“Which one is your favorite Fairlady Z?” More than 10,000 people asked! Is the new Z in an unexpected position? |MOBY [モビー]

Popularity vote of successive Fairlady Z

Nissan’s sports car “Fairlady Z” will unveil the new Fairlady Z, the seventh generation for the Japanese market, at Tokyo Auto Salon 2022 in January 2022.

In conjunction with the appearance of this new Fairlady Z, MOBY conducted a questionnaire about the Fairlady Z on the questionnaire site CarQ. We received a popular vote on which model you like among the successive Fairlady Zs.

With a history of over 50 years, the Fairlady Z has many fans in each era. Which model won the most votes?

Nissan Fairlady Z suspended sales and delivery pending

3rd place is the last Fairlady Z of the 20th century

As a result, the last Fairlady Z of the 20th century, the Z32 model debuted on July 10, 1989, came in third in the popularity poll.

The Z32 is a model that appeared in 1989, at the peak of the bubble period, with the slogan “I want to drive a sports car.” It has a heretical, wide and low appearance.

Equipped with a V-type 6-cylinder twin-turbo engine that generates 280 horsepower, which Japanese manufacturers later set as a voluntary limit.

It was a sports car that appeared at the peak of the bubble, but after that the bubble burst and the popularity of sports cars declined, and sales were discontinued in September 2000 due to the impact of exhaust gas regulations. Until the Z33 model appeared in July 2002, the history of the Fairlady Z came to an end here.

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