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Even a camper wants to ride cleanly.

However, unless a camper is a light camper, most of them have a large body.Car wash is hard.

I tend to leave it without washing it, and when I notice it, the vertical musclesbarcode stainis clear. It becomes troublesome to wash more and more.

The car body has never been clean, but I want to reduce the number of car washes. If possible, just wash it with water, lightly rub it with a sponge, and wipe off any remaining water droplets.

And I’d be even happier if it was cheaper.

When I was thinking that, I foundCar wash and coating set for campers “Ripika”.

This time, I actually used this Ripika for a camping trailer.

How long does it take to wash and coat the car? What is the effect?

This is the difference between shampoo and coating agent for campers.

In the case of cabcon and European camping trailers, the body is often made of a type of plastic called FRP.

Because it is a different material from passenger cars (steel and aluminum), the components of car wash shampoos and coating agents are alsoSuitable for FRPshould be mixed.

This is because the final finished surface (top side) of FRP is coated with a resin called gel coat, and it is necessary to wash or coat the car so as not to damage this gel coat as much as possible.

From such an idea, Lipica’s “Canker Chemical Perfect Set”, which I actually tried on a camping trailer this time, was born.

It is developed mainly to remove bar code stains (water stains) on campers.

The set includes the following 7-piece set.

  • Canker Shampoo 2L
  • Canker coat 500ml
  • Water scale cleaner 200ml
  • Empty spray bottle for canker shampoo
  • microfiber cloth
  • car wash sponge
  • Water scale removal sponge

First of all, Camper Shampoo (single item 5,225 yen including tax).

Contains no abrasivesThe most powerful cleaning ingredients within the range that does not damage the gel coatuse.

In addition, the gel coat of FRP has a rougher surface than steel, and dirt can enter from the surface.

This dirt that has enteredSo that you can float and wash it awayIt is said that

However, if the car has been exposed to the rain for a long time and has not been washed, it may not be possible to remove the dirt with Canker Shampoo alone.

For such a case, the camper set hasWater scale cleaner for removing stubborn stains(Single item 1,562 yen including tax) is also included.

And a canker coat for the FRP body (single item 4,180 yen including tax).

Instead of using wax components such as abrasives, petroleum solvents, carnauba, etc., which may accelerate the deterioration of FRP,Contains glass component.

of this glass componentBody is protected by bonding filmIt is a mechanism to do.

In addition, the gel coat on the FRP surface has the same characteristic as humans, which is weak against ultraviolet rays (UV).

If it is not a covered parking lot, it will deteriorate because it is exposed to sunlight on a daily basis.The glass component of Canker Coat isHope for UV protectionIt seems that you can.

Other effects after coating include:Excellent luster, water repellency, and smoothnessThat’s why it looks shiny, repels rain and prevents dirt from slipping.

Please look forward to the demonstration experiment in the later section.

How many times in one set? What about cospa?


Lipika’s “Canker Chemical Perfect Set” is priced at 10,450 yen (regular price, tax included).

The Vantech ZIL class cabcon model in the photo requires about 400-500cc of water with shampoo in one car wash.

It is said that if the condition of the new vehicle is good, it can be used even if diluted to 10 times.Calculation that can be used 8 to 10 times even if it is diluted twice to dark eyeswill be

Similarly, 100 to 200 cc of the coating agent “Canker Coat 500 ml” is required each time,Can be coated 3~5 timesIt will be.

coating effectusually lasts about 3 monthsBecause you sayAbout 1 year’s worthIt is that.

By the way, how much does it cost to ask a professional to coat a camper? I looked it up.

In the case of a company that provides total services such as new and used camper sales and rentals, the standard body base for Hiace is 41,800 yen for the polymer coating (paint sealant) that is often heard.

Domestic cabcon (less than 5m) is the same79,200 yen with polymer coating(Both include tax).

With the GC-S glass coating on it, the Hiace standard body base is 71,500 yen.Domestic cabcon (less than 5m)107,800 yen(Both include tax).

In the case of polymer coating, the effect is about one year. GC-S glass coating is effective for about 3 years if paid maintenance is performed once a year.

If you want to keep the coating effect always, it depends on the car modelIt costs about 40,000 yen a yearIt will be.

Labor costs and facility usage fees are also included, so it’s not a simple comparison with a set of things like cleaning fluids and coating agents, but if you ask me if I can pay the amount of automobile tax for a regular passenger car every year for coating, I’ll think about it. Isn’t there a lot of people who put it away?

Demonstration experiment! Trailer car wash & coating that has not been washed for a year

Well, I don’t know the real cospa until I use it.

So, thank you for waiting, I would like to tell you about the pattern of the demonstration experiment.

This time, Hobby 495UL Excellent is car washed and coated with Lipica’s “Canker Chemical Perfect Set”.

It’s been a year and a half since I bought it as a new car, and it’s a new one. However, the last time he washed the car was “I don’t remember clearly, but it was probably more than a year ago”, so it can be said that it is a perfect formidable opponent as a test bench.

Actually looking atIt looks like it’s covered with dust and looks dirty.

Although it can’t be helped because it’s an open-air parking lot, the entire front looks pale, and the barcode stains are noticeable.

The rear is particularly serious, probably because the dirt accumulated on the roof tends to flow off.

The arch part from the roof to the sidebarcode stainIt’s so bad that the rain gutters where the panels switch are filled with dirt.

On the sides, both ends of the roof swell, making it difficult for dirt to reach the roof, so it doesn’t seem to be as dirty as the rear, but you can clearly see the dirt on the barcode from the awning.

This time, I tried to verify with the following contents.

1.Wash the heavily soiled front and rear… Verification of the detergency of Canker Shampoo
2.Coating only on the right side of the rear…Confirm the feeling of use of the coating, the glossiness after coating, etc.

3.status check… how much dirt is there?Verification of the power of coating agents
Four.scrub the stain with water only… Verification of the difference in ease of dirt removal between uncoated and coated areas
Five.Wash and coat the entire car body at the car wash… Comparison of car wash foam detergent and camper shampoo.Also check the feeling of use and finish after washing and coating the entire car body

wash with canker shampoo

Let’s wash the car now.

The procedure for using Canker Shampoo is as follows.

1. Rinse away sand and dust that cause scratches on the body with water
2. Spray the diluted shampoo directly on the dirty area
3. Scrub with a sponge to remove dirt
4. Rinse with water and wipe with a cloth to finish

Canker Shampoo is used by diluting it appropriately according to the condition of the dirt.

According to Mr. Tsukihashi, the representative of Lipica, “Canker ShampooIf there is a rough feeling on the surface of the body, it is close to the undiluted car etc.10x if in good conditionPlease use it.”

The surface didn’t feel very rough, but the overall impression was that it was dirty, so I diluted it about three times this time.

I sprayed it directly and rubbed it with a sponge to remove dirt.

According to the staff who washed the car“The feeling that the dirt floats and falls smoothly without putting any effort into it.”.

He said that he enjoyed washing the car because the dirt fell off in a blink of an eye.

The trailer itself is about a year and a half old, so it’s still new.

As a result, some stains on the barcode remained, but basically the stains were completely removed.

Use a descaling cleaner to remove remaining barcode stains

Although it became pretty clean only with Camper Shampoo,Unremoved barcode smudgeswas partially left.

That’s where the “Ripika” set comes in.Water scale cleaner.

I used it after washing the car with Canker Shampoo.

Dip a sponge in the cleaner and rub the yellowing and water stains.

Water scale removal work in progress

Thin barcode stains that haven’t been completely removed can be removed by lightly rubbing.

However, the dirt on the rear rain gutters was so bad that I had to rub it quite hard to get it off.

It took some effort to get rid of the sticky barcode stains, but as you can see, I was able to clean it off.

Introduced a true canker coat

After washing the car with shampoo and removing the remaining dirt with a water scale cleaner, it’s finally time to use Canker Coat.

It’s easy to use andJust spray it directly onto your body and wipe it off with a microfiber cloth.

After washing the car, you will probably wipe it off at the end, but you can coat it by simply wiping it off while spraying Canker Coat.

The figure of the staff working is clearly reflected on the body.

As a point of coating work,Wipe off immediately after sprayingthing.

If you spray a large area at once, the liquid will dry out, so it’s better to spray one area at a time.

Depending on the weather, the liquid of the canker coat does not dry out quickly, and it spreads smoothly.Stress-free coating even on the body of a large camperI made it.

After applying it, it didn’t look particularly uneven.

What is the finish?

The camping trailer Hobby 495UL Excellent used in this demonstration experiment originally had a matte texture on the body, and it is honestly difficult to judge whether the gloss has increased after coating.

However, if you look at the photos of the coating being applied, the staff working on it is reflected on the body, so it may be that it is smooth and shiny.

Pay attention to the difference in how the water flows

I tried to compare before and after coating with water.

It’s a little hard to see in the picture, but when you compare the direction of the water,Before coating, water droplets stick togetherWhereasWater droplets are like beads after coatingIt is becoming

I was able to confirm that it is water repellent.

By the way, according to Lipika’s official website, before and after coating were measured with a gloss meter “Gloss Checker” and compared.51-54 before the canker court, 87-88 after the canker courtAs a result, the result is that the brilliance has returned.

Demonstration experiment! How does it look two weeks after the coating?

Two weeks later, I went to the camper trailer to see how things were going and to wash and recoat the entire vehicle.

Last time, in order to compare the effects of Canker Coat (coating agent),Canker coat is sprayed on the right side only on the rearDid.

Also, to make it easier for dirt to stick to the rearI haven’t washed the roof on purpose.We will verify the difference in the degree of dirt and the ease of removing dirt.

It was right in the middle of the rainy season when I used the Ripica set to conduct a demonstration experiment.

The camping trailer is parked in the open sky, so it is exposed to rain.

It has rained several times in the last two weeks.

When I looked at the rear, the dirt that came from the roof was attached to the bar code as expected.

If you don’t clean the roof, which is the source of barcode dirt, you can’t keep it clean.It seems that.

How easy is it to remove dirt from the coating?

How about the dirt removal?

Lightly rub it with a damp sponge.

The coated part isBarcode dirt will fall off just by rubbing it with water!

On the other hand, when the uncoated area was simply rubbed with water, streaks of dirt remained.

Last time, I had no choice but to use a water stain cleaner to remove the barcode stains.

Comparing the coated and uncoated parts, it can be said that the difference is quite clear.

Wash the whole body again. How does it compare to car wash foam?

Furthermore, on this day, I moved to a coin car wash to wash and coat the whole car. I washed the body with detergent (foam) coming out of the gun type nozzle.

However, with this foam, the sand and dust on the surface are rubbed off.

Dirt that contains oil will not come off at all, and even if you rub it with force, it will only stretch.

For example, it’s a disappointing state when you wipe a sticky, stubborn oil stain in the kitchen with a wet cloth.

Then, I sprayed Lipika’s Canker Shampoo, and the dirt that was just spread out by the car wash was dissolved.

Comparing the detergency of the foam of the car wash and the detergency of Canker Shampoo, there is also a clear difference.

Coat the entire body and finish the work.

The coating work was just as easy as last time.

What is the finish after washing and coating?

Wash and coat the entire body, including the roof. There is no bar code dirt, and the white body is dazzling.

It’s like going back to when you bought it.

To be honest, it was hard to tell if the glossiness had increased after coating because the sides and back were bumpy and had a matte texture.

However, the slippery place in front became so shiny that people were reflected.

When you return from the car wash to the parking lot for camping trailers and line up with other camping trailers, the difference is obvious!

After all, it feels good to see a clean body.


This demonstration experiment is just one example.

Results may vary with other models and other conditions/environments.

However, Lipica’s Camper Shampoo was better at removing dirt than the foam at the nearby coin-operated car wash, and I was able to experience and realize that the dirt on the coated area was removed by washing it with water after two weeks.

If you are riding an FRP body camper or camper trailer and you are a little hesitant to ask a specialist to coat it for 40,000 yen or 70,000 yen, first of all, Lipika ( 10,450 yen / tax included), I think it’s possible to wash and coat the car.

But wait until it cools down.

Washing a car in the middle of summer can damage the body of the car if the weather is fine, and the workers can get heatstroke.

Lipika Canker Chemical Perfect Set (7 points)
A bargain 7-piece set of chemicals for exclusive use of campers. It is 1,260 yen cheaper than single item purchase.
・Canker Shampoo 2L ・Canker Coat 500ml ・Water Scale Cleaner 200ml ・Canker Shampoo Empty Spray Container ・Microfiber Cloth ・Car Wash Sponge ・Special Sponge for Water Scale Removal
Regular price (tax included): 11,000 yen
Sales price (tax included): 10,450 yen
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