Lexus New LC Partially improved Adopted “Sonic Chrome” that uses unique metal expression technology Released in October 2022

Lexus will partially improve the new LC (LC500h/LC500) and release it in October 2022.

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About the new LC partial improvement

In this partial improvement, the hybrid emblem was abolished on the exterior and a common emblem was adopted for all models. For the body color, “Sonic Chrome <1L1>“, which uses LEXUS’s unique metal expression technology, which is also used in the new “IS” and “NX” series, has been newly added. 21-inch forged aluminum wheels (type B), which are the same as the 21-inch aluminum wheels used in the HOKKAIDO EDITION LC special edition overseas model, have also been added as options.

hybrid emblem” is abolished.

New color “Sonic Chrome <1L1>“Add. Dark gray mica <1G0> was discontinued.

Added “My LEXUS”.

Added new “electronic key & card key”.

In the option setting “21-inch forged aluminum wheels (type B)“Add.

Lexus new LC partial improvement price grade

Lexus LC500

grade price (10%)
LC500 13,270,000 yen
LC500 “L package” 13,670,000 yen
LC500 “S package” 14,500,000 yen
LC500 “Convertible” 14,770,000 yen

Lexus LC500h

grade Price (10%)
LC500h 13,770,000 yen
LC500h “L package” ¥14,170,000
LC500h “S package” ¥15,000,000

About Lexus new LC partial improvement specs

spec LEXUS
full length 4,760mm 4,770mm
Width 1,920mm
Height 1350mm 1,345mm
Wheelbase 2,870mm
engine 5.0LV type 8 cylinder
3.5LV type 6-cylinder engine
multi stage
hybrid system
Maximum output 351kW (477ps) /
220kW (299ps) /
Maximum torque 540Nm (55.1kgm) /
348Nm (36.3kgm) /
Maximum output
132kW (180ps)
Maximum torque
300Nm (30.6kgm)
Maximum output
10-speed AT
(Direct-Shift 10AT)
continuously variable transmission
Drive system FR
Boarding capacity 4 people
JC08 mode fuel consumption 7.8km/liter 15.8km/L
price 14,770,000 yen From 13,270,000 yen
14,500,000 yen
13,770,000 yen~

About the new LC partial improvement

Lexus made some improvements to the new LC (LC500h/LC500) and announced it on September 30, 2021. It will be released after November 2021. In this partial improvement, we aimed to further deepen the ride quality and improved the basic performance. The specifications of the coil springs and stabilizers and the control of the shock absorbers have been optimized to improve the feeling of contact with the tires, the linearity of the vehicle response to steering input, and the controllability in high cornering G regions.

Vehicles equipped with the Lexus Dynamic Handling System (LDH) have optimized VGRS and DRS controls to achieve good response and agile driving. From low speeds to high speeds, by balancing the optimization of the vehicle posture and controllability, it has improved the fun to operate and the sense of stability.


For the exterior color, “Sonic Iridium” is newly set for all LC models. Following the convertible model, “Terrain Khaki Mica Metallic” is also added to the coupe model. The coupe model LC500h/LC500 “L package” comes standard with 21-inch forged aluminum wheels with “polished finish + black paint”.


“Blue & White” and “Marine Blue” as its exclusive roof color are newly set for the convertible model.

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