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The option that the salesperson wants to recommend… actually lose?


Car buyers want to buy cheaper. However, the dealer wants to sell the car as high as possible. Option selection and price negotiation are essential when purchasing a new car. However, although there is a difference in degree, the other salesman is a professional in negotiations. It is reckless to challenge a battle without preparing anything.

Even if it is not the same as a salesman, there is a minimum amount of knowledge that you should know in order not to lose money when purchasing a new car. And the salesman knows the dealer salesman best. Here are 5 secret options that a salesperson would like to recommend, but which you shouldn’t use.

Body coating/Glass coating

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There are different types of body coating. The body coating applied at the dealer is simple, just applying chemicals, and is fundamentally different from a full-fledged body coating that is done after the body surface treatment. General body coating done at the dealer is sometimes done by sales people, so DIY can be done well.

However, since it is coated in a cleaner state before delivery, there is a corresponding merit except for the high cost. The body coating option is sometimes a must because it is very profitable, and so is glass coating.

Dealer option car navigation system


There are two types of optional car navigation systems: manufacturer options and dealer options. The navigation system, which is a manufacturer’s option, has the merit of being selected because it is also used for a sense of unity with the vehicle and vehicle function control.

However, the genuine optional navigation that is installed at the dealer is the same as the aftermarket product, although there are navigation that has been adjusted for the dealer. It’s also more expensive and outdated, and you can buy newer, better-performing ones in the same price range at mass retailers.

If your car already has a non-genuine or dealer option navigation system, it may be more profitable to replace it with a new car than to order a new one, even if you consider the trade-in price and labor costs.

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