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The new Civic Type R, which became very popular as soon as it was released

Honda has started selling the new Civic Type R from September 2, 2021.

The new Civic Type R, which aims for the ultimate in pure sports performance, has further refined its performance from its predecessor, and has appeared as a sports model that allows you to experience not only the speed of sports driving on circuits, but also the enjoyment of everyday driving. .

It is said that it may be the last model to adopt a pure gasoline engine powertrain as the Civic Type R, and it is already showing such popularity that the delivery time is long.

Aiming for ultimate pure sports performance

Expected rendering of the 2-door version Civic Type R!

Overseas media released a CG with the new Civic Type R as a coupe body.

Since the 4th generation, the Civic Type R has continued to use this 5-door hatchback body type, with the 3rd generation adopting a 4-door sedan body type, the 2nd generation and the 1st generation, and the European 3rd generation adopting a 3-door hatchback body type. rice field.

In the Civic series, the coupe body “Civic Coupe” was also sold in past models, but the Civic Type R has never debuted with a coupe body.

The new N series will be released in the second half of 2023 at the earliest!

“If this is the Integra Type R…” Acura’s Integra is also on the sedan body

From Honda’s luxury brand “Acura” in the United States, the “Integra” debuted as a brother car that shares a part of the platform with the Civic.

This new Integra debuted as a sedan, but Integra has also been sold with a coupe body in past models, and the high-performance coupe body model “Integra Type R” is called “FF fastest”. was

Acura’s new Integra has many fans who associate it with the former Integra Type R from its name, and at the time of its announcement, there were voices saying, “This is not an Integra.”

If the new Civic Type R with a coupe body had appeared as the new Integra Type R, like the expected CG released this time, the reaction might have been different.

Verstappen x new Civic Type R video released

Collaboration commemorating the 60th anniversary of Suzuka Circuit

Expectations are high for the appearance of “Type R”

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