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What is DC2 Integra Type R?

Honda’s Type R is now synonymous with front-wheel-drive (FF) sports cars. Above all, the DC2 type first Integra that appeared in October 1995, his Type R, is a model that is still regarded as special even after more than 20 years since its appearance.

The Type R, which was added to the 3rd generation Integra, is a car that realized the method of Honda’s flagship sports model NA type NSX Type R with a front-wheel drive lightweight sports car, and is the forerunner of the current Civic Type R. It can be said that it has become an existence.

As well as the exterior, the body color used for the machine when Honda entered the F1 Grand Prix in 1964, “Championship White”, is used exclusively, and red Honda emblems are attached to the front and rear of the body. Inside, the car is fitted with red Recaro sports seats and a special engine head cover with red crystal paint that is even more exclusive.

Although it was a car in the era when the required collision safety and emission standards were still low, the DC2 Integra Type R equipped with a high-output engine in a lightweight body has power performance that is comparable to modern luxury sports cars. and handling performance. Among them, many anecdotes have been handed down as legends regarding the early type called 96 spec.

[Legend 1]Manual engine tuning

The B18C spec.R engine installed in the DC2 type Integra Type R is no exception to the past Type R, with high efficiency intake and exhaust, high profile camshaft, low friction inside the engine, improved rotation balance, By increasing the compression ratio, etc., high rotation and high output were achieved.

The gear ratio of the transmission has also been revised to make it a close ratio so that the VTEC can effectively use the high rotation range where it switches to the high cam.

The best part is the hand-polished port that was applied only to the initial lot. A craftsman manually scraped off the slight steps that were created when the valve seats were driven into the engine head, one by one. Also, in order to minimize the resistance between the crankshaft and connecting rod sliding surfaces, it is said that the tightening torque of the connecting rod bolts was managed manually.

These are the same techniques that are used in racing engines, and it is extremely unusual to apply them to commercial car engines. As a result of these tunings, the maximum output of the Integra Type R engine is 200ps, which is an increase of 20ps from the originally high-output B18C.

The characteristic of the B18C spec.R is that it operates with low vibration, and in the high rev range, it sharply rises to the rev limit of 8,400 rpm with a heart-throbbing feel. did. On the contrary, the B18C spec.R is still extremely popular as a masterpiece.

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