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The car I will introduce this time is a Volkswagen Type 2 camping specification car that is familiar with the “Wagen Bus”. As the owner of this car, I travel around Hokkaido while living in a camper. We will introduce the interior and charm of such a proud favorite car, as well as the points that we are particular about.

table of contents

  • Volkswagen Type2
  • camper equipment
  • favorite point
  • What are the disadvantages of the Volkswagen Bus?
  • Did you buy it in the end? It was bad?
  • Have a nice camper life

Volkswagen Type2

Volkswagen Type 2, commonly known as “Wagen Bus”. It is a car made in 1978, and the interior is built for camper specifications by Westfalia. It is a famous car that still boasts deep-rooted popularity due to its retro and stylish atmosphere and its lovely looks.

camper equipment


The bed is a single size and is large enough for one adult to sleep comfortably, and a futon is laid out here. It is spacious enough and comfortable to sleep on.

When it is not used as a bed, it can also be used as a seat.


The kitchen has a sink and stove. The sink is used by sucking water from the tank under the kitchen, and wastewater is stored in the gray tank. There are 2 stoves, but they are out of order, so we are not using them now. Cooking is done by substituting a two burner stove for camping.


Heating is equipped with Webasto FF heaters. With this, you can comfortably spend the cold winter in Hokkaido. Combustion efficiency is good and the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning is low, so it is a must-have item for spending the winter in a camper.

storage space

There are plenty of hidden storage spaces around the bed. The upper part of the bed is used as a closet, and all clothes are stored here. Keeping clothing to a minimum is the key to a comfortable life.

On the shelf next to the bed, you can find daily necessities such as toothbrushes and contact lenses.

Storage space is hidden in the space above the tire. This space is cool all year round, so I use it as a space to store food. In this way, even in a small car, it is devised so that a lot of luggage can be loaded efficiently.

Screen door

The windows have screens that can be opened in the summer to keep the interior of the car at a comfortable temperature. You don’t have to worry about insects coming in, so you can sleep with it open at night. You can get through the summer in Hokkaido without using a cooler.

Turning the lever to manually open and close is also cute with a retro feel.

pop up roof

The ceiling is a pop-up roof, and when the ceiling is raised, there is enough space for people to stand upright. Raising the roof not only increases the sense of openness, but also makes it easier to cook inside the car. In summer, the roof can be raised to improve the ventilation and make it comfortable.

favorite point

pretty looks

The most favorite point is this adorable look. No matter how many times I look at it, I never get tired of the cuteness of its light yellow color and slightly silly face. One of the big reasons why the Wagen Bus is so popular is its overwhelming design.

engine sound

With a horizontal 4-cylinder carburetor, it moves while making a pass-pass and rhythmic sound. While listening to the sound of the engine, you will feel as if you have slipped back in time as you travel around on the Tokotoko and Wagen Bus. Running on the straight roads rich in nature in Hokkaido, the wind is pleasant and the mood is the best.

self-made curtains

The self-made curtains are gingham check, which matches the cute atmosphere of the Wagenbath. Curtains not only prevent the inside of the car from being seen, but also have the effect of blocking sunlight and maintaining a constant temperature inside the car. It is a curtain with cuteness and functionality.

retro wooden interior

The interior is all wood and painted in dark tones to create a retro feel. It’s in the car, but it feels like you’re at home.

Dokodemo Beer Garden

When camping, I made equipment so that you can attach a beer spout. Now you can enjoy delicious beer from the beer server wherever you go. Beautiful nature and delicious beer. It’s a luxurious moment like no other.

Attach condiments with magnets

Seasonings are stored on iron plates with magnets. By doing this, you can prevent it from falling over or making noise while moving, and when you use it, it is easy to use and very convenient. Moreover, decorating the seasoning in this way makes it look fashionable, so it’s a way to kill three birds with one stone.

What are the disadvantages of the Volkswagen Bus?

Poor fuel economy

The Volkswagen Bus is not a car that can be said to have good fuel economy. There are individual differences, but fuel efficiency is around 8-10km/L. My favorite car is an AT specification, so it is a high-octane car with poor fuel consumption of 4-6km/L. For those who want to travel in a camper while constantly moving, fuel costs will be higher than expected, so we recommend that you consider this before purchasing.

Anxiety about constant failure

Not only for the Volkswagen Bus, but for all classic cars, there is always the fear of breakdowns.

There are individual differences in the frequency of breakdowns, so I can’t say how much it will break, but please be prepared for it to break at any time.

Luckily, this car has been running for more than a year without any trouble since I started it, so my personal impression is that it feels more like a normal car than I thought.

Occasionally, a faulty electrical wiring will prevent the engine from starting, but in most cases it can be easily dealt with once the solution is known. By grasping the peculiarities of your own individual, it will become a beloved car that only you can drive.

expensive to buy

Although the Volkswagen Bus is persistently popular, the high purchase cost is also a major disadvantage. The most popular early model costs about 3 to 5 million yen even if it is in poor condition. My favorite car is a late model, so the market price is a little cheap, but it still costs close to 2 to 3 million yen.

I bought this car at a bargain price of 1,100,000 yen, and it cost about 500,000 yen to repair the engine when it started running. I think it’s still cheap, but please consider that repairs are necessary before you can start running after purchase, and it will cost more.

If you are thinking about purchasing a Volkswagen bus, look at the balance between the funds and the condition and purchase the one that suits you.

The trick to getting the best vehicle for yourself is to check the sales information online every day. By doing this, you will acquire a sense of the condition of the car and the market price, so you will be able to distinguish cheap and good quality individuals. If you check every day, you should be able to find the perfect car for you someday.

Did you buy it in the end? It was bad?

It’s been more than a year since I bought it, but I feel that the purchase was “good”. Before I bought it, I had no knowledge of cars and was worried about what to do if something broke down.

But the most important thing is to buy one and try it.

The Wagen Bus brings us many encounters and experiences. There is no other car like this. There is no doubt that it will give you an irreplaceable experience in your life more than the money you spend. And this is something that only people who have ridden the Wagenbus can understand.

“I want to ride one someday!” If you are longing for such a thing, we recommend that you start purchasing “right now” instead of “someday”. I’m sure you won’t regret it.

Have a nice camper life

That was the introduction of my favorite camper car. It’s not the most advanced car, but it’s still my favorite car that makes me excited every time I go on a trip.

Enjoy the inconvenience, and it becomes more and more attached. Everyone, please get a camper that suits your lifestyle and have a wonderful camper life.

Writer: Yuichiro

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