A bicycle is also a red ticket by ignoring the traffic light? Pedestrian or car, which one should I look at? |MOBY [モビー]

Confused? Which signal should a bicycle check?


Bicycles are a convenient means of transportation that can be used by children and adults alike, as they can be ridden without a driver’s license.

However, in recent years, the manners of those who drive bicycles have been viewed as a problem.especiallySignal ignorance at intersections is likely to occur in the same way as cars and pedestriansIt seems that it is a serious traffic violation.

In October 2022, the Metropolitan Police Department announced its intention to strengthen traffic violation crackdowns on bicycles. You will need to be careful not to inadvertently ignore the signal.

If you see a “Pedestrians and Bicycles Only” sign, follow the pedestrian signals.


When a bicycle passes through an intersection with a signal or a sidewalk, the first thing you want to check isIs there a sign that says “pedestrians and bicycles only”?I don’t know. Bicyclists must obey pedestrian signals if there are signs.

This is stipulated in Article 7 of the Road Traffic Act (Road Traffic Act) “Obligation to follow traffic signal signals, etc.”

For example, if there is a “Pedestrians and Bicycles Only” sign next to the pedestrian traffic light,Pedestrian signals must be obeyed on roads and sidewalks.Follow traffic signals and road markings.

this is not a sidewalkbicycle running on the roadEven so, if you can see a pedestrian signal with a sign for pedestrians and cyclists, you must proceed in almost the same way as a pedestrian.

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