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Toyota’s Overdone Starlet

3rd generation Toyota Starlet

Before the introduction of Vitz, the predecessor of Toyota Yaris, the car called Starlet was Toyota’s basic compact car. The Toyota Starlet has a high-output turbo model “Sutabo”.

The first turbo model is from the third generation Starlet that appeared in 1984. Statab appears with obvious catchphrases such as “Idaten Turbo” and “Dry Turbo”. In the past, Toyota sold dangerous cars that did not run straight due to their excessive power.

Power up and become a jaja horse! 4th generation Starlet GT

Toyota Starlet GT Turbo (EP82)

The turbo model “Starlet GT” was also set for the EP82 Starlet that appeared in 1989. Although the base engine is a diversion from the previous EP71 type, the head has been changed to DOHC, the displacement has been expanded to 1,331cc, and a small turbocharger is installed.

The maximum output is 135ps at 6,400rpm, exceeding the 110ps of the previous generation EP71 Starlet. The maximum torque is 16.0kgf・m/4,800rpm.

With a vehicle weight of only 830kg (860kg in the later model), the Starlet GT has a torque-to-weight ratio of 51.8kg/kgf m, boasting acceleration performance that can compete with sports cars equipped with 2.0L naturally aspirated engines.

Toyota Starlet GT Turbo (EP82)

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for a compact car to have an output of around 135ps, but at the time it was difficult to put an engine with this much power in a small front-wheel drive car. As a result, even the 4th generation Starlet with increased power ended up being a nasty car.

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