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I have a license, but I can’t use it?

driver's license and car

A driver’s license that also serves as an identification card. There may be some people who have obtained the card, but have left it as it is.

Even if you actually own a car, you can say, “I’ve had no accidents for over a year, but it hasn’t been long enough to get a gold license.” You may not feel that you are receiving

However, as of August 2022, there are about 16,000 shops nationwide where you can receive benefits with your driver’s license if you have not had a gold license but have not had any accidents or violations for at least one year.

“I don’t have a driver’s license!” Let’s avoid trouble by reissuing smoothly

What is the “SD card” proof of no accidents and no violations?

Source: www.jsdc.or.jp
SD green card

An SD card is a card that is issued together with a driving record certificate for one year or more without accidents and violations.

To apply, fill out and submit the application form for a “Certificate of Career” at a nearby police station, police box, or police box, or apply directly to the Safe Driving Center. As of October 2022, the handling fee per copy is 630 yen.

There are several types of SD cards, and there are 5 types according to each rank, such as “SD Green Card” with no accidents and violations for 1 year or more and less than 2 years, and “SD Silver Card” with 4 years or more and less than 10 years. there is.

According to the Safe Driving Center, an increasing number of shops offer discounts on gasoline, meals, and lodging, as well as preferential interest rates on car loans. Are there any other services that would benefit from it?

“Full bit license” … a super rare person if you have it!

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