It’s still solo! Plenty of cargo in the Hilux, let’s spend time alone[your ‘car x camping style’]| MOBY [モビー]

Introducing user posts of the outdoor information app “Sotosil” for camping, fishing, mountain climbing, etc. From the theme “Your ‘car x camping style'”, we will introduce posts by kamasuzu.

*The content of the article below is a quote/reference from Sotosil.

Japan’s largest outdoor information and photo sharing site | sotoshiru

This summer is safe!Load up mosquito nets and make a camp full of luggage and memories

Camping for two nights and three days on weekdays ~ ♪

Yes, from the usual full load…
Hilux + detatarp combination, unsuitable scale site for solo (bitter smile)

Continuing from the last time, the luggage bed style!
From this time, we will introduce an improved pop-up mosquito net ……
With this, you can rest assured even on days when there are many mosquitoes.

But for me, this season is probably the last…
The world enters full-fledged high season
Prices will skyrocket, insects will appear in large numbers at the same time as people, and most of all, it will get hotter than anything…

Is it dormant from late fall to early winter?!

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The sotoshiru×MOBY collaboration campaign has ended.

sotoshiru is an outdoor information app that gathers more than 100 official affiliated media that distribute information on genres such as camping, mountain climbing, fishing, cycling, running, and automobiles.

It is a community where outdoor beginners to advanced people gather, where you can take pictures of your outdoor life and post them, and you can also ask for advice about your worries about the outdoors.

You can download the Sotosil app to participate in the sotoshiru x MOBY collaboration campaign. To the campaign Please see the Sotosil campaign page for details!

Japan’s largest outdoor information and photo sharing site | sotoshiru

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