Family camp with CX-8! Aiming for a good night’s sleep on an air bed[your “car x camping style”]| MOBY [モビー]

Introducing user posts of the outdoor information app “Sotosil” for camping, fishing, mountain climbing, etc. From the theme “Your” car x camping style “, we will introduce the post by Mr. Takanotsume.

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*The content of the article below is a quote/reference from Sotosil.

Japan’s largest outdoor information and photo sharing site | sotoshiru

It’s like a foot massage!Comfortable air bed for family camping

family camp 🏕


In order to use an air bed this time, on the ground
Install optional footprint

But the ground is full of pebbles, so it’s fluent
Walking barefoot with only one footprint
Severe pain foot pressure point (I wonder if there’s something wrong with me 🤔)

I can’t reach Kohnan rack because my leg hurts, so it’s a last resort
Decide on a strategy to replace the corridor with a folding mat💪

With this, I was able to relax from the foot pressure point ~ 🤣

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The sotoshiru×MOBY collaboration campaign has ended.

sotoshiru is an outdoor information app that gathers more than 100 official affiliated media that distribute information on genres such as camping, mountain climbing, fishing, cycling, running, and automobiles.

It is a community where outdoor beginners to advanced people gather, where you can take pictures of your outdoor life and post them, and you can also ask for advice about your worries about the outdoors.

You can download the Sotosil app to participate in the sotoshiru x MOBY collaboration campaign. To the campaign Please see the Sotosil campaign page for details!

Japan’s largest outdoor information and photo sharing site | sotoshiru

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