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The rainy season is finally here, and the real rainy season is coming.

Going out on a rainy day can be quite depressing in everyday life, but if it rains during a long-awaited overnight trip, the inside of the car will be stuffy with humidity, and you will get wet when you go to the bathroom or go shopping. It’s going to be a little difficult, isn’t it?

In order to enjoy sleeping in the car in such a rainy season as comfortably as possible,Items for rain and moisture protectionIsn’t there a lot of people who are going out with a lot of things?

So this timeIt was nice to keep it in the car or take it with me when I stayed in the car during the rainy season.I will introduce about 6 things that I thought from my point of view.

From what I think many people bring when staying in the car on a rainy day,Even slightly unusual moisture countermeasure goodsIt’s all about what I actually brought and found useful.

Be sure to check it out before traveling in the car.

Is it troublesome and difficult to sleep in the car during the rainy season?

Sleeping in the car is a lot of fun because you can go wherever you want when it’s raining, but when it’s raining, it becomes a hassle to get out of the car to go to the toilet, take a bath, or have a meal. I think that there are times when it is difficult to stay home.

All of these are troublesome, and many people say that they avoid staying in the car during the rainy season.

It’s true that traveling in the car during the rainy season can be troublesome, but with a little ingenuity and how you spend your time, it’s possible to spend a comfortable time.

The author, who often goes on overnight trips in the car,Items I bring with me to make traveling in the car easy and comfortable during the rainy seasonwithPoints that are usually devisedWe would like to introduce the following.

A must-have item for rainy days! “Rain gear” such as umbrellas and raincoats

It’s the rainy season, so umbrellas and raincoats are essential even if you’re not traveling overnight. In particular, a raincoat prevents your clothes and body from getting wet in the rain, so it can be said that it is essential on days with strong rain.

In addition, I think that many people always carry folding umbrellas, but when it rains heavily, a long umbrella that is larger than a folding umbrella is more functional.

If you have enough space, stack a large long umbrella and keep it in a place where you can easily reach it when you use it.

Also, especially for women,A sun umbrella that can be used as both a parasol and a rain umbrella. It is not only water-repellent but also UV-treated, so it can withstand strong sunlight after rain, which is very convenient.

If you have enough space in your car,bootsIt will be very useful if you stack it.

More towels than usual and a change of clothes for the schedule plus one day

When traveling in a campervan, many people take a bath at a day-trip hot spring or a bathing facility, so I think that they bring towels for bathing and washing. Apart from forKeep plenty of face towelsis recommended.

If you pile up a lot of towels, you can use it when your clothes and body get wet in the rain, and you can wipe it off when the rain blows into the car and you can use it in various situations. .

Also, changing clothes is not only for the number of days of the trip,Bring at least one additional day’s worth (one more item)It is safe to keep it.

If you bring extra clothes in case you get soaked in a sudden heavy rain, you won’t have to worry about having to change clothes, and you will feel much more comfortable.

In particular, if you bring extra socks and underwear and change them frequently, you will be able to spend a comfortable time throughout your trip.

Food and drinks that are easy to prepare and ready to eat

When it’s pouring down, it’s a hassle to get out of the camper and stop by a supermarket or convenience store to procure ingredients.

For when the rain gets stronger and it’s troublesome to get out of the car,Foods and drinks that can be eaten just by adding hot water or opening the packageare piled up in the car.

While I enjoy eating delicious local cuisine at my place of stay, I also enjoy it when it’s not raining.

Boil water in the carPrepare water and stove (IH) togetherBy doing so, even if you get wet in the rain and get cold, you will be able to quickly warm your body from the inside with warm food and drink.

A dehumidifier and small dehumidifier that works just by placing it

In seasons with high humidity, not only during the rainy season but also in the summerDisposable dehumidifiers and small dehumidifiersis kept in the car.

However, while it is easy to buy a disposable type moisture remover, water accumulates in the main unit, so if the car shakes, the water will spill out, or you can leave it in the car and overflow. I think I’m worried that I won’t be able to do it.

Therefore, I recently introduced a small dehumidifier.

The cylindrical body contains a desiccant,just leave it in the carcan remove moisture.When the desiccant absorbs all the moisture, leave it at homeJust stand the body on the drying stand and dry the moisture absorbent.So no hassle.

The one I bought cost about 5,000 yen, but since it can be used over and over again, it is highly recommended in terms of cost performance.

It is OK to roll only the main body in the car, so it can be used very conveniently without taking up space.

Use a “small fan” or “circulator” to prevent humidity in the car

When it rains and the inside of the car becomes damp,Use a small fan or circulatorRecommended to do. I think that fans are often used to cool off on hot days,Also suitable for moisture protectionWhat is it?

A small fan or circulator can be used to circulate the air inside the car, or you can open the window slightly to force the moisture and heat out of the car.

You can dry your body towels and wet clothes by blowing the air from the circulator.

If you feel that a small fan is not powerful enough, or if you have enough space in the car, you may want to bring a larger fan.

A window net that reduces the dampness inside the car after rain

After the rain, you want to open the windows and doors to let the humidity and heat out of the car, but if you are worried about others, don’t want people to see the inside of the car, or want to take a nap. I think there are many situations where people hesitate to leave the windows open.

In such a case, you can use it with the door closed.“Window Net”is recommended.

Firmly even with the door closedventilationThanks to the internet, of course, we canYou can’t see inside the car, and insects can’t get in.so it’s very convenient.

However, even with a net, sleeping with the window open can be a security concern. In that case, do not open the window completely, but leave it slightly open for safety, and be careful when using it.

Let’s enjoy a trip in the car even in the rainy season!

In this article, the author, who regularly spends nights traveling in a DIY van, introduced six items that I am glad I brought with me during the rainy season.

Traveling overnight in the car presents some problems for each season.

If you can enjoy the ingenuity, consideration, and item selection for your trip without thinking that it is troublesome, I think that traveling in the car itself will become a part of your lifestyle.

Please make good use of the items introduced this time and enjoy your trip in the car in the rain.

Writer: haru.

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