“I can’t allow less than 20km / L if I ride a Prius …” What fuel consumption is required for a car? |MOBY [モビー]

Thanks to the corporate efforts of automobile manufacturers, fuel economy performance is improving year by year. Especially in these days when gasoline prices are soaring, there may be more occasions where you feel “thank you” for fuel-efficient models.

Depending on the type of car, the fuel consumption of a car may be more than doubled, but how much do people care about fuel consumption when actually purchasing and maintaining a car?

We asked the owners of vehicles that are said to have good fuel efficiency and those that are said to have poor fuel efficiency about their thoughts on fuel efficiency.

When I got on the Prius, it became unacceptable for 20km/L or less…


When you hear about owners who are highly conscious of fuel efficiency, the owner of the Prius, which pioneered the hybrid car market, probably comes to mind. Among the Prius owners I spoke to this time, there are those who said that “certain equipment” changed their awareness of fuel efficiency.

“I used to drive the Mark II and Crown, but since the fuel consumption meter was installed on the meter, I became strangely conscious of it. However, I was worried that it was only one digit per liter.

Since switching to the Prius, I’ve rather enjoyed looking at the fuel consumption gauge, and I’ve been going out more often than before.

Of course, the actual fuel cost is also an advantage, but the fact that I can reduce the number of refueling times is a nice point for me. Now, I don’t think I can make it an option unless it runs 20km/L.” (Male in his 50s)

Since the 2000s, fuel consumption gauges have become commonplace and have become commonplace. It is a convenient device that allows you to accurately grasp changes in fuel consumption due to road conditions and driving methods, but some people say that they cannot enjoy driving because they are worried about the numbers.

In that respect, if you have a car with excellent fuel efficiency, you may not have to feel extra stress.

“Quietness” and “advanced equipment” are the appeal of the Prius rather than fuel efficiency?


An unexpected voice was heard from the owner who switched from the second-generation Prius to a new Prius every time there was a full model change.

“When driving a Prius, quietness and advanced features are more important than fuel economy. I was surprised by the new vehicle, and have continued to buy it since then.

So you don’t have to worry about fuel consumption in terms of cost. The vehicle price is also reasonable, and considering that, no matter how cheap the fuel cost is, there are probably many other cars that are superior in terms of total cost.

Rather, I am attracted to the hybrid technology and advanced equipment implemented under the Prius brand, so if it has the world’s top class fuel efficiency performance, the numbers may not be so important.

However, in terms of advancedness, these days it’s a completely electric car, so I might go there next time.” (Male in his 40s)

Many owners cite factors such as “quietness” as a reason to drive a hybrid, in addition to “lower fuel costs.” Considering that, the image of “hybrid driving = high awareness of fuel efficiency” may not be unconditionally correct.

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