Japanese car sales ranking Sept. 2022 Toyota Yaris ranked first in passenger cars with 15,979 units Light car Honda N-BOX ranked first with 19,411 units

On October 6, 2022, the Automobile Sales Federation (Japan Automobile Dealers Association Federation) and the All-Keiji Cooperative (National Light Motor Vehicle Association Federation)September 2022 September 2022 Passenger Car Sales by Vehicle Name and New Vehicle Sales by Light Vehicle Name Releaseddid.Among mini vehicles, the N-BOX topped the list with 19,411 units.For passenger cars, the Toyota Yaris15,979 unitsranked first in

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Passenger car ranking

Among passenger cars, the Toyota Yaris topped the list with 15,979 units. Second place was Nissan Note with 9,776 units, and third place was Toyota Corolla with 9,039 units. “Yaris”Number one in all automobile salesis.The reason is that the number of compact cars “Yaris” and SUV “Yaris Cross” is reflected.It is the sole top.

rank Manufacturer car name sales quantity
First place Toyota Yaris 15,979 units
2nd place Nissan Note 9,776 units
3rd place Toyota Corolla 9,039 units
4th Toyota Rise 8,829 units
5th place Toyota Voxy 8,241 units
6th place Toyota Sienta 7,785 units
7th place Toyota Noah 7,770 units
8th place Honda Freed 7,763 units
9th place Toyota roomy 6,791 units
10th Toyota aqua 6,732 units

Light car ranking

Among minicars, Honda N-BOX topped the list with 19,411 units. Second place was Daihatsu Tanto with 9,878 units, followed by Suzuki Spacia with 8,619 units. It is a regular rank-in in the ranking of kei cars.

rank Manufacturer car name sales quantity
First place Honda N-BOX 19,411 units
2nd place Daihatsu Tanto 9,878 units
3rd place Suzuki Spacia 8,619 units
4th Suzuki Wagon R 7,822 units
5th place Daihatsu move 7,549 units
6th place Suzuki Hustler 6,715 units
7th place Daihatsu Alto 6,600 units
8th place Suzuki mirror 6,576 units
9th place Nissan rooks 6,209 units
10th Daihatsu Taft 5,324 units
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