelbase model “Lincoln Navigator L”.
However, the lineup in Japan is only the base grade, and the “Lincoln Navigator L” is not officially imported.

Power unit and fuel efficiency of the third-generation Lincoln Navigator

When the 3rd generation Lincoln Navigator was first released, it was equipped with the same 5.4L V8 engine as the 2nd generation.
However, with a minor change in 2015, it will be equipped with a downsized 3.5L V6 direct injection twin turbo engine.

The newly installed 3.5L “Ecoboost” engine surpasses the previous 5.4L engine in terms of output, torque, and fuel efficiency, allowing you to enjoy stronger acceleration and powerful driving. rice field.

Engine: Water-cooled V6 DOHC twin turbo
Inner Diameter: 92.5mm
Stroke: 86.7mm
Compression ratio: 10.0:1
Total displacement: 3,495cc
Maximum output: 385ps/5,250rpm
Maximum torque: 63.6kgm/2,750rpm
Fuel: unleaded regular gasoline
Fuel tank capacity: 105L
Drive system: FR/4WD
Transmission: 6-speed AT

■ Fuel consumption
Urban area: 16MPG (approximately 6.8km/L)
Highway: 22MPG (approximately 9.3km/L)

Body dimensions and vehicle weight of the 3rd generation Lincoln Navigator

■ Base grade
Overall length: 5,290mm
Width: 2,010mm
Height: 1,980mm
Wheelbase: 3,020mm
Vehicle weight: 2,770kg

What is the new and used car price of the 3rd generation Lincoln Navigator?

Lincoln Navigator 2012

New car sales price of the 3rd generation Lincoln Navigator

The 3rd generation Lincoln Navigator is sold only in the base grade in Japan.
New car sales prices are as follows.

NAVIGATOR: 10,280,000 yen (tax included)

Ford has decided to withdraw from the Japanese market within 2016, and it has been announced that it will stop selling regular imports of Ford and Lincoln by the end of this year. , this year may be the last.

If you are thinking about buying one, you should make your decision as soon as possible.

Used Lincoln Navigator Prices?

The used market is full of Lincoln Navigators from the first to the third generation.
There is a wide range of prices and conditions, so be sure to carefully examine them before making a purchase decision.

In addition, the 1st and 2nd generations, which are not officially imported to Japan, are all parallel imports, so there are cases where North American specifications, South American specifications, and even products of unknown origin from the Middle East are on sale. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that detailed knowledge is required in terms of maintenance and management.

Luxury SUV Lincoln Navigator

Lincoln Navigator Exterior 1 2015

How did you like the successive models of the Lincoln Navigator?

As a luxury SUV, the price exceeds 10 million yen, and the Lincoln Navigator is rarely seen in Japan, but its driving and quality are highly evaluated.
However, sales in Ford Japan as a whole are not good, and as mentioned above, it is decided to withdraw from the domestic market by the end of the year, so this year will be the last time for regular import sales of the Lincoln Navigator.

If you are currently hesitant about purchasing a Lincoln Navigator, why not take this opportunity to make a quick decision?

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