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flip down monitor

Types of flip-down monitors and how to choose them

If you need a special installation kit, check if it can be installed on your car.

Products that require a special mounting kit may not be able to be installed depending on the vehicle model, so be sure to check in advance whether your vehicle is compatible. By the way, products that require a special mounting kit will cost more than the monitor, but it looks better, so it’s recommended.

Check if the items that do not require a kit match the interior

Products that do not require a kit can basically be installed on any car model. However, it is difficult to match the interior well, so let’s check if the product matches the atmosphere of the car.

A screen size of 10 inches or more is recommended.

A flip-down monitor of 10 inches or more is recommended because you can enjoy powerful images in the car. It can be stored when not in use, so there is no need to worry about compressing the interior space.

The basic size is around 10, but there is also a product with a larger size of 15.6 inches. If you have a vehicle with a large interior space such as a minivan, we recommend a large size of about 15 inches.

When considering a large screen monitor, be sure to check the resolution as well.

I want to connect a smartphone → HDMI terminal compatible type

If you want to connect your smartphone and use it, choose a product with an HDMI terminal. If you are in a place where radio waves are available, you can watch the internet, app games, and YouTube just by connecting your smartphone.

I want to watch DVD → built-in DVD player

With the built-in DVD player, you can enjoy movies and music on the flip-down monitor alone. It is highly recommended for those who find it troublesome to connect because there is no need to connect to a car navigation system.

I want to enjoy music → FM transmitter compatible products

If the product is compatible with FM transmitter, you can listen to music throughout the car via the radio’s FM tuner. All you have to do is play music from your smartphone and send it to the radio’s FM tuner. You can also play the sound source of videos such as Youtube.

I want to enjoy the front and rear separately → double zone compatible products

The double-zone flip-down monitor allows you to enjoy different media on the front seat side, such as car navigation and audio, and on the rear seat side where the flip-down monitor is located. However, it is necessary to remove wiring from the rear monitor output terminal of the navigation system. Depending on the navigation system, there may be no rear monitor output terminal, or the shape of the terminal may be different, so please check in advance before purchasing.

How to install a flip down monitor

1. Decide where to attach the flip-down monitor

The place to install the flip down monitor is the beam part of the ceiling of the car. There are beams (frames) running through the roof of the car. The beam runs along the side of the B-pillar, and in some cases you can feel it when you touch it from above the ceiling.

You can check the ceiling beams from the marks of removing the room mirror on the ceiling, the marks of removing the clips, and the marks of removing the roof beam garnish. If there is nothing attached to the ceiling, you will have to make a hole yourself.

2. Determine the position to attach the plate (attachment) for mounting the flip-down monitor

Decide where to attach the metal plate for mounting the monitor.

3.Pass the wiring

Pass the video wiring and power wiring of the navigation. The wiring taken from the ACC power supply and the wiring taken from the video output terminal of the navigation system (or distributed) are pulled through the B pillar etc. to the ceiling. Route the wiring through the gap in the mounting plate.

4. Attach the monitor fixing plate to the ceiling

Secure the plate to the ceiling with screws, and tighten the screws carefully so that the screw holes are not messed up.

5. Attach the flip-down monitor to the fixing plate

Screw the flip-down monitor body to the fixing plate. If the screen looks good, you’re done.

Click here if you want to check the video

What is the cost if you ask a contractor to install it?

If you ask a contractor to install the flip-down monitor, the labor cost is about 10,000 to 30,000 yen. It may take longer depending on the type of car and navigation system.

Also, the price of the flip-down monitor body is about 10,000 yen to 100,000 yen. Cheap ones can be purchased for around 10,000 yen, but it seems that many of them are cheap and have low durability and image quality.

You can have it installed for about 40,000 yen to 130,000 yen including the monitor fee and wages.

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