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Sasaki and his wife live a carefree camper life with the Fiat DUCATO-based roller team Livingstone5 (hereafter referred to as Livingstone5).

When it comes to imported cars, and camping cars, there is an image that vehicle inspection costs are high.

Even if you purchase it, many people may think that they can not maintain it if they receive a bill for a huge amount of money at the vehicle inspection.

This time, our Livingstone 5 was the first vehicle inspection, so I would like to introduce based on my actual experience how much it actually cost and how to reduce the vehicle inspection cost.

What to pay attention to when inspecting a camper

Before talking about vehicle inspection costs, I would like to talk a little about the points to note when inspecting a camper.

Our Livingstone5 is number 8, which is often found in campers.

8 number carIt is necessary to undergo a vehicle inspection every two years from the date of registration of a new car..

As a feature of the 8 number car inspection,

・The number of passengers must be secured (particularly for campers where the seats can be easily removed)
・The number of people sleeping must be secured (1/3 or more of the number of passengers)
・Permanently complete water storage and drainage facilities (removable tanks must be installed)
・Permanent cooking facilities (water supply, sink, stove required)

There is a condition. If you do not meet these requirements, you will not pass inspection.

Especially if it’s a new car, it should meet the conditions as long as it’s the same as when you bought it. However, if you arrange it yourself while using it and leave the original seat and plumbing equipment removed, you may not be able to inspect the vehicle, so be careful.

Also, our Livingstone5 is for 4 people, so it needs to have sleeping space for 2 people.

In addition, water storage, drainage, and cooking facilities are “be equipped” is also a condition.

Considering outdoor activities in some imported cars, some items such as stoves can be removed and used outside the car.

When bringing it to a vehicle inspection shop, check that these have not been removed!

If you have removed any equipment, put it back.

Reveal the actual vehicle inspection cost!

Now, from here on, I would like to disclose the cost of our Livingstone 5 initial vehicle inspection.

Basic inspection fees include:

●Legal expenses

・Compulsory automobile liability insurance premium: 24,020 yen (24 months)
・Weight tax: 24,600 yen
・Stamp fee: 1,100 yen
Total legal fees: 49,720 yen

This is a legally mandated fee. Imported cars are expensive and domestically produced cars are not cheap.

●Replaced parts

・Engine oil: It is necessary to change to oil that corresponds to the Euro standard.
・Oil element: Same as domestic cars, no problem with 1 oil change every 2 oil changes
・Brake fluid: Free replacement
・Alternator belt: There is previous information that Fiat cars are easy to break (If it breaks, it will be impossible to drive)
・Air conditioner belt: It doesn’t make it impossible to drive, but it’s a problem if the air conditioner doesn’t work in the heat, and it’s dangerous because there is a possibility of heat stroke.

Total of the above parts replacement and inspection and maintenance fee: 54,510 yen

So, the total initial vehicle inspection cost is…

49,720 yen + 54,510 yen = 104,230 yen


I think it’s cheaper as an imported car. Some of you may be thinking, “Wow, what an unexpected thing?”

Although it depends on the case, it may be the same as or cheaper than a domestic 2000cc class sedan.

Then why did it end at this level?

Below are some tips on how to keep your inspection costs as low as possible.

Tips to keep car inspection costs as low as possible

Surprisingly? This car inspection fee was normal.

However, if I had left everything up to the vehicle inspection company without thinking about it, the result might have been different.

Here are two tips on how to do it.

Check the inspection maintenance fee and vehicle inspection agency fee at the time of vehicle purchase

In fact, there are already tips to reduce vehicle inspection costs when purchasing a camper.

When you buy a camper, you are only concerned about the purchase price of the vehicle and options when it comes to costs.

I know you’ll get excited when you see the camper you’re looking for, but try to stay as calm as possible.

Since there are many cases where the vehicle is inspected at the camper where you purchased it, it is important to check not only the vehicle estimate, but also the inspection and maintenance fee at the time of vehicle inspection and the vehicle inspection agency fee.

Legal fees are the same everywhere, but inspection and maintenance fees and vehicle inspection agency fees vary depending on the store.

Even if you are satisfied with the price of the vehicle, if you feel that the inspection and maintenance fee and the vehicle inspection agency fee are high, you will need to try other shops or find a repair shop that is good at inspecting campers.

Do not replace parts no matter what

During this inspection, we also planned to replace the brake pads. This is because I heard that European cars wear out quickly.

The mileage had reached 47,800km in two years, so I was planning to replace it, but this was not the case for our highway driving.

The maintenance staff determined that there was enough remaining amount until the next vehicle inspection, so I was able to postpone the pad replacement, and the pad cost was saved.

On the other hand, belts such as alternator belts and air conditioner belts in the engine room cost about 5,000 yen per belt, but if they break, the air conditioner will not be able to use the air conditioner or you will not be able to drive, so these are not skimpy. exchanged for

The more parts you need to replace, the more expensive the vehicle inspection will be.

In particular, imported cars tend to have higher parts costs than domestic cars.Discuss and select which parts need to be replaced and which do notdo.

I think this is a trick to keep the inspection cost down.

However, it is also prohibited to save too much. It is imperative that safety standards are met.


How was it.

The points to be noted during the vehicle inspection are summarized below.

■In the case of 8 number car, check whether the equipment such as the kitchen has been removed.
■The legal fees will not increase just because the car is imported.
■ Inspection and maintenance fees and vehicle inspection agency fees vary depending on the dealer, so be sure to check when purchasing the vehicle.
■Reduce the number of replacement parts to the extent that there is no safety problem.

In the case of our Livingstone5, it was the first vehicle inspection, so I think it was surprisingly cheap.

I hope the next vehicle inspection will be the same, but I’ve driven 47,800km in the first two years, so at this rate it’s likely to exceed 90,000km in two years. Expect to pay more in the future.

Not only vehicle inspection costs but also maintenance costs are one of the worries for camping car owners. increase.

Writer: Sasaki couple

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