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What is a pickup truck?Endangered species in Japan

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A pickup truck is a vehicle with an open loading platform behind the cabin. Unlike the so-called “● t” truck, it can be said that it is a private truck that can be driven with a normal license.

However, it is necessary to confirm when purchasing and maintaining, such as “1 number (freight car)” at the time of registration.

However, pickup trucks are classed as ultra-large, and have a strong impact and a strong sense of taste, and are cool. not.

On the other hand, overseas, it is a popular car model that is used for passenger, commercial, and even military use. The point that it is treated as a practical car overseas makes me feel the difference in culture and use from Japan.

Hilux is the only domestic pickup truck that can be purchased from dealers in Japan.

Pickup trucks are also used as base vehicles in motorsports in which manufacturers participate.

As a result, although domestic car manufacturers also manufacture pickup trucks, they do not sell them domestically to general users.

Currently, Toyota Hilux is the only pickup truck that can be purchased through dealers among domestic vehicles.

Nissan and Mitsubishi also manufacture pickup trucks, but it is necessary to parallel import overseas models to purchase new vehicles. Toyota also uses parallel importers and dealers when purchasing pickup trucks other than Hilux.

By the way, for those who like big-sized cars like pickup trucks, we also recommend American SUVs, which also require parallel imports.

We will select 10 unique models released by each manufacturer and introduce them in a ranking format.

[10th place]Nissan Titan

The Titan is a full-size pickup truck that Nissan Motor is selling in North America. The name may be unfamiliar because it is not sold in Japan, but it is a popular model in North America.

The first generation was launched in 2003, and the current second generation has been switched since 2015. From the current model, a 2-door type regular cab has been added to the diesel engine lineup as a new attempt in the engine system, but these settings can no longer be selected due to sluggish sales.

Even so, the powerful running of the 5.6L V8 engine, the spacious cabin unique to full-size trucks, and the size of the cargo bed are attractive, and there are many cases where they are imported to Japan.

There is concern that imported cars have many troubles, but in the case of Titan, it is not a mistake to say that it is a Japanese car, so if you want to ride a left-hand drive but are worried about troubles, a reimported car from a domestic manufacturer is recommended. Sounds like an attractive choice.

Nissan Titan specs

full length 5,793mm
Width 2,019mm
Height 1,915mm
engine 5.6L V8
Maximum output 390hp
Maximum torque 55.5 kgf m
Tax-included price About 3,830,000 yen to 5,710,000 yen

[9th place]Mitsubishi Triton

Mitsubishi Triton is a pickup truck that Mitsubishi Motors manufactures and sells to the world. Although it is a car model that is not very familiar in Japan, it was imported and sold from 2006 to 2011, so it is still rare to see it in the city.

A model change was made in 2014, but it is a size that is registered as the number 1 in Japan, and even in situations where it is difficult for pickup trucks to spread, such as the high highway tolls and the need to undergo vehicle inspections every year. For some reason the sale was postponed.

It is difficult to obtain the current type in Japan, but the first generation is still distributed as a used car. The drive system inherited from Mitsubishi’s famous car “Pajero” has high running performance, and the used car price has not fallen, so it can be said that it is a hidden excellent car.

mitsubishi triton specs

full length 4,995mm
Width 1,800mm
Height 1,780mm
engine 3.5L V6
Maximum output 131kw[178PS] / 4,750rpm
Maximum torque 295Nm[30.1kgf・m ]/3500rpm
Tax-included price 2,800,000 yen

[8th]Jeep Gladiator

Gladiator debuted as a pickup version of the popular Wrangler, a manufacturer that can be said to be synonymous with four-wheel drive vehicles. It looks like his Wrangler Unlimited, but it has a longer wheelbase and longer overall length, and boasts a generous load capacity.

There are also minor changes in the design, and the difference in the shape of the grill seems to be aimed at improving cooling performance, considering that it can be used in harsh conditions as a pickup truck. The jeep’s unique ability to run on rough roads is perfect, and it demonstrates its strength even on rough roads.

Although it is rugged, it is a modern jeep design that blends in with the city, so it can be said that it is a good model to choose with a sense of fashion.

jeep gladiator specs

full length 5,538mm
Width 1,875mm
Height 1,905mm
engine 3.6L V6
Maximum output 285 PS
Maximum torque 35.95 kgf m
price $33,810〜$40,660 (Japanese regular price undecided)

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