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A camper with high functional performance spends more time in the car, and it has become a moving second home for our family.

In fact, other camper owners can stick to their own original interiors and make it easier to spend more comfortably.DIYMost of the people who are going.

Therefore, this time, I would like to introduce the points and points to note about the interior so that the camper can become a space that makes you feel better, and also introduce the cost of the interior and the actual example of my home.

Points when laying out the interior of a camper

Avoid “falling over” and “cracking” while driving

One of the important points when DIY the interior of a camper or laying out the interior isIt is important not to fall down or break while driving and lead to injury..

In particular, cabcon-type campers experience more rolling and pitching than regular cars, so it is recommended that you choose safe decorations.

In addition, if there is a possibility of injury due to falling, devise the installation location and fixing method to prevent accidents in advance.

Acquire knowledge before installing the electrical system.

When DIY a camper, you may install large electrical components such as sub-batteries and inverters, as well as small electrical components such as speakers and decorative lights.

However, parts selection, wiring, fuses, etc.If you don’t have the minimum knowledge about electricity, you need to be careful as there is a danger of causing breakdowns and terrifying accidents such as fires..

When tampering with the electrical system, be sure to fully understand the flow of electricity before doing the work, and if you are unsure, it is safer to ask a professional.

The point is that the DIY and interior of the camper can be restored to its original state

If there is a possibility of buying a new camper in the future or letting it goAn important point that may be restored to its original state.

If too much emphasis is placed on usability and the interior of your choice, and you customize it too much, the market value may decrease in the future, so you need to be careful.

Also, when passing the vehicle inspection that comes every two years, it is necessary to return it to its original state to some extent before undergoing the inspection. .

Decide on your favorite interior style

As a point to make the interior of the camper a stylish space, it becomes the direction of the interior of the entire car.“concept”It is important to decide

If you choose what you like without deciding on a concept, it is easy to end up with a disorganized interior that makes you think, “This wasn’t supposed to be like this…”.

There are various concepts such as “Nordic style”, “West coast style”, “Brooklyn style”, “Asian modern style”, and “antique style”, so choose what kind of atmosphere you like by referring to magazines and the Internet. I recommend

Tips for choosing interior colors

Once the interior concept is decidedA sense of unity is created by unifying the colors to some extent.

Therefore, choose up to three colors, and use the floor and walls as the “base color”, the seats and bed spaces as the “main color”, and the cushions and small interior items as the “accent color”. .

If it is difficult to combine three colors, you can create a sense of unity by choosing similar colors with different color tones.

In our house, we use the natural color of brown to create a sense of unity, while also incorporating blue and green, which are my favorite colors, to achieve a color balance.

Goods that make the interior of the camper fashionable

Wall material that completely changes the atmosphere

Van life is the first place to DIY.

that ischanging floors and wallsI think.

In fact, even in our house, we were able to change the atmosphere at once just by changing the rear wall of the camper to a perforated board.

The installation is fixed by fitting it into the gap so that there is no need to open a hole in the car.

multi cover

Multi-covers with a wide variety of patterns, colors, and sizes are recommended when you want to easily change the interior of your camper.

We recommend that you use the multi-cover in your favorite design and color for beds, sheets, curtains, etc. to accent the entire room.

Devise a table that is too simple

This may be for camper owners, but most of the tables used on the floor are very simple.

The table is also the first place in the living space, so our house was the first to try DIY.

The atmosphere is changed by changing the top plate to match the size and pasting a removable wall sticker on the standard table.

Healing and fashionable effect with fake green

Houseplants are easy to incorporate when you want to add a stylish atmosphere to your interior.

Of course, the real thing is fine, but if you put it in the car, it will be difficult to maintain.I recommend fake green.

There are various sizes and leaf shapes depending on the type, so you can choose according to your taste and space.

The color is also green, so most of the fake greens are green, so you can get the effect of peace and healing, and it is also effective for creating a relaxing space.

Indirect lighting for creating a night atmosphere

To make the night stylish and relaxingWarm-colored indirect lighting and lights are

Warm-colored light creates a warm and calming atmosphere and greatly influences the impression inside the car.

And the installation method is a simple one that wraps around the net stretched on the ceiling so that there is little risk of breaking.

In the beginning, I had a string of lights along the wall, but that’s how I got it because every time the camper was shaken, the lights hit the furniture and planks making a ‘clack’ sound.

My eldest son is afraid of the dark, but with this, he can spend the night with peace of mind.

Healing with aroma x stylish feeling UP

A camper that has many opportunities to eat in the car tends to smell of life.

Therefore, scent is also a point that you want to be aware of when creating a living space.

I would like to recommend thereA stylish aroma bottle that allows you to enjoy the appearance and scent at the same time.

If it looks stylish, you can decorate it as one of the interior decorations.

Raise your mood with your favorite miscellaneous goods

It is also recommended to decorate your favorite accessories and miscellaneous goods.

Again, the key here is to choose the one that matches the taste of the interior and pay attention to the fixing method.

If you just put it on, every time the camper shakes, miscellaneous goods will fall over, and furniture will make a clattering sound, so fix it firmly so that it will not fall over with a little shaking.

At our house, we use binding bands that match the color of small items to fix them to the perforated board, use cushioning materials to prevent gaps, and use double-sided tape that can be peeled off cleanly.

How much did you spend on your camper interior?

The interior of our camper is not yet complete, and we are in the process of gradually changing it, but the total amount spent on the interior is about 15,000 yen.

If you buy a camper, you will have to pay some maintenance costs, so if you want to keep the price as low as possible, you should aim for outlet products such as covers and interior goods.

Make your camper more stylish and comfortable!

Because it is a camper that will be used for a long time, I wanted to pay attention to the interior as well as the house.

It would have been ideal to change everything after purchasing the camper van, but it has been 3 years since I bought the camper van because of the birth of my two children, childcare, and work.

But having spent some time, I’ve found something I love and it’s not just about how it looks.Interior and DIY with an emphasis on functionalitycan enjoy

Why don’t you use your favorite items to make your camper a more comfortable space?

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