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What is car TV? Is it illegal for drivers to watch?

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A car TV is a TV that you can watch in your car. Most of them are installed as one function of navigation, but there are also TVs sold as standalone devices that allow you to watch terrestrial broadcasts and DVDs by one-segment and full-segment.

Passengers other than the driver are allowed to view the car TV while driving in a video display state (a state in which other passengers can watch TV), but it is illegal for the driver to watch the car TV screen. .

What is One Seg and Full Seg?

What is One Seg?

1seg is one of terrestrial digital broadcasting, and is officially called 1-segment broadcasting. A segment is a radio band for sending data such as voice and images. This is divided into 13 segments, and One Seg has a format to broadcast using only one of these 13 segments.

One segment is easy to receive data because it has only one segment. In the case of full seg, a large amount of data is received in 12 segments, so data may not be received when in the shadow of a building.

What is Full Seg?

Full seg is a format that uses 12 out of 13 segments for broadcasting. Digital terrestrial broadcasting viewed on home TVs is Full Seg, and digital terrestrial broadcasting viewed on mobile terminals is One Seg.

Basically, Full Seg has better performance and higher image quality than One Seg, but the price goes up accordingly.

Is car TV one segment? Full seg?

Car TV can be viewed on both One Seg Full Seg.If you want to watch TV with high image quality, Full Seg is recommended, but if you want to watch TV stably without worrying about image quality, One Seg is recommended.

What are the recommended points for choosing a car TV?

The point of choosing a car TV is to match the screen size, function, design, etc. to yourself. It’s not that the screen should be bigger, but it should be a size that is easy for you, your family, your friends, and other passengers to see.

As for the design, choosing the one that matches the interior of your car will change the atmosphere inside the car. We recommend that you choose the best car TV in consideration of the passengers and the interior of the car.

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