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“Fit” will undergo a minor change in October 2022. Pre-orders have started from August 5, 2022, and I have actually checked the price and specifications at the dealer, so I summarized the contents.“Fit”, which has already been on sale for two and a half years, was released on February 14, 2020. It is said that there are many differences in what kind of evolution has been achieved so far.

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New Fit Minor Change Price Grade

Due to this improvement, “NESS” has been abolished. A new grade “RS” that was lined up in the predecessor model has been added to the lineup. “RS” will be a sports grade, but the bumper design will change the impression by adopting a more stylish design than the normal model.Although the starting price has risen, it is wonderful that the price has risen by 35,200 yen to 72,600 yen considering the different equipment to be installed.

model engine Trance
BASIC 1.5L inline 4 cylinder
DOHC engine
CVT 2WD 1,592,800 yen
4WD 1,790,800 yen
HOME 2WD 1,826,000 yen
4WD 2,024,000 yen
CROSSTAR 2WD 2,072,400 yen
4WD 2,270,400 yen
LUXE 2WD 2,149,400 yen
4WD 2,314,400 yen
RS 2WD 1,959,100 yen
e: HEV BASIC In-line 4-cylinder DOHC 1.5L+
i-MMD (e:HEV)
stepless transmission
2WD 1,997,600 yen
4WD 2,195,600 yen
e: HEV HOME 2WD 2,175,800 yen
4WD 2,373,800 yen
e:HEV CROSSTAR 2WD 2,422,200 yen
4WD 2,620,200 yen
e: HEV LUXE 2WD 2,346,300 yen
4WD 2,664,200 yen
e: HEV RS 2WD 2,346,300 yen

New Fit minor change model “RS” grade added

Change the exterior design.

sport gradeRS“The set. “NESS” is abolished.

in body colorAdded new colors.

Change to 1.5L direct injection DOHC i-VTEC engine.

For preventive safety performanceAdopt traffic jam assist.

Currently, 5 different types are adopted: “BASIC”, “HOME”, “NESS”, “LUXE”, and “CROSSTAR”.Due to some improvements this time, the new grade “RS”, which was lined up in the previous model, has been added to the lineup. “RS” will be a sports grade, but the bumper design will change the impression by adopting a more stylish design than the normal model.“NESS” is abolished. In addition, new colors will be added to the body color lineup.

Change engine lineup. 1.3L DOHC i-VTEC engineThe 1.5L direct-injection DOHC i-VTEC engine provides both comfort and fuel efficiency.

About the new Fit Spec

It will have the same engine lineup as the new Vezel.

spec new fit
full length 3,990 mm (4,090 mm)
Width 1,695mm (1,725mm)
Height 1,515-1,565mm (1,545mm)
Wheelbase 2,530mm
engine 1.5L i-VTEC engine 1.5L i-VTEC engine
+ New i-MMD (e:HEV)
Maximum output 96kW (131PS)/
6,600 rpm
72kW (98PS)/
Maximum torque 155Nm (15.8kgfm)/
127Nm (13.0kgfm)/
Maximum output
80kW (109PS)/
Maximum torque
253Nm (25.8kgfm)/
CVT electric
stepless transmission
Drive system 2WD (FF)/
2WD (FF)/
Boarding capacity Five people
JC08 mode fuel consumption 38.6km/L (2WD)
30.8km/L (4WD)
WLTC mode fuel consumption 20.2km/L (2WD)
18.2km/L (4WD)
29.4km/L (2WD)
24.0km/L (4WD)

Thoughts on the new Fit

For Honda, the “Fit” is a compact car in the Japanese market and is a model with high sales power.This time, a new model as Honda “RS” will be a model that can acquire a new customer base. We’ve talked a lot,There is no doubt that the new “Fit” will be a hot topic at the moment it is released in October, and there is no doubt that many people will be surprised by the unfamiliar design.

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