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Speaking of Toyota’s sedan … In North America, overwhelmingly “Camry”

Camry WS “leather package”

Toyota’s FF sedan “Camry”, which is highly popular in North America, underwent a full model change on July 10, 2017 to the current 10th generation model.

The Camry’s 10th generation model has a sporty look that emphasizes Toyota’s “Keen look”, in contrast to the conservative design that the previous Camry had adopted.

On September 30, 2019, an E-Four equipped vehicle, which is the first 4WD vehicle as a Camry, was added, and in 2021, some improvements such as changing the exterior and interior design were implemented. Most recently, some improvements were made on August 1, 2022.

Lexus ES partially improved

Will the FF crown threaten the Camry?

Toyota 16th generation Crown Crossover (prototype)
Toyota 16th generation Crown Crossover (prototype)

Until now, Camry has undergone a full model change every four to six years, except for the first model. The current 10th generation model debuted in July 2017 as mentioned above. As of October 2022, 5 years have passed since the full model change.

The Camry has undergone a full model change every four to six years so far, so it is highly likely that the current Camry is also preparing to pass the baton to the new 11th generation model. .

What is worrisome is that the new crown uses the same TNGA GA-K platform as the Camry. Until then, the Crown was based on rear-wheel drive, but the Crown Crossover has switched to a front-wheel drive base.

There is a concern that it will compete with Toyota because it overlaps with the character of a front-wheel drive-based luxury saloon, but while the “main battlefield” of the Crown has been Japan so far, the Camry is outside Japan.

In addition, there is also a difference between the body type of a crossover SUV like a lifted sedan and the traditional 3-box sedan, so there may be no need to worry about the continuation of the Camry model and the continuation of the sedan body.

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