Pioneer Carrozzeria 8 models including new cyber navigation “AVIC-CQ912II-DC” announced on October 6, 2022 | Latest car information

Pioneer announced on October 6, 2021, 8 models of Carrozzeria’s new “Cyber ​​Navi” that allows you to enjoy high-definition and high-quality video content online, and will be released in November.

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About Carrozzeria 2022 New CyberNavi

9V type HD “AVIC-CQ912II-DC” and “AVIC-CQ912II” that will be the 2022 model of “Cyber ​​Navi”, 8V type HD monitor “AVIC-CL912II-DC” and “AVIC-CL912II”, 200mm wide main unit type 7V type HD Monitor “AVIC-CW912II-DC” “AVIC-CW912II” 2D main unit type 7V type HD monitor “AVIC-CZ912II-DC” “AVIC-CZ912II” lineup. Each model has a “network stick set DC model” that allows you to use “docomo in Car Connect” free of charge for one year.

About Carrozzeria 2022 New CyberNavi

It supports NTT Docomo, Inc.’s in-vehicle Internet connection service “docomo in Car Connect”, and you can build a Wi-Fi spot in your car by connecting the included or sold separately network stick. Equipped with network-based functions such as “streaming video” that can directly play YouTube videos and “recorder access” that allows remote playback of video and recorded content on a home Blu-ray recorder, so you can fully enjoy video content in the car. to enjoy.

A high-definition HD panel is used for the navigation screen, and it supports high-definition playback that allows you to enjoy all kinds of video sources with beautiful, vivid image quality, and high-resolution sound source playback. In addition, the original technology “Master Sound Revive” upgrades content such as CDs, compressed sound sources, network videos and music videos to the sound quality equivalent to high-resolution sound sources, realizing clear and realistic sound even with compressed sound sources. In addition, you can always enjoy a comfortable drive with the latest map with navigation functions such as “automatic map update” that can update map information at any time under a network connection environment, “super route search” and “free word voice search”.

Equipped with “automatic map update” function

If you use a network stick or Wi-Fi tethering, you can automatically download the latest road and facility information and update the map with an “automatic map update” function. Always drive with the latest map without hassle. Up to 3 years of version upgrades (distributed up to 6 times a year, from the time of release to October 31, 2025) that can be automatically updated to the latest road/point data information without additional cost, so even after installation, new roads and Information such as facilities can be used.

Communications services provided by DOCOMO for in-vehicle use

Communication service provided by DOCOMO for in-vehicle use. You can use DoCoMo’s high-speed data communication at a flat rate, and you can choose from three usage plans (550 yen for 1 day, 1,650 yen for 30 days, 13,200 yen for 365 days / each tax included) according to your purpose. You can enjoy online videos, music, games, etc. in the car without worrying about the amount of data communication.

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